The Physics of Life
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

Hyperdimensional Fractals (R. N. Boyd)

Non-Linear Fractals (R. N. Boyd)

Ongoing Process of Creation, The (R. N. Boyd)

Crisis in Life Sciences. The Wave Genetics Response. (© P.P. Gariaev, M.J. Friedman, and E.A. Leonova- Gariaeva)

DNA Phantom (Peter P. Gariaev, Boris I. Birshtein, Alexander M. Iarochenko, Peter J. Marcer, George G. Tertishny, Katherine A. Leonova, Uwe Kaempf)

Genetica - Petr P. Gariaev's Genetics Website. English Explanation

Genetica - schematic diagrams and photographs (Garaiaev)

DNA Essays (English version toward bottom of the page) (Garaiev)

The spectroscopy of biophotons in non-local genetic regulation ( P.P.Gariaev, G.G.Tertishny, A.M. Iarochenko, V.V.Maximenko, E.A.Leonova, Wave Genetics Inc., Toronto, Canada

Human's Autotrophicity: Vacuum Bioenergetics (Juri N. Cherednichenko) -- Laboratory of Biophysics Institute of General Pathology & Human Ecology SB RAMS

Application of the Polarization Model of the Heterogeneous Physical Vacuum to Biology (V.L. Dyatlov. LA. Kirpichnikov)

The Qi Field -- Andrej Detela -- Model of the biofield

Model of autotrophic etheroenergetics of living organisms and consciousness phenomenon highlighted in the concept of domain structure of physical vacuum (Ju. N. Cherednichenko) -- Institute of General Pathology and Human Ecology SB RAMS

Relativity Principle gradation of living matter and the problem of weak interactions (Ju.N. Cherednichenko & L.P. Michaylova, Novosibirsk 1993)

The Strangeness of Water -- "Is there any reason for homeopathic remedies to work? Does the strangeness of water hold the key? Dr. Mae-Wan Ho describes recent ideas on how the quantum electrodynamic properties of water could provide the basis of homeopathic ‘memory’ and how one might investigate them."

The Wave, Probabilistic and Linguistic Representations of Cancer and HIV -- The chicken-duck experiment by Gariaev and Yu.V.Dzang Kangeng.