Robert Neil Boyd, Ph.D.


Abbreviated CV


Plasma Physics – Eight years of experience encompassing thermonuclear hydrodynamics research in plasma stability theory, tailored plasmas, field structures, colliding beam turbulence, instability trapping, and thermalization theory. Design of several thermonuclear plasma confinement methods, one of which was submitted to the Patent and Trademark Office under the Disclosure Document Program, and subsequently constucted and tested by the Department of Energy at Los Alamos Laboratory. The apparatus proved capable of developing and containing self-sustaining thermonuclear fusion reactions, and developed a net energy gain, being only the third successful fusion reactor design in the history of plasma physics research. A related paper was published, titled: “Confinement Based on E X B Drift Will Confine and Heat a Thermonuclear Plasma Indefinitely”. This method of plasma confinement forms the basis for other successful schemes in common use today, such as the Penning trap and the Paul trap.

Optics/Electro-optics – Five years of experience involving holography, holographic methods, phase conjugate holography, holographic memory, holographic memory media studies, fiber optics communications, fiber optic fiber design, solid state LASER design, LASER satellite ranging (NASA), LASER surveying equipment design (NASA), optical alignments, spectrophotometers, reflectance meters, lenses, mirrors, Q-switches, Pockel's cells, polarimeters, power meters, and other common accouterments of optical work.

Recent Projects

1998: Invited to join Dr Jack Sarfatti's “Sarfleet Academy”, a research team with the goal to “Make Star Trek Real”. Worked on these tasks with the group for about three years. We did make signifigant progress in some areas. Left the group in 2001, due to conflicts in personal philosophy.

1999: Invited to join Project Greenglow, sponsored by BP Aerospace, U.K., a group of researchers tasked with exploring antigravity and force field propulsion techniques. We solved all the requirements associated with our initial goals, and provided theoretical solutions that have yet to be implemented in any public manner. Left in 2005, because there were no actual apparatus being constucted and no actual experiments being conducted, and because I wasn't being paid for my strong contributions.

2000: Invited to join the Quantum Mind List at University of Arizona. Stopped publishing in the same year, due to prejudicial peer reviews.

2001: Invited to join the ORMUS Scientific Working Group, a group devoted to studying the properties of orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements. Left in 2005, due to high noise to signal ratio.

2004: Invited to join Peter Gariaev's research staff. Presently active.


Aether-Generated Transparencies
Matter Replication and Teleportation
Refutation of Heisenburg Uncertainty Regarding Photons 

Antigravity and Force Field Propulsion Techniques:

Black Holes and Negative Energy
Burkhard Heim on Antigravity
Can Time Reversed Mass => Antigravity? (R. N. Boyd)
Charge as a Barotropic Polar Fluid Flow With Internal Angular Momentum
Charge Density Influences Time (R. N. Boyd, Goeksel)
Massfree and Massbound Radiations of Tesla Coils (R. N. Boyd)

Astronomy and Cosmology:

Autodynamics vs. Relativity (R. N. Boyd)
Black Hole Controversy (R. N. Boyd)
Big Bang is Busted (R. N. Boyd)
Big Bang is Busted (Continued) (R. N. Boyd and Dave Squires)
Ekpyrotic Universe (R. N. Boyd & Tony Smith)
Finite vs. Infinite Universe Volume: Mechanisms of Redshifting (R. N. Boyd)
Infinite Volume Universe is of Infinite Duration
LaPlacian Gravitation and Relativity Theory (R. N. Boyd)
Inherent Symmetry of the Vacuum (R. N. Boyd)

Essentials of Chaotic and Non-Linear Systems:

Hyperdimensional Fractals (R. N. Boyd)
Non-Linear Fractals (R. N. Boyd)

Artificial Intelligence:

About Artificial Intelligence (R. N. Boyd)
Holographic AI: Extremely Powerful but NOT Consciousness (R. N. Boyd)

Hyperdimensional Physics and Their Possible Relation to Fortean Events:

Dimension Doors -- Natural Portals to Other Physical Universes and Dimensions (R. N. Boyd)

Particle Physics:

Antigraviphotons and the Problem of Mass (R. N. Boyd)
Nuclear Matter Phase Changes Imply an "Ideal Gas" Aether Substrate (R. N. Boyd)
Particle Physics and the Intermediate GraviField (R. N. Boyd)
Particle Physics -- An Empirical Approach
Subquantum Models of the Maxwellian Electron Vortex (R. N. Boyd)
Waves are Made of Particles, which are Made of Waves (R. N. Boyd)

Pendry Structures and Nanomaterials:

Hyperdimensional Materials 1 (R. N. Boyd)
Hyperdimensional Materials 2 (R. N. Boyd)
Hyperdimensional Materials 3 (R. N. Boyd, D. Segalla)

Physics of Consciousness:

Consciousness Alters Space (R. N. Boyd)
Consciousness as the Basis of Quantum Mechanics (R. N. Boyd and A. Jadczyk)
Consciousness is Living and Unique -- Mechanical Systems are Not! (Why Computers Fail When Modelling Consciousness) (R. N. Boyd)
Consciousness of the Universe (R. N. Boyd)
Consciousness, the Brain, and Hyperdimensionality (R. N. Boyd)
Fabrics of Consciousness, The (R. N. Boyd)
On the Failures of Physics With Regard to Consciousness (R. N. Boyd)
On the Possibility of Graviphotonic Perceptions (R. N. Boyd)
Physical Evidence of Noncorporeal Awarenesses (R. N. Boyd)
ToE Based on Consciousness (R. N. Boyd)
Subquantum Aether Fluxes (R. N. Boyd)

Published Articles from the Archives of QUANTUM-MIND@LISTSERV.ARIZONA.EDU -- Quantum Approaches to Consciousness:

Reply to Chouinard on strange visual experiences -- R. N. Boyd
No absolute ethers, no absolute zombies (reply to Jan Verhey) -- R. N. Boyd
Reply to Jolij: Physics of Emotion -- R. N. Boyd
Reply to Pitkanen on non-local aspects of consciousness -- R. N. Boyd
Roundtable question on physics of emotions -- R. N. Boyd
The Physics of Emotions (reply to Pitkanen) -- R. N. Boyd
The Spin Field and the "Paranormal"-- R. N. Boyd
Is the universe conscious, alive? -- R. N. Boyd
Is the universe conscious, alive? reply to JP Verhey -- R. N. Boyd

Physics of Life:

Ongoing Process of Creation, The (R. N. Boyd)
Petr P. Gariaev's Genetics Website. English Explanation (R.N.Boyd, P. Gariaev, M. Friedman)
The Function of Information in Quantum Genetic Correlations (R. N. Boyd)
Local and Nonlocal Information Transfer Mechanisms (R. N. Boyd)
Subquantum Biophysics (R. N. Boyd)

Physics of Uniqueness:

Uniqueness and the Physical Vacuum
(R. N. Boyd)

Precursor Events and Penrose Tilings:

Topology of Electromagnetism (R. N. Boyd)
Precognitive Tilings and Quasicrystals (R. N. Boyd)

Quantum Physics:

Consciousness as the Basis of Quantum Mechanics (R. N. Boyd)
Consciousness as the Basis of Quantum Mechanics (Part 2) (R. N. Boyd and A. Jadczyk)
Holographic Subquantum Mind (R. N. Boyd)
Local and Nonlocal Information Transfer Mechanisms (R. N. Boyd)
Longitudinal Waves in the Vacuum (R. N. Boyd)
Mind Matter Unification/The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (R. N. Boyd)
The Function of Information in Quantum Genetic Correlations (R. N. Boyd)
Neutrinos (R. N. Boyd & B. Goeksel)
On the Possibility of Distance Independent Connections Between Electron-Positron Pairs (R. N. Boyd and D. Segalla)
Propagations of Superluminal Subquantum Masses, and Causality (R. N. Boyd)
Properties of Quantum Matter Lie "Mid-Way" Between Classical Matter and Mind (R. N. Boyd)
Quantum Mechanical Astronomical Redshifting by Scattering Events (R. N. Boyd)
Reflections on Inaccuracies in Modern Quantum Physics (R. N. Boyd)
Refutation of Heisenburg Uncertainty Regarding Photons -- (R. N. Boyd)
Resolution of the Smarandache Paradoxes (R. N. Boyd)

Recently submitted a paper, by invitation, to the 9th International Conference on Space, Time, and Gravitation, St. Petersberg, Russia, dated August 2006. The paper is titled: ”The “Subquantum Plenum”: The Restoration of Rationality to Physics”. Publication is pending.

Sent out a speculative paper to a closed list titled, “Sentient Quantum Mechanics”, in September, 2006.

Relativity Theory:

Autodynamics vs. Relativity (R. N. Boyd)
La Sage's Aether and Laplace (Excerpt from "A History of the Theories of Aether and Electricity" by Sir Edmund T. Whittaker)
Obvious Flaws in Relativistic Electrodynamics (R. N. Boyd)
Propagation of Superluminal Subquantum Masses, and Causality (R. N. Boyd)
Gravity Shielding and the Translation of Charge Through the 4th Physical Dimension (R. N. Boyd)
LaPlacian Gravitation and Relativity Theory (R. N. Boyd)
Time as Related to Moebius Transform E/M (R. N. Boyd)
Imminent falsification of Special Relativity?


Resonance Frequencies (R. N. Boyd)
Resonance Therapy (R. N. Boyd)

Maxwell's Equations:

The Propulsive Potentials of Ampere's Laws (R. N. Boyd).
Maxwell's Equations and the ZPE (R. N. Boyd)

Spin Field:

Reduction of Physiological Effects of Alcohol Abuse By Substitution of a Harmless Alcohol Surrogate Created by Application of a Spin Field (R. N. Boyd) Proposal presented to NIH in 2003.
Spin Field Effects (R. N. Boyd, A. A. Shpilman, S. M. Godin)
Rodin Coils (R. N. Boyd)

Subquantum Physics and Aether Theory:

Acceleration of Acceleration = Power Gain (R. N. Boyd).
Aether-Generated Transparencies (R. N. Boyd)
Alteration of Aether Density (R. N. Boyd)
A Matter of Gravity (R. N. Boyd)
Changes in the Pace of Time Explained by Aether Density (R. N. Boyd)
Earth Energy of Frater Athanasus Kirchner, the (R. N. Boyd)
Gravitation Affected by High-Voltage E-fields and Subquantum Fluctuations (R. N. Boyd)
Gravitation: The Slowing of Superluminal, Subquantum Aether Fluxes through Interaction with Existing Matter (R. N. Boyd)
Gravitation and Subquantum Particle Flux (R. N. Boyd)
In a Subquantum Plenum, What is the Behavior of Space? (R. N. Boyd)
La Sage's Aether and Laplace (Excerpt from "A History of the Theories of Aether and Electricity" by Sir Edmund T. Whittaker)
Local and Nonlocal Information Transfer Mechanisms (R. N. Boyd)
Nonlocal Mechanical Coupling (R. N. Boyd)
Particle Physics and The Intermediate GraviField (R. N. Boyd)
Propagations of Superluminal Subquantum Masses, and Causality (R. N. Boyd)
Subquantum Aether Fluxes (R. N. Boyd)
Subquantum Biophysics (R. N. Boyd)
Subquantum Particle Flux (R. N. Boyd)
Subquantum Plenum (R. N. Boyd)
The Appearance of Interstellar Space: Vegetative Root-like Mats of SSPs (R. N. Boyd)
The Function of Information in Quantum-Genetic Correlations (R. N. Boyd)
Voids? or Lack of Voids? (R. N. Boyd)
Vortices of Subquantum Particles (R. N. Boyd)

Subtle Energies, Radionics, and Hyperdimensional Energetics:

Orgone (R. N. Boyd)
Commentary on the Life Meter by R. N. Boyd


Ambient Temperature Superconductivity (R. N. Boyd)

ZPE and Hyperdimensional Appraoches to “Free Energy”:

Discussion of Zero Point Energy (B. Goeksel, R. N. Boyd)
Fibonacci Chirps as 3-Real-Dimensional Down-Conversions of 4-Real-Dimensional Waves May Produce Energy Gain (R. N. Boyd)

Other Innovative Projects (In no particular order) -

Conceived the first artificial muscle, in the form of a plastic that would contract on application of electricity.
Designed a nerve-to-artificial muscle voltage interface convertor for control and activation of same.
New method of converting analog signals to digital format, offering superior speed and high resolution
N-dimensional matrix mechanics (mathematical innovation)
High-power laser diode design
Radio fequency optics-based antenna design
Antenna constructed based on a magnetic field (no physical antenna structure)
Universal Digital Switching Technology- Packet switch, matrix switch, DACCS, PBX, PABX, data multiplexor, data encryption, and gateway, all in a single chassis. (This technology provided the basis for all modern data communications systems, and the internet, being a new method of digital switching.)
Loud speaker design, including massless drivers
Shower massage design (The second one, by Polinex, was my design.)
3D sound system design (The “Aulerium” in San Francisco was constructed based on these designs.)
Full color holographic motion pictures
Wall-size color holograms
Conceived the first known optically transparent, electrically conductive metal, which formed the basis for a low cost computer graphic input device of high precision and high resolution.
Carpeting and clothing that is capable of changing color and pattern on a periodic basis
Developed new form of data encryption for NSA which is unbreakable. (Constructed and sold by IBM.)
Developed a method of communications over copper that provides fiber optic data densities over voice grade telephone lines.
New satellite multiplexing technique that provides a 1000 to 1 improvement in satellite throughput
Resonance based destruction of all disease producing organisms
Developed a 100% effective cure for cancer based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (In active use at Princeton Medical Center. Not available to the general public.)
Designed a multi-fuel frictionless internal combustion engine with no parts that touch, capable of up to 80 miles per gallon of gasoline, and up to 2000 HP. Does not require lubrication and produces no pollution when running on gasoline.
Designed a 3D color television and related transmission techniques
Designed inexpensive high efficiency refrigeration system for use in poorer nations. (Design was replicated by Sandia Laboratories and proved successful.)
Superconducting high voltage power transmission lines which operate at room temperature
Highly accurate method for manufacturing arrays of quantum dot transitors
Automotive aerodynamics designed for improved cornering capacities, especially at high speeds
Telepathic music synthesizer
Telepathic computer user interface
Developed several methods of extracting of electrical power from the aether plenum
Blow-out proof tire
Magnetic bearing design
Solutions to various waste and pollution problems
Adaptive illumination for vehicles
Inverted V wing aircraft design
Hydrofoil multi-hulled sailing vessel
Designed first double wishbone suspension for automotive use
Mesmer battery
Galvanic battery and related “Harmonizer”