Plasma Physics
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Plasma Crystals (R. N. Boyd, B. Goeksel)

Solid State Plasma References (R. N. Boyd)

Electron Ensembles (Ken Shoulders), (c) 2007

Glossary of terms used in plasma physics (AG Plasmadynamik, Prof. Dr. A. Piel)

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Nonneutral Plasmas (D. Dubin)

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Penning Trap -- Such a configuration can be used to contain a plasma for as long as the fields exist at the requisite strength. The Penning Trap is related to the design of the fusion reactor design I submitted to the Patent Office in the early 1980's.

Phase Locked Rotation of Crystallized Non-neutral Plasmas by Rotating Electric Fields (Huang, Bollinger, Mitchell, Itani) -- A method to confine plasmas indefinitely in the laboratory has been devised by a UC-San Diego group, and subsequently refined by a NIST-Boulder group (contact Pei Huang, NIST, 303- 497-3508). These researchers have developed a technique to control a "non-neutral plasma," a plasma made purely of positive particles (such as magnesium ions) or negative particles (such as electrons). These plasmas are often held in Penning traps, devices that use static electric and magnetic fields for confinement. Again, this is related to the design of my fusion reactor. -- R.N. Boyd

Plasma Universe (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Plasmoid Phenomena (Edward Lewis)

Pulsed Plasma Discharge Engine Generates Energy (Christopher Arnold)

Review of research on Helicon Waves (Darryn A. Schneider)

S. L. Fischer -- A Windows application illustrating confinement of plasmas by oscillating electric potentials. This technique is known as the "Paul Trap".

Spectacular images of the Sun from the orbiting Solar Observatory.