Pendry Structures and Nano-Materials
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

Hyperdimensional Materials 1 (R. N. Boyd)

Hyperdimensional Materials 2 (R. N. Boyd)

Hyperdimensional Materials 3 (R. N. Boyd, D. Segalla)

A to Z of Nanotechnology

American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Physics News Number 476 (Story #1), March 24, 2000 by Phillip F. Schewe and Ben Stein - New material creates a reverse Doppler effect and negative-mu and epsilon optical characteristics.

Effective electronic response of a system of metallic cylinders (J. M. Pitarke, F. J. Garcia-Vidal, J. B. Pendry)

Electrodynamics of Substances with Simultaneously Negative Electrical and Magnetic Permeabilities (V. G. Veselago)

Exterior Differential Forms in Field Theory (L. I. Petrova) -- These forms are defined on the accompanying nondifferentiable manifolds, and hence, they are not closed. Transition from the forms, which correspond to the conservation laws for the material systems, to those, which correspond to the conservation laws for physical fields (it is possible under the degenerate transform), describe a mechanism of origin of the physical structures that format physical fields. In the work it is shown that the physical structures are generated by the material systems in the evolutionary process.

Historical Information about the Development of Nanotechnology 1989 – Hans Dehmelt wins the Nobel Prize for Physics for his paper entitled: “A Single Atomic Particle Forever Floating at Rest in Free Space.” This paper does much more than simply prove that it is possible to manipulate microscopic elements. It fundamentally debunks the widespread assumption (even held today) that the alleged uncertainties of quantum mechanics somehow interfere with the human ability to isolate and manipulate things precisely on the atomic scale. See his Nobel lecture entitled, "Experiments with an isolated subatomic particle at rest for details.

Hopping Conduction in Uniaxially Stressed Si:B near the Insulator-Metal Transition (S. Bogdanovich, D. Simonian, S. V. Kravchenko, M. P. Sarachik, R. N. Bhatt)

Optical violation of the "right-hand rule" (Phillip F. Schewe and Ben Stein)

Order N photonic band structures for metals and other dispersive materials (J. Arriaga, A.J. Ward, J.B. Pendry)

Silver Filled Carbon Nanotubes used as Spectroscopic Enhancers ( F.J. Garcia-Vidal (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid), J.M. Pitarke (Euskal Herriko Unibersitatea), J.B. Pendry)

Small Times Magazine -- A journal for the nano-tech industry.

Stability Regions for the 1-Dimensional Mathieu Equation (W. Christian) -- The geometry of forming crystalline structures depends on the Mathieu parameters.

Superlight (J. Milewski) -- "Both science and metaphysics have honored the law of parity in all things, except light. There is parity in light as well !"

Unnatural Optics Create Precise Photonic Lens (R. Colin Johnson)

UCSD Physicists Develop New Class of Composite Materials with 'Reversed' Physical Properties Never Before Seen (UCSD News) -- This new material exhibits a reversal of one of the "right-hand rules" of physics which describe the relationship between the electric and magnetic fields and the direction of their wave velocity. This results in the reversal of the Doppler effect, Snell's law, Cerenkov radiation, negative electric permittivity, negative magnetic permeability, and so on.