Hyperdimensional Materials 3
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

[Dave Segalla]:

The materials used are not that exotic. But how they are put together IS. The thin stuff referred to as the skin of the craft is made mostly of magnesium and bismuth and it is layered such that the bismuth is in nano thin layers between magnesium layers that are also quite thin. The magnesium also contained 3% of another common substance but I don't have the report to refer to. There are 24 layers to this foil like stuff. It was said to be extremely pure. My take on this is that it is like a plainer version of the 4th dimension coil you talked about last week. By placing a high current through the magnesium and a high voltage charge on a sub skin I believe a 4D effect could encompass the whole ship and allow it to travel in that dimension. I'm sure you get the implications here. Do you think that is a possibility? I have no idea how you would navigate in that dimension.

[R. N. Boyd]:

That was my way of thinking. A Clifford-Hopf coil, 4D effect, without the coil... I think that this may duplicate the effects I observed at and near the surface of the UFO craft I observed when I worked at NASA. I did not, at the time, understand the rotation of space that I observed when the craft vanished. Now I do. It was a 4D rotation. Now all the pieces are starting to fall into place.

Maybe you wouldn't have to (navigate in that dimension). When you have attained the ability to fold 3-space, *or* to travel in the 4-space, you have created a short-cut of the distance through the 3-space such that point A, the origination, and point B, the destination, are effectively the same place and no actual 3-space distance is crossed. This is FTL with no violation of relativity theory. In other words, we can do this, and keep relativity happy. As far as relativity is concerned, nothing happened...

I'm sure techniques could be developed for navigation *through* 4-space, based on straightforward topological extensions of standard 3-space navigational theory. Still, the unknown is upon us. We need to develop instrumentation which is capable of detecting reproducibly recognizable 4-space phenomenon in order to be able to navigate through the 4D. However, in the 3D "short-cut" scenario, this may not be a requirement. I hope to get some feedback on this to fill in some of the blanks.