Plasma Crystals

(c) Robert Neil Boyd

[Berkant Goeksel]:

Do you have some examples for lattice of arrays of arrays of cubeoctahedrons? Sounds like a crystalline structure. Crystals can grow. But I fear one needs a lot of nanotech to make such a perfect material as you described in your mail before. But what do you think about the creation of crystal lattice structures in a plasma which is full of space charges?

Today, this is a brand new research area and I suppose that Tesla was already aware about such a possibility. This was quoted by Charles Yost in a paper to electrostatic waves. The paper is uploaded in one of the electroaerodynamics folders. I see a key to gravity control in the use of plasma crystals in the boundary layer of a charged wing.

Maybe one could also seed the air plasma with heavy metals. A ferroelectric dielectric is a nonlinear material. Please can you tell what kind of nonlinearities you are exactly thinking of?

In the case of ferroelectric dielectrics I know that a strong HV AC field or pulse leads to intensive electron emission or a strong electron field around the dielectric:

This was also observed by Patrick Flanagan and described in his patent. He discovered the electron field generator when he charged plexiglas condensators with a Tesla coil:

Patrick was excited when I told him that I plan to use Fibonacci chords to excite the dielectric for electron emission. Are these electrons different than other electrons then?

There was once a Peter Nielsen who discussed with me about macroscopic spherical ferroelectric electron emitter where the fields cancel out in the center. Rick Monteverde might remember. It was my first antigrav discussion list years ago.

Do you also see a link to those fiberglass and copper composites which can produce negative index of refraction?

Popular Mechanics titles: Bending Light,

Rodin coil. Was it ever tested in the context of gravity modification?

[Robert Neil Boyd]:

Tony Smith's website shows a single array of cubeoctahedrons at:

More background information at:

I have never heard of anyone growing a crystal in a plasma... I had in mind creating the material, and then immersing it in an E field. I want a system that operates in a hard vacuum.

For new members not familiar with the work of TT Brown there is a folder with some papers (also those dealing with rare elements):

Give the material some inherent nonlinearities, then cause a large space-charge to occur in the structure and see what happens... The material should cause a "Hopf flow" of charge, something like this (link broken): This flow causes inversion of charge and has a relationship to inertia, based on the Freitas paper

I think you have got a good candidate material in the form of the ferroelectric. It just needs to be constructed in the manner described.

E Field immersion [causes a large space-charge to occur in the structure.]
If they [electrons] are rotated through 4D, they could come out exhibiting different properties. Watch any of the dots in the animation linked to above. Notice the paths taken, and the changes in color. Especially the dot that starts at the top and goes through to the bottom. I have suggested to Tony Smith that the 4D rotation of charge could cause the electron to turn "inside-out", becoming orgone energy. This is due to the fact that orgone is conducted by iron with a core of organic material, rather like an inside-out coaxial cable, nicht va? This gets very interesting, because orgone is related to the spin field and to Life Energy, and to Consciousness. Consciousness is also related to the "Qi Field", symplectic [even numbered quaternions] E/M and the Schroedinger equations. (Have you investigated the "Mindsong" device yet? It makes your personal computer telepathic, so that you can control it with your thoughts. Mindsong, Inc. develops products which respond to a user's intentions alone, individually or in aligned groups. See: )

I have an initiative to obtain an SBIR grant from NASA to perform just such researches. It has been in the pipeline for about a year now.

I've also got a process going with the Department of Energy to study related systems in a to-be-developed [new] National Laboratory.

I wonder if there is some way to get some of these researches into private hands, and perhaps make some income from the results? Are the folks you are working with at all interested in these sorts of ideas?