The first exercise I call "Discovery". Find somewhere in nature where you can be alone without disturbances from people, at least 100 meters removed from anything made by man. You will need to set aside at least half an hour for this practice. When you have found such a location, and have such time to be alone, go to that place and make yourself comfortable.

Now, the practice is this: I usually find somewhere to sit where I'm not going to bother anything and nothing is going to bother me. Then I try to notice everything I can about my surroundings. The plants, the earth, the rocks. Everything I can notice. After you've done this for a long time, you may begin to get bored, thinking that you've seen everything. Keep looking! Look for more details. Maybe there are some things there you haven't noticed yet.

When this is done correctly, you will suddenly discover something that should have been obvious suddenly pop into view. It was there all the time! And we didn't notice it, because we hadn't looked into it enough. If you do this for half an hour or so, you will find it refreshing as well as enlightening. Because you'll notice things that nature does that you had never seen before. And that can get really interesting! If you have the time, you might then go on to the second practice.

Merging Vision

The second practice I call "Merging Vision". It is a way of communing and communicating with all the Inhabitants of Nature: the animals, the birds, the insects, the trees, the rocks, the clouds, and everything that has consciousness. Including People. How it works is this: Pick out something in your environment. It could be anything. (It's easier to start with something that we are accustomed to thinking of as alive, such as a plant or a bird.) Now, focus all of your attention on it. Do not let your attention go into thinking. Keep your attention on that plant, or that bird or whatever. All of it. Keep your attention riveted on it. Now, I would like for you to feel the feelings, the emotions of it. (Don't imagine. Feel what you feel it feel.) What emotions is it having?

If you do this for a long enough time, you will be it. You merge with what your attention is locked on. This can be quite an amazing experience. The perceiver is no longer separate from what is perceived. If you practice this, eventually, you will be able to actually experience what it is like to fly, as a bird. No longer will this be a wishful imagining. If you continue to practice the Merging Vision, many different types of experience can be yours.

Soft Vision

The third practice is known as "Soft Vision". Soft Vision allows you to perceive and communicate with the Nurturing and Attending spirit-beings (of a non-physical nature) who inhabit all the corners of the Earth; who nurture, support, and guide all Life in all forms on this planet to full and rich existences. Including People. (Once we are able to perceive them in some manner.)

"Soft Vision" is actually very simple. (This exercise should be done out of doors and at least 100 meters away from any other person, preferably alone.) Alter your habitual manner of seeing, by allowing (and/or intending) that the vision become fuzzy, blurry, unfocused, unsharp, unclear. Try to keep the eyes in one spot until the blurring occurs. We will know we are succeeding when we discover that we are seeing a sort of fog or mist in the air where it was completely clear before. (As we are doing this, we are not allowing the attention to become focused on analytical thinking. Analytical thought will make it stop.) When the fog begins to form around you, you may notice a sense of companionship, acceptance, comfort arising from all around you. This is called "The Companion Energy". This is being generated by the consciousnesses of all the life around you. This is the first step into understanding the harmony of Nature.

As you are maintaining this "Soft Vision", you will see many different kinds of moving, shifting, foggy forms of light or shadow. Especially if you practice around sunrise or sundown, or at night. These forms are not illusions, or mirages. For some people there will appear sparks of light, or balls of light. These appear in many different colors. These things are real. They are actually present. It's just that you didn't know how to see them before. (The balls are easy to communicate with, once they have decided you are harmless. The sparks just seem to go about their purpose. The filmy foggy ropey sheet-like ones, I haven't been able to figure out yet, except that they seem to have some sort of intention which accompanies their movements. Many people also see whirling vortexes of sparks. I'm not quite sure what they are, either.)

If you find your attention drawn to some particular point, it's OK to look there. (Just try to maintain the Soft Vision. With practice, you can learn how to move your eyes around and focus your attention without losing the Soft Vision.) It is usually because one of these lights wants to communicate with you, and has brought your attention to it. (The lights and sparks are present during all the seasons, but are more plentiful when life is more plentiful.)

When you have brought your attention to one of the spirit beings, it will communicate to you with pictures in your mind and feelings (emotions). After some practice, your mind will become accustomed to this, and will begin to convert these pictures and feelings into words, or words will begin to accompany the pictures and feelings because the mind has worked out a way of interpreting the images and feeling into words. And you can talk to them in the same way they are talking to you. With feelings and pictures, and over time with words, as the brain adapts to this process.

The communications from the blue ones are almost always guidances or teachings about the ways of things. Sometimes the blue ones bring request, or alerts. If they ask me for help, I always do what I can for them. And they always are doing whatever they can for me. They can provide help in the personal life also. And they never lie. And they always keep their word. (I call them "Guru Devas", which means "teaching spirits".) The red ones are usually much smaller. I have found that the red ones will guide me to find places I have never been, if I ask them to help me find a place, and I follow them. I won't tell you about any of the other colors of balls of light. You'll have to discover about them for yourself! (And they don't all appear in a ball form either. But most of them do.)

You may also find at some point in using the Soft Vision that your eyes cross, by themselves. That is good! When the eyes naturally cross during Soft Vision, this is the first step in being able to see into the worlds of the nature Helper Spirits.

The more time you spend doing this, the better it gets! There is a whole huge, vast new world to be discovered through the use of the Soft Vision. But I'm not going to spoil it for you by telling you all about it! It's fun to explore! And through the Soft Vision we will also find fulfillment and satisfaction. Peace and understanding. It's hard to resist, but I'm not going to tell you any more about Soft Vision.

Oh, I can't resist! If you practice Soft Vision long enough, and combine it with the Penetrating Insight, and the Merging Vision, and maintain your emotional sensitivity, you will discover how to perceive other universes and dimensions and worlds and I'd better stop now.

The Penetrating Insight Exercise

I have developed an important exercise I call "The Penetrating Insight". It allows any person to penetrate to the core of things, to find out what the truth is by direct experience. The exercise can be used in the sciences as well. I'll describe the exercise. If you wish to try it, I am certain you will get very powerful results from doing it. It goes as follows:

We are going to discover together, through experience, the truth about emotions.

To do this, recall an event or situation that has happened in your life which contains the emotion called "fear".

Just take the first memory that arises containing the emotion called fear.

Now, throw away everything about that memory, except for the emotion called fear. We have no use for the rest of it.

Now, do you notice the attention does not want to stay on this feeling called fear? It wants to move around it, away from it. Off to the side? True?

We are not going to let the attention do that. Cause the attention to go directly toward the feeling "fear". Head on. Straight at it.


Now, as though the feeling called fear was water, and we want to find out how deep the water is, move the attention through the feeling called fear, until you find the bottom of it. As though we are diving into the water to find the bottom, how deep it is.

As you are moving the attention deeper and deeper through the feeling called fear, searching for the bottom, do not allow the attention to be distracted into any pictures or thoughts which might arise.

Just keep moving the attention through the feeling fear, until you find the bottom.

Do not allow thoughts or pictures. Just keep moving the attention to find the bottom.

When you get to the bottom, what happens?
What has happened to the feeling "fear"?

If you have done this exercise correctly, the feeling "fear" disappeared. It is gone isn't it?

This is the process of the penetrating insight. It can be used to cause any uncomfortable emotion to disappear, to vanish.

We see from this experience the truth about the emotion called fear. Can we fairly say that the feeling "fear" is an illusion, a mirage? And that it arises from the thinking?

Now let's do the same thing with a desirable emotion. Let's try love. With this feeling, love, it is even more important, as you're looking for the bottom, to not be distracted into thinking or pictures.

Doing this exercise with the good feelings, such as love, does not cause them to vanish. Something else happens.

Something just as important as what happened with fear when you found the truth of it through your own experience. When you get to the bottom of love, some change happens. Something different.

So. Recall an event or situation which contains the emotion called love.

Throw away everything in that memory except for the emotion of love. We do not want to be involved with anything about the memory except the feeling of love in the memory.

Now, as we did before, focus the attention on the emotion called love.


Now, we want to find the bottom of this feeling as we did before with fear. So move the attention through the emotion called love, until you find the bottom of it.

It does have a bottom to it, but you will probably find that the bottom of this feeling is much deeper than the bottom of "fear". So you need to keep going, keep going, until you find the bottom of the emotion called love.

Don't let the attention go into thinking, or any other pictures, or memories. Just keep moving the attention through the emotion, love, to find the bottom.

So when you find the bottom of the emotion called love, what happens?

Many people who have done this penetrating insight with the emotion Love have said to me that they experienced that the Love changed into a profound sense of Peace, Certainty, and Unity. Stillness. It is that which underlies love.

That is YOU. That is who you are.

If you can live from this place, from being YOU, your life will be a good life. Do you agree, based on your perceptions?