Solid State Plasmas
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

[R. N. Boyd]:

Plasma is found everywhere on Earth. It is not only in the atmosphere, but in the ground. In solids, these plasmas are referred to as "solid state plasmas", and are treated much the same as any other plasma, albeit with a much smaller mean free path.

[Bill Hamilton]:

Solid state plasmas? Reference please. Since plasma is defined as a gas consisting of ions, electrons, and neutral particles; the behavior of the gas is dominated by the electromagnetic interaction between the charged particles. Are you talking about plasmas that retain their ions as they are crystallized into solids? If so, we could make some interesting batteries.

[R. N. Boyd]:

Here is a (partial) list of reference materials regarding solid state plasmas:

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Plasma Physics Including Thermonuclear Fusion: Plasma Basis Properties -- Solid State Plasma (CSP-VINITI) -- click on the "search" button.

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