Hyperdimensional Materials 1
(c) Robert Neil Boyd
[R. N. Boyd]:

There is some relationship between mass and charge, as we know. It has been suggested by Tom Valone that the B-2 aircraft uses "depleted" uranium on the leading edge of the wings to generate a very large E field. So, the relationship between mass density and charge density suggested by T.T. Brown seems likely to hold.

I think that tesseractal formations in the materials used on the wings would have an even greater effect, rather like the results observed in "Pendry structures" materials.

In other words, to construct a material with a large mass density in a Pendry structure, where the Pendry structure has quaternionic or 4th Euclidean dimensional construction properties. How to do this? For example, a lattice of arrays of arrays of cube octahedrons will have a topological relationship to 4D space, rather like a tesseract, and may very well exhibit some remarkable properties. Give the material some inherent nonlinearities, then cause a large space-charge to occur in the structure and see what happens... The material should cause a "Hopf flow" of charge, something like this:
http://home.hetnet.nl/~mafse/ezechiel.htm (link currently down).
This flow causes inversion of charge and has a relationship to inertia, based on the Freitas paper
http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/quant-ph/9710051 .

On the other hand, this isn't the sort of experiment that some garage tinkerer will be able to produce. And it will not be inexpensive to fabricate such materials. The construction would have some relationship to Hopf fibrations on S3 and the Clifford algebra, as does the construction of the "Rodin coil".

I seem to be fresh out of the required apparatus to fabricate such material. :) Can anyone provide apparatus to construct such materials and instrument the experiments? Something to play with, in case you're bored...

Just as an aside, contemplate the unusual construction of the materials recovered from the various "UFOs", and consider if there might be any relationship to the concepts I have placed before you above...

(I've been right before)