Topological Physics
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

The image on the left shows a three-dimensional section through the "Great Prismosaurus". This is a convex regular polytope in a symmetry group of four-dimensional space which is a uniform star-polychoron whose cells are 720 highly intersecting congruent pentagonal prisms 120 vertices, 1200 edges, 1800 square faces, and 720 pentagonal faces to connect its 720 pentagonal-prism cells together. Sixty cells come together at each vertex. The squares are also the faces of a uniform compound of 75 tesseracts, while the pentagons are also the faces of the regular star-polychoron {5,5/2,3}. Based on the works of Coxeter and Schläfli, by G. Olshevsky.

Hyperdimensional Materials 1 (R. N. Boyd)
Hyperdimensional Materials 2 (R. N. Boyd)
Hyperdimensional Materials 3 (R. N. Boyd, D. Segalla)
Mind Matter Unification/The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (R. N. Boyd)
Topology of Electromagnetism (R. N. Boyd)

Cartan's Corner (Professor R. M. Kiehn's homepage) -- Prof. Kiehn has made many rigorous, innovative, and insightful contributions to topological physics based on Cartan's relationships and differential forms. His work is extremely important! Many pleasant surprises are in store for the visitor to his website.

Professor David Finkelstein -- The Math Fox...

Tony Smith's Home Page -- Tony Smith's [D-4, D-5, E-6, E-7, E-8] physics is a Theory Of Everything which is capable of predicting the outcome of every experiment in the standard physics ever performed by man. Tony's physics is one of the most relevant and important in the world today. A mathematical marvel!     10 = 6 + 4 (Tony Smith)     Gravity Strength and Other Forces (Tony Smith)

Caduceus Wound Coil Experiments -- "The caduceus coil illustrated in Fig.1, basically consists of ordinary insulated copper wire wound in a double-helix around a ferrite core. THIS COIL HAS REPEATEDLY BEEN FOUND TO VIOLATE ESTABLISHED LAWS OF ELECTROMAGNETICS AND HERTZIAN WAVE THEORY WHEN A HIGH FREQUENCY CURRENT IS INJECTED INTO IT." (Dave Brenneman)

Exterior Differential Forms in Field Theory (L. I. Petrova) -- These forms are defined on the accompanying nondifferentiable manifolds, and hence, they are not closed. Transition from the forms, which correspond to the conservation laws for the material systems, to those, which correspond to the conservation laws for physical fields (it is possible under the degenerate transform), describe a mechanism of origin of the physical structures that format physical fields. In the work it is shown that the physical structures are generated by the material systems in the evolutionary process.

Dr. Hagan Kleinert's homepage. Very advanced.

John Baez's Homepage -- Mathematical physicist specializing in quantum gravity and n-categories.

The Physics of Burkhard Heim

Polarization Model of the Inhomogeneous Physical Vacuum (V.L. Dyatlov) -- Downloadable book ( Publication of the Institute of Mathematics SB RAS, Novosibirsk 1998)

Quaternionic Geometry of 4D Conformal Field Theory (Roberto Zucchini)

Quaternions in Electrodynamics (Andre' Waser)

Rodin Coils ( - expired link) -- Marko Rodin's website.

Tom Bearden's Hyperdimensional Physics

Scaling topological charge in the CP^3 spin model (Ulli Wolff)

Signature for the Shape of the Universe (G.I. Gomero, M.J. Reboucas, A.F.F. Teixeira) -- If the universe has a nontrivial shape (topology) the sky may show multiple correlated images of cosmic objects. These correlations can be couched in terms of distance correlations. We propose a statistical quantity which can be used to reveal the topological signature of any Robertson-Walker (RW) spacetime with nontrivial topology. We also show through computer-aided simulations how one can extract the topological signatures of flat, elliptic, and hyperbolic RW universes with nontrivial topology.

Topological Geometrodynamics (M. Pitkänen)