The Ongoing Process of Creation

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"Self-Organization" in Prigogiene's terms, implies an inert system. Actually, there is no such thing as a purely inert system. Please read the following, and see why I might say that. "Take a careful look at the enclosed picture! What you see there, is a real miracle of the life. There you see a nano sized turbine to drive the "swimming cord" of certain bacteria! The turbine is constructed of bearings, a rotor+stator, an axle and "fueling" + control systems! And all this IS TRUE! Even biologists have been wondering this nano-turbine. Imagine the size of the bacteria and then compare the size of the turbine with that! Also, the turbine is constructed of molecules and not of cells, of course Do YOU believe that this is a product of pure blind evolution or is it question of some "Great Intelligence" behind all our life systems!!!??? As you easily can understand, there is a great lot of information needed to construct this turbine. WOW! Where is the information coming from?"

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[R. N. Boyd]

This complex system appeared "from out of nowhere", so to speak, and it was the first evidence that there was something wrong with Crick's assertions regarding evolution. Because there is no manner in which such a complex structure could come into being by the process of "survival of the fittest". This extraordinary discovery eventually caused Crick to reject his own Nobel prize winning thesis, as being wrong, since these understandings inform us that there is something beyond the DNA, something which informs the DNA factory how to make its constructions.

This something, I have come to realize, is identically the various vector potentials, which are identical to information-carrying streamlined flows of subquantum "gases", as Gariaev and Poponin's DNA Phantom experiments first informed us, by showing us that the vacuum has a memory which apparently lives in the subquantum domains. I have found that the memory of the vacuum is held by subquantum entities, the subquantum particles.

Then, the "Chicken/Duck" experiment, and the "Salamander/Frog" experiment, which results arise from the passing of the magnetic vector potential through these creatures, altering their respective DNA signatures, are seen as due to fluxes of subquantum particles which are acting as the vehicles for the information transfer from the one animal, into the other. This is identically that process which informs the DNA how to arrange itself, so as to generate a biological morphology.

The magnetic vector potential is seen by me, as a flux of subquantum particles, or a "subquantum aether" which informs the DNA how to sequence itself. The originations of the marvelously complex and complete structures of the single-celled animals in your reference, originated then, from information provided at the subquantum level. But that's not all.

How then did the information which resulted in the completely functional and complex rotor assembly, arise? So as to inform the DNA to make this microscopic engine? Clearly, the information was imparted at some point, to the magnetic vector potential, the subquantum aether flux. But where did that information come from?

I think we are seeing direct evidence of Divine intervention here, and the mechanism by which this intervention occurs... The Cosmic Harmony creates this cellular motor to fill an unoccupied niche in the local environment, by way of impressing information onto the subquantum entities, which then inform the DNA how to sequence itself. How did this happen?

According to the Vedas, the smallest of the subquantum particles, the infinitesimal "bhuttatma", is created by the realm of "Pure Spirit". These infinitely small particles, according to the Vedas, are the smallest unit of matter, and are the smallest unit of Consciousness. The "bhuttatmas" are the information-carrying vehicles which comprise the memory of space in the "DNA Phantom" experiment, and are the vehicles for information transport in the "Chicken/Duck" experiment, where the chicken was converted into a duck. The "Pure Spirit" creates the "bhuttatmas" and informs them as to the new construction parameters. The Bhuttatmas then inform the DNA how to sequence itself. Then the DNA factory then constructs all the parts of the cell, including this intricate and complex molecular turbine, based on the information conveyed by the subquantum Bhuttatmas.

This entire sequence seems identical to Rupert Sheldrake's "Morphological Field", now revealed, in further detail, as subquantum particle fluxes. There is also a time function involved here, but I am not so clear yet as to what that's about and how it operates, except to say that it appears to be related to my expression of "quantum phase states", as related to Henry Stapp's "quantum matter".

All of which boils down to additively originated fabrications of presets in the vacuum media which operate over spans of time. The additive functions appear to involve all manners of Consciousness as a sort of vector function tending the quantum phase state of the quantum matter towards solidity, over time, as the vector components add.

The "quantum phase states" are describing conditions in the quantum potential, form various phase states of "quantum matter", which in turn, directly influence the quantum field, which informs any situation which is at all involved with probability or chance. By analogy, the quantum phase states could be viewed to sequence from a gas toward a solid, as energy is added to the quantum matter system. At the point the quantum phase state reaches "solidity", the event informed by the quantum field is almost completely irreversible. On this basis, certain conditions which presently appear to be due entirely to "random chance", may be discovered to be somewhat predictable.