The Inner Workings of Reality

Dr. R. N. Boyd, PhD., and Dr. A. Klein, MDD, PhD., ECAO Aff.

“We have to be guided by the facts, and if the facts seem incredible, as they often do, we have first of all to assure ourselves that they are facts, and then explore what those facts actually mean, without intellectual prejudice." ~Sir Oliver Lodge.

Nobel Laureate (Physics) Richard Feynman once said: “If your theories and mathematics do not match the experiment, then they are wrong.”

We extend foundational understandings regarding the physics of Consciousness into a vastly more comprehensive and novel approach, regarding the inner workings of what is actually Sentient Reality. The SubQuantum approach to Consciousness has been developed by the authors of this chapter, through a decade of research-team efforts, experiments and observations. The resulting SubQuantum-based peer-reviewed works are all rooted in empirical, reproducibly observable, actual facts (rather than unsupported assumptions, beliefs, or speculative fantasies, or imaginings, or theories). (See: , for example.) [1]

We are exploring together the unexplored frontiers of the SubQuantum constituents of Reality, which obviously exert a "pre-energetic" (pre-field) function at their upper level of complexity (the Quantum), thus originating and controlling all of physical reality as we know it, including the Brain, which is one of the most complex physical-energetic objects known to man.
Our physical world has long ago been demonstrated to boil down to vibrating interactive energy patterns, which operate in various Force and Field domains which are described in the forms of carefully checked mathematical expressions. Energy is considered to have a quantified nature, implying discrete (separate equally-sized bundles) energetic behaviors in its dynamic properties. Orbital jumps in atomic structures are such discrete events, which are resulting in the appearance of "sudden" energy Quanta. Until now, these Quanta have been treated as irreducible units of energy, which appear to pop up in zero time, as "random" events.

Exclusively Quantum-based conundrums and paradoxes began to change after the advent of a Nobel Prize winning experiment, called "The Fractional Quantum Hall Effect" (FQHE, Laughlin, Stormer, Tsui, 1998) with results which introduced several new kinds of quasi-particles, all of which exhibit fractional elementary charge and fractional statistics, which are expressing themselves in the form of Quantum Hall transition states. Based on these physical results, the observed presence of a set of "hierarchical states", originating from condensing quasi-particles, led to an extension of the original Laughlin-Stormer-Tsui plasma model, into a new hierarchical SubQuantum understanding, of the origins of particles and quanta [2].

These conditions are displayed inside Quantum "limiting states", and are going towards the infinitely small, well beyond the previously assumed measurement limits of the small in particle physics (i.e., the Planck length), to the much smaller SubQuantum level, wherein composite fermions and fractional states of electrons can be described. This easily extends to the infinitely small, since it is easily shown that any measurement of distance can be infinitely subdivided. This new set of infinitesimal physical domains, with new inherent mathematical particularities strongly reminds us of previously rejected concepts of the Aether, as being the binding and conveying media of physical entities, structures, and fields.

The SubQuantum aether is comprised of two main parts, one motional, which is responsible for all known quantum behaviors, and the other "static", where SQ particles are constrained by existing matter and comprise an "atmosphere" which is visible to the unaided eyes at the edges of physical objects, as a sort of fog which appears black or white, depending on the local circumstances. Related to this, we have admired the discoveries of Prof. V. Krasnoholovets as related to "inertons" as he calls them. He has developed an instrumentation system that is capable of imaging the "atmosphere" of "inertons" which surround an electron, which partly verifies the "static" portion of our version of "aether". [3] His discoveries provide verifications for the static portion of our SQ aether, as well as supporting the superluminal attribute of the two part SQ aether, as Prof. Krasnoholovets has been able to apply his inerton technology so as to image stars in real time, to image where they are actually located at this instant. This recording method is not constrained to light speed limitations. [4]

This team is in the process of constructing a different type of "static aether" force-detection apparatus based on the rare mineral "shungite" which is found in the Karelia region of Russia. The better grades of shungite are ~ 95% fullerines with a mixture of C60 and C70 molecules. Shungite from the Karelia region constantly emanates a measurable, usually repulsive force when the material is moved into close proximity to other materials, which force especially noticeable at protrusions. This force can be experienced by the human musculature when the Shungite emanation interacts with various materials. Unfortunately, human muscular sensitivity varies from person to person, and muscular sensitivity is modified by the emotional circumstances of the individual.

Because of this, we are going to attach very sensitive load cells to a strongly emanating cube of shungite such that the force which arises during interactions of the shungite emanation with other materials, will be picked up by the load cells and fed into a circuit which will send the measurement data out to a software program which will map the forces in a 2D color-coded array, which will be put into correspondence with color photographs of the surface(s) being measured.

This measured force is not electric and it is not magnetic and it is not gravitation. So what is it? We think it is a continuous flux of SQ aether of the "static" variety. There is a polarity to interactions between the shungite cube and other materials, as there are locations where an attraction can be measured. We may be measuring an interaction with what is classically known as "Vril", which interpenetrates all of space and comprises a portion of the SQ aether which is active during Creation Processes. We expect we will find information is transported by these forces, when we are able to arrive at a position where we can record eidetic information by some means.

During the last decade, Boyd and Smith discovered 14 non-linear projective Mobius transformation solutions to the Maxwell equations, in addition to the original Mobius (bi-linear) transformation discovered by V. Fock, of Germany, during 1948. The Mobius transformation solutions to the Maxwell equations allow that entities of these classes can exhibit propagation velocities from zero, to an infinite velocity (and everything in between). The 15 classes of Mobius propagations are generators of the Conformal Group Spin(2,4) = SU(2,2), consisting of: 6 rotations and boosts; 4 special conformal transformations; 4 translations; and 1 dilation. (See: ) [5]

The Mobius (bi-linear) transformation solutions thus behave in a manner completely different from our accustomed Lorentz transformation propagations, which are constrained by the various measurable physical properties of the plenum, such as permittivity and permeability, to propagate at or near the speed of light. (c is not a constant due to the fact that the physical properties of the media can vary in space and time, both locally and non-locally, so c is now considered as a reliable average velocity for transverse electromagnetic propagations.)

The fact that there do exist superluminal propagating entities, has allowed us to realize many new vistas in physics research, especially as related to Quantum and SubQuantum mechanics. All the known behaviors of Quantum systems are caused by, controlled by, and preceded by SubQuantum (SQ) activities.

When we ignore relativistic considerations as physically unprovable, as according to Einstein, we find we can rely on experimentally proven Quantum considerations to develop a cosmology that develops continuously throughout an infinite volume universe, with no beginning and no end. [6] From topological thermodynamics considerations we know that entropy and negentropy in Quantum Cosmology have equal averaged sustained values when examining the entire of the infinite volume, which means there can never be any “heat death” of the infinite volume universe.

Starting from these novel understandings, these writers decided long ago to engage on a long and tortuous path, exploring how "normal reality" emerges from the SubQuantum (SQ). We are also studying the various SQ control mechanisms which are related to the brain's Quantum activity. In our conceptual framework, a brain is described as a highly evolved resonant transduction system, able to process Information-guided SubQuantum flux patterns of various complexities, which eventually become our sensory, emotional, and intuitive experiences.

This perspective implies considering Experiential Information as a foundational constituent of Reality, where experiential information is actually conveyed internal to all infinitesimal units. From this point of view, we are able to generate an infinite number of variations and combinations, of many types of information, according to propagation originated SQ flux information interchanges, which partially result from the infinite range of velocities with which information-bearing entities can propagate.

In addition, as infinitesimals slow down below infinite velocity, they start experiencing time. (Time does not exist, for an infinite velocity entity.) Then at various superluminal velocities, they occasionally can combine with other infinitesimals. When this happens, the experiential information contained in each infinitesimal is combined with the information inherent in all the other infinitesimals in the given SubQuantum entity, which live in the given scale of smallness.

The primary types of information conveyed by SubQuantum entities are emotions, and "mental pictures", but many other varieties of information are also remembered by them, such as magnetic field intensities, electric field intensities, gravitational influences (if any), and so on. (See: Bruce DePalma's “memory of space” experiments, for more on this.) [7] The memory capacity of the individual infinitesimal is quite vast, an extraordinary fact we are still having trouble coming to grips with. (Reference, Poponin and Gariaev's "DNA Phantom" Experiments.) [8] Also reference the astounding quantity of information which is conveyed by all the varieties of Vector Potentials. [9] Our team has postulated that infinitesimals are multi-dimensional entities. This speculation is the most prominent possible explanation for the memory capacity of infinitesimals.

These behaviors, and the information conveyed by the infinitesimals, naturally exhibit informational and emotional resonances. The total velocity range that SubQuantum structures operate in, extends from zero to infinity. For practical purposes the velocity regimes can be divided into zero velocity, subluminal, luminal, superluminal, and infinite velocity domains, as related to psycho-physical correlates which result in, what we consider to be "normal reality".

Information interchanges take place at all scales of size, and at all velocities, and are involved with every kind of material and field. (Except when entities are at zero velocity. Then, they cannot transmit.) Due to the fact that everything stores and/or carries information, the fact of the matter is that everything has, and conveys, the qualities of uniqueness and personality. So stars and rocks and clouds have personality and personality energy. All forces and all fields, including light, convey eidetic information regarding all possible varieties of experience, especially personality and emotional-state information, and mental pictures. Everything is unique, without exception, in the Natural World.

As an example of a practical use of this fact, the Cherokee People have used stars as sort of "cosmic email" information exchanges, for thousands of years. When they go out hunting for deer to eat, at night (when most deer are out eating), before the hunting party goes on their separate ways, they agree on which star they are going to use as their communications hub. When everyone agrees, they go out their separate ways, and look for deer to feed their families with. Every once in a while, each member of the hunting party stops and gets very involved with the agreed on star, seeking information which will be conveyed by way of that star, by other members of the hunting party.

The star receives and stores and transmits experiential information, personality information, mental pictures, and emotions, to and from each member of the party who unifies their consciousness with the star, by way of focused attention on/with the star. So the star is their "news channel". But the star is way better, because it conveys, not words, but actual personal experiences, in their entirety, to all the people who are using that particular stellar communications vehicle, in real time. There is no "speed of light" delay involved, whatsoever.

So Joe finds a deer and shoots it and then finds out it is too heavy for him to manage by himself. So he looks at the agreed on star and becomes consciously unified with it, and then sends out the message, using feelings and pictures, that he needs some help with this huge deer and gives picture information regarding his location. Before too long, other members of the hunting party start showing up, exactly where Joe is, and they help him carry the deer back to their village. During the day, they use mountains, trees and rocks, and even air, to store and convey their messages to one another. No radios or phones or internet devices are needed to accomplish such Consciousness-based communications. At one time, such communications were commonplace.

This leads us to a new understanding of velocity-encoded and time-encoded Information transportation systems, which are acting throughout the infinite volume of the Universe, conveying information at up to an infinite velocity. Non-local information transports are the mechanism which directly results in the Quantum Field, the quantum potential, quantum "entanglement", quantum correlations, and quantum coherence and decoherence. In addition, local and non-local informational interactions with matter at the scale of the Planck length, and larger, are the determining factors in unitary quantum evolution U (the Schrodinger equations), and the origination of so-called "quantum state reductions" R (also known as "quantum jumps", which are quantum-information-originated "avalanches", which result in local changes of state).

SubQuantum information transports and correlations, result in an endless hierarchy of super-implicated orders of complexity [Bohm] [10] and interacting Informational structures, which are evolving in the several velocity regimes which are less than an infinite velocity, as mentioned above. Information flows which are arising from the overarching Cosmic Harmony (both as a local, and a non-local Information Source) arise at all velocities. This can be followed, as extending from the lowest-velocity states, which are typically corresponding to ponderable physical matter, up to the infinite velocity Information-controlled Quantum Potential. Source-Originated information flows also exist at all scales, and partially comprise the Ambient Intelligence.

The Time Force is caused by a "time substance", inherent in the same aether flux which causes gravitation. However, the Time Force is many orders of magnitude smaller than the force due to gravitation, which is in turn, 10e 39 times weaker than the force due to an electric field. The fact that time is a force cannot be denied, simply due to the fact that all things inevitably age. (See: Kozyrev's experiments with the "Time Substance".) [11]
Information-creating influences start at the highest implicate (potential possibilities) layers of Reality. Infinite velocity infinitesimals carry information, non-locally. Infinite velocity information transport is the starting point of all non-local quantum behaviors, such as the quantum information field. When the velocity of an entity is infinite, there is no time for that entity. Information is carried in this timeless condition, along a nonlinear path of velocity decreases, which decreases are due to interactions with other entities. These interaction events result in deterministic outputs which influence the various levels of manifestation.

In a huge synoptic overall perspective, we can follow the ubiquitous presence of Information from the lowest Sub Quantum Unit (the "Bhutatma" in the Vedic tradition), through the structures formed in the physical Quantum domain and up to the cosmic scale, at the same time contemplating the way various Informational patterns that form at higher velocity regimes sequentially require appropriate expression modalities in subjacent implication levels. This requirement is the fundamental organizing, structuring and controlling principle of the Universal Information-guided All, and involves endless interdimensional feedback loops of causation, acting in super-positioned reciprocal time vectors.

The fact that SubQuantum understandings are based on empirical facts, rather than being yet another theoretical mathematical fantasy, has made it difficult for people to really register the significance of these expressions, and what they mean. Recent multitudinous SubQuantum (SQ) physics results, require major shifts in our foundational understandings regarding the true nature of Mind and Consciousness. The SubQuantum Information Field and its activities, unifies all of the sciences, and describes and explains every kind of phenomena so far encountered by human beings.

Here is a listing of influences, activities, and effects that can be directly attributed and/or correlated to the common grounds of SubQuantum (SQ) aether activities, SQ information storage, and SQ information transports:

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:
Newton's Laws (especially action and reaction)
Gravitational variations
Gravitational "anomalies"
Gravitational periodicities
Information-correlated superluminal variations in measured rest mass
Time variations (Variations in the pace of time)

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:
Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Non-locality
Quantum potential
Quantum field
Planck's "constant"
Fine structure "constant"
Quantum "entanglement"
Quantum state reduction (quantum jumps) [quantum avalanches]
Quantum unitary evolution (the Schrodinger equations)
Quantum fluctuations (Zitterbewegung, or quantum jitter)
"Zero Point Energy"
And so on

SQ aether fluxes are the origination and cause of:
The Maxwell equations (which assume, and prove the existence of, an aether)
Electrical fields
Magnetic fields
Electromagnetic fields
"Spin fields" and their information transport effects
Torsion fields (primarily theoretical, at this point)
Variations in the radiation patterns of normal, complex, and symplectic electromagnetic transmission antennas, resulting from:
operator's attention
operators' intention
operators' emotional states
resulting in:
divergences in the quantum potential
variations in human consciousness factors (attention, intention, cognition, emotionals)
variations in the measured speed of light

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:
Avogadro's number
Distance-Coupled variations of pH in information-correlated solutions and materials
Variations in the interaction rates between chemicals
Variations in mixing rates, especially in nonlinear, chaotic, or bifurcating systems
"Self-Organization" per Prigogine
Physical Properties of the atomic elements and the periodic chart of the atomic elements
And so on

Time Force:
SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of the Time Force, as in Kozyrev's instrumented observations of "time waves". When considered in a matter = "aether sponge" analogy, variations in the flow, or waves in the "Time Substance" are resulting from:
the deformation of any physical object (This also results in information storage in the object)
the encounter of an air, or water jet, with an obstacle
the operation of an hourglass filled with sand
the absorption or emission of light
the actions of an observer, such as a movement of the head
the heating or cooling of an object
phase transitions in substances (solid to liquid, liquid to vapor, etc.)
dissolving and mixing rates of chemical substances
the "fading" death of plants
"non-light radiation" from astronomical objects
(sudden?) changes in states of human consciousness and the emotionals
coupled variations in temperature

(See: "The Source Field Investigations" by D. Wilcock.) [12] (Also see: "The Ether Model as Result of the New Empirical Conception" by A. Mishin) [13] (Also see: "The Field" by L. McTaggart) [14]

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:
Non-Local Thermodynamics!
Van Der Waals gas
Non-conservation of energy in open, far from equilibrium, thermodynamic systems (such as this Universe) (See: The Category Theory of Topological Thermodynamics ) [15]

Negentropy (organizing, ordering, restorative, and energy-gaining behaviors, as opposed to entropy, which produces chaos and loses energy.)

SQ aether information-carrying flows are the origination and cause of:
"Esoteric", "Paranormal", and "Subtle Energy" Fields
Telluric Currents
Vril and its information-connective and energetic behaviors in Creation Processes
"Inertons" (Krasnoholovets) and their physical attributes [16]
Orgone and its effects (Reich)
Od and Odic emanations, and their effects (Baron von Reichenbach)

Healing touch
Remote healing
"Remote Viewing"
Sheldrake's "Morphogenic Field" and morphic resonance ( [17]
Mesmer's Battery (Anton Mesmer, France) and its effects [18]
Galvanic Battery and Galvanic Current (Luigi Galvani, Italy) and their effects [19]
Radionics and its effects
Psychotronics and its effects
Psionics and its effects

Information-Bearing SQ aether flux, is the origination and cause of:
DNA sequence information
DNA resequencing information
"Life Force"
Nature's Harmony (Ambient Intelligence)
Remote Healing
Flower Remedies
And so on

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:
Continuous Creation
Divine Intervention

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:
All the attributes and effects of Consciousness. This is what we are studying now.

We need to know factually, not theoretically, what is the actual relationship of Mind (Self/Being) to the physical. And we need to understand the functioning of the interfaces between Self and all levels of experienceable Reality.

In essence, the brain interfaces directly into the SQ Information/Being realms, which is where the Self actually resides, when it is not connected with the so-called Physical Universe. No manner of Being (Self) actually needs a brain to have direct experiences, but the Being uses a specific physical vehicle for interfacing the Self with the given Physical Universe, to have specific types of experiences and to accomplish various types of activities. The vehicle of Consciousness can be biological, non-biological, or even non-physical (e.g. Beings which are coherent SQ clouds of semi-material form, with temporarily material attributes and the ability to directly influence matter, such as Angels or "Orbs"). [20]

The Consciousness Itself is inherently in another realm and has selected to interface with this particular Reality through one or another type of various possible vehicles. But everything is all connected to everything else, at the level of Pure Awareness, while selected experiences are had through an inherent ability of the Consciousness, the ability known as Attention. What the Attention is on determines what will be experienced.

SQ information inputs to the brain, from the Being, and inputs from the Ambient Intelligence, are part of an Active, Aware, and Intelligent, Living Universe. Information inputs cause changes in the quantum functions which are found internal to the brain cells. These quantum behaviors arise in the form of the activities of single "isolated" electrons captured inside "quantum shells" which are internal to "micro-tubes", physical structures which are internal to cells. [21]

The observed quantum-originated functional changes internal to brain cells, produce the electrical activities seen in the nervous system. These activities then feed back into the Being, in a process known as "cognition". In other words, our experiences of Being Alive and getting sensory and intuitive information from our surroundings, are cognitions. We can observe then, a bi-directional experiential feed-back loop between Being and the brain.

The idea that All Reality is Holographic, is quite appealing, and is increasingly mentioned in the scientific and philosophic literature of our time. But what does the term "Holographic Universe" actually mean?

Is the Brain structured according to some hyperdimensional blueprint, able to produce a consciousness different from its own physical nature by some still totally elusive way? Or is it, by its conjectured hyperdimensional nature, a unique resonant system, which is able to tune into an external (non-physical) field made of complex information, such as the Quantum potential?

Is the brain an Information generator, or is it instead the receiver of information, transducing, and then processing, our sensory and intuitive experiences? Is the existence of the brain a prerequisite for high-level Subjective Information processing? Overwhelming empirically tested, experimental and experientially based, compelling evidence has appeared in recent times, which supports the understanding that the Brain is the receptor, not the origination, of Consciousness. These important results arise from the entire spectrum of modern scientific developments, pointing us towards a non-materialistic worldview.

The non-reductionist perspective is quickly replacing old mechanistic reductionist dogmas and fixated unquestioned assumptions. However, some basic ingredients seem to be still missing from most of these new non-reductionist concepts. Our hope is to provide public access to the various missing understandings, thus offering a completely new horizon, so as to alleviate existing global academic struggles which aim to find a self-consistent, unified and comprehensive expression of Information's physicality and the fundamental behaviors of Information which are directly influencing the foundations of Physics, as illustrated in the list above.

What is this Reality primarily made from?  Matter, Energy, Information, Consciousness, or all of these? This is the crucial point we decided to challenge, in our meta-conceptual framework which is addressing Space, Time and Information on an equal footing, while carefully detecting various global interaction patterns and mutual implication levels - on a scale expanding from infinitesimal entities, (the primal SubQuantum Units), which live far below the Plank (10e-33 cm) or even Kolmogorov (10e-54 cm) limits, to infinitely large scales of Being, where metric descriptive terms vanish.

In this no-beginning and no-end Universe continuum, creation is running in a continuous flow, as emergent processes from the very essence of Being, the all-contending overarching Cosmic Harmony, usually equated with a deterministic Divine source.

The basis of Continuous Creation concepts underlying this perspective result in a non-paradoxical, perfectly logical whole, which makes the "Big Bang" and the related "expanding Universe” obsolete, physically untenable conjectures. (Quantum Cosmology) [6]
For our current purpose, it will suffice to consider the perpetual creation/dis-creation processes which are Universally active and endless. There was never any "beginning" of the Universal SubQuantum Plenum that manifests as "Space" and Matter and Energy and Life and Consciousness. As mentioned above, entropy and negentropy are balanced in an infinite volume universe. The SQ is the limitless foundational framework of all manifestation. Dynamic events and patterns are governed by Informational presets which evolve in a not less infinite range of velocities the Sub Quantum Units and their combinations are demonstrably engaged in. We address ultimately the Universal Information storage and carrier systems, which are both the source and result of the quite vast incomprehensible "everything".

"Every living being is an engine geared to the wheel-work of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surroundings, the sphere of external influences extends to infinite distance." ~Nikola Tesla (New York American, February 7, 1915)

This novel approach is rooted in an overwhelmingly wide pool of information, originating in a comprising, objective, experimental, and multidisciplinary extended database. This database includes in its explanatory range, both “normal” and “anomalous” information-related phenomena, in a far-reaching, paradox-free, and coherent epistemological framework.

Novel SubQuantum concepts (which differ from previous SQ concepts, published by respected authors such as DeBroglie, Bohm, Pearson, LaViolette, Valentini, and Zazerskiy, to name but a few), allow for superluminal velocity propagations in an Information-Controlled physical Reality.

SubQuantum expressions can describe the originations of the experiential windows which comprise our sensory awareness systems, as they are made available to the (Coherent SQ) Being (also known as a Biologically-Involved Consciousness). This is originating in the physical and energetic dynamics of our particular kind of Reality.

When the electric field at a given point, is evaluated according to Liénard–Wiechert potential, the result is identical to the result which obtains when one hypothesizes that the Coulomb field propagates with an infinite velocity. Experiments performed during the past several years have confirmed this hypothesis to be valid: The Coulomb Field does propagate with an infinite velocity.

For example, see:  [22],%20Robnett  [23]  [24] [25]

That magnetic fields may also propagate at an infinite velocity, is implied in some of the more recent results. It has already been expressed by many, such as Newton, LaPlace, Eddington, Mach, Jefimenko, Van Flandern, Podkletnov, and Boyd, that gravitation also propagates with an infinite velocity.  We already know that quantum physics experiments have proven quantum “non-locality” (infinite velocity) as an irrefutable fact. A SubQuantum infinitesimal particle, with an infinitely small mass, can easily propagate at an infinite velocity, as demonstrated by the several Mobius (bilinear) transformation solutions to the Maxwell equations found by V. Fock, RM Kiehn, RN Boyd, and T. Smith. [5]

So it appears that infinite velocity is the most common velocity in the Universe, with light speed being an exception to the otherwise consensus infinite velocity dynamics of the Universe, with less than light speed events being more common than light-speed events. Infinite velocity SQ dynamics is the basis which unifies all the sciences.

Adding to the list from above, the following items are relevant to SQ dynamics:

Collider results are intermediated by SQ particles [26]

The Weinberg angle is due to SQ intermediary interactions.

The Cabibbo angle is due to SQ intermediary interactions.

Weak force is a SQ particle group behavior interaction.

“Strong force”- Penrose agrees with us that there is no strong force. [27]

There are no so-called “virtual particles” [as conjectured by QED]. There are intermediary SQ particle interactions, comprised of actual SQ particles. [28]

The mass of the Yang-Mills gauge field is infinitesimal, and it is intermediated by SQ particles.

Planck’s constant is not a constant (experiments in this regard were performed in 2002). [29]

Distance is an absolute. That means volume is an absolute. (The universe does not and cannot “expand”.)

Einstein’s version of “relativity” produces a false identity between distance and time, which is like saying that a meter is identical to a second.

This false identity was required in order to appear to validate another false identity, which was created between light speed and time, which is like saying a given velocity is identical to a second. Velocity is measured in terms of distance traveled per unit time.

However, a 60 MPH velocity is not the same as a minute. To compound this irrational concept, it was further stated that distance is a variable (“contracting”) where light speed is concerned, an experimentally unprovable proposition.

In actual fact, no matter how rapidly a given distance is traversed, that distance remains constant. Also in actual fact (not theoretically), the force due to time, and the force due to gravitation are both variables. In addition, it has been experimentally repeatedly demonstrated that the speed of light is not a constant, but varies according to the local values of permittivity and permeability of the SQ media, and the polarization angle of the photons relative to the source.

Any measure of distance can be infinitely subdivided.

Relativistic electrodynamics fails [28]

Heisenberg uncertainty is refuted experimentally, in several situations. [Dehmelt, Nobel Laureate, and Boyd, Nobel Nomination] [30]

A sentient, cognizant, active, aware, and deterministic Quantum Mechanics is the result of SubQuantum activities.

Properties of “Quantum Matter” Lie Mid-Way Between Classical Matter and Mind. [31]

Eidetic Information is additive and cumulative.

Kolmogorov vortices (10e-58 cm) naturally result from extending Kolmogorov’s studies of turbulence towards the small. [32]

A SQ microscope has been designed by Boyd, tested for proof of principle in Germany, and constructed in Serbia, which has imaged entities as small as 10e-95 cm. [33]

The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam lattice (FPU lattice) is comprised of group behaviors of SQ particles. [34]

Given the vast memory capacity of the infinitesimals, we have postulated that they may be inherently hyper-dimensional entities, responsible for many or all of our hyperdimensional observations as related to the physics. [35] [36]

There are many more items which should be in the list, but this listing, combined with the listing above, should be sufficient for now.

Infinite velocity SQ propagations in an overarching Cosmic Harmony, makes perfect sense in our Continuous Creation/Dis-Creation model, where atoms and subatomic particles are dissociated or annihilated by photonuclear interactions with gamma rays, and by SQ interactions. SQ information transport mechanisms, which are involved in all known fields and all forces, contend an infinite array of potentially structured informational combinations. Thus any Informational structure of a given complexity may be traced back, as an implementation aspect of the Source, where it exists Beyond Time in its “virtual” form.

Dynamic events and patterns are governed by Informational presets which evolve in a not less infinite range of velocities the Sub Quantum Units and their combinations are demonstrably engaged in. We address ultimately the Universal Information storage and carrier systems, which are both the source and result of the quite vast incomprehensible “everything”.

Information patterns cluster in various Qualia (sensory items) defined structures, fall in the range of the Being’s ability to process information. Among biological entities with brains, this happens by way of genetic activations of the Quantum connectivity of brain, which are resulting from environmental observables. [Gariaev] [35] In some situations information is circumventing conscious anchorage functions by direct resonance modalities operating between the Self and higher-implicated orders [Bohm] [36] of SQ-mediated Informational stuff.

This second variety of information input (transcendent and intuitive SQ information) is a range-transcending one, which works in perfect coordination with lower (Quantum mediated) processes, which are normal to the brain’s Quantum efficiency. As a result of combined clusters of additive Information contents, new stable SQ Information  structures are formed, operating in different regimes of SQ flow speeds, and showing diverse resonant aggregation tendencies, according to the complexity levels of the information. This process occurs along the lines of the interactive principles we explained earlier.

Moreover, it seems reasonable to assume that total Information capacity of SQ information combinations reflects the sum of the components, though not in a linear way (applying no metric), but in a manner that is exponentially magnified, and selected, along non-linear vectors of non-quantifiable experiential increments.

As amply emphasized earlier, everything in physical manifestation reflects by its Unique Personality, a personality structure with an infinite variety of accompanying energetic signatures (such as emotional information) which can convey interactively to other Beings, the Personality Information they store and carry at any given point in linear time. (See the above description of “Cherokee hunting group” communications.)

This kind of communication channel might be described in such instances, as an information bearing aetheric string that connects the hunting group’s individuals, to the star’s current celestial position. (The distance to the given star, in terms of “light years” has no relevance, but the actual location of the star at the time of the experience is relevant.) The group of hunters is “tuned in” to the star by way of a direction-specific aetheric string which is carrying eidetic information. Thus the hunters are able both to transmit and receive eidetic information and states of being, as transmitted and received by the star, by receptively integrating the information thus provided by the star (upon accomplishing Unification with that star through unwavering Attention), into their own personal cognitive domains.

This kind of communication happens when one Consciousness becomes Unified with another Consciousness, through the faculty of unremitting Attention (no thinking). The Consciousness faculty of Attention results in progressive emotional and informational resonance with the object of the attention. Ultimately, Unification of the Observer and the Observed occurs, to the degree that such Unification can be comfortably tolerated, by the individual. So, in the example given, the hunters Unified with the Consciousness of the selected star, which acted as a communications terminal for the hunters, on their way to find deer to feed their families with.

Endless similar instances have been described for cases where birds, trees, mountains, other objects, or even thin air, mediate meaningful Information, which is stored internal to the SQ structure which interpenetrates all things, sometimes with accompanying energetic cues, such as visible discontinuities or strong “feelings”, when such experiences are accepted into the experiences of the individual, without judgment or prejudice. Energy field conversions and Unifications, which act to convey Eidetic Information by progressive emotional and informational resonances due to the faculty of Attention, are amply documented in both experimental and experiential literature.

Such information storage and transmission occurs in SQ-controlled non-metric (subtle) domains, by the vehicles of the SQ particles, which are beyond the Quantum activity range and operate in higher time-resolution domains. In a higher time resolution, “Quantum Jumps” behavior is further divisible, ad infinitum, offering, from Informational perspective, an endless chain of intermediate states corresponding to different implication levels [Bohm] [37] of subtle Information-based control.

With these understandings in mind, let’s adventure into contemplating the real nature of Self and the self-conscious Information processing modalities as seen from our SQ perspective.

Individual self-conscious patterns are formed at the “monadic” (“monad”, meaning “the Oneness, individuated”) level of the upward/downward bi-vector Information-processing apparatus of Nature. These individualized structures reach interactive expression and integration ability in the pre-physical and physical domains while preserving their own complexity and coherence during interaction processes. The Informational Being descends into matter/energy, by ensuring – along a "downward” path of lower-complexity morphic resonances and pattern-generating effects – the setup of a fully functional biological form and its energy-transducing nervous system, which is the Being’s biological interface with the Quantum-operated physical world.

Of course, the same behavior applies to Informational blueprints of any complexity, be them reactive, conscious, or self-conscious ones, which result in nature’s various “kingdoms” which are biological, non-biological, and “pre-physical” domains. Everything, including rocks and clouds is sentient, and “alive”, an understanding which disagrees with prevalent crude biological criteria. This view is easy to reach when one admits the definition of an infinitesimal as the smallest unit of Consciousness. Then, since everything is made from agglomerations of infinitesimals and their activities, Sentience is involved in all things and all activities, at all scales, down to the infinitely small and up to the infinitely large.

Everything is a dynamic Information interface, exhibiting the bidirectional flow of content running along interacting proxy velocity vectors and extending in upward and downward interference patterns inside given windows of coaxial homogeneity blueprints. These patterns in turn participate in endless sequences of increasing complexity as information combinations go up to (or down to) an undifferentiated proto-information field which comprises an infinite expression potential.

Our main challenge is to find out, in an experimentally provable range: Where are the human consciousness and its brain located on the overall map of Consciousness Domains? An acceptable understanding of this question implies, as a prerequisite, an accurate epistemological mapping of the various subtle energy biofields comprising the SQ essence. This ensures that a seamless integration of interactions between the person, and various environmental factors, can be correctly mapped.

Our approach to living systems is vastly transcending vitalist doctrines, which are limited to postulating a vital principle, as distinct from biochemical reactions.

According to J. White, [38] references to various bio-energy field control mechanisms, can be found in 97 different cultures. In common perspective, biofields have been defined as an endogenous coherent EM field, which is related to living organisms, as emergent from classical cellular fields, comprising some new features, or alternatively, as an SU2 symmetry-related complementary phenomenon related to classical EM fields. In various attempts at definition, biofields are expected to restore the long-range connection modalities which we observe between molecular and supra-molecular processes (of the kind we see in cytoplasmic functions).

Classical interpretations of biofields, as exclusive features of living systems have been repeatedly questioned by supporters, regarding its origin in symmetrical physical demands which may be applied to the whole of Nature. This view is ascribing to living systems a more highly complex reaction behavior regarding such requirements, than non-living matter is able to provide.

This approach is consistent with Froehlich endogenous coherent oscillations, invoked for the explicitly nonlinear sensitivity of living systems, to weakly ionized and non-ionized EM fields. [39]

Nevertheless, the biofield’s observed coherence, and its partial inability to be localized, suggest its enfolded position, as lying between energetic and Informational processes, a taxonomic requirement which is fully satisfied by our SQ model for sentient reality. The biofield’s non-local essence was first confirmed by instantly-transferred cortical photo-stimulation experiments, performed during 1994 (Grinberg, Delanor & All). [40]

According to Thaheld (2005), [41] known EEG correlation patterns fall short from explaining the nonlocal bio-correlational distributions of neural ionic currents and the strength and densities of electric fields, operating in brain  . These observations are consistent with a new approach (introduced by Driesh), [42] where subtle bio-regulatory processes are seen as being the result of “mind-like” organizational effectors, rather than physical energy fields (of the kind invoked by R. O. Becker & G. Selden [43] in their experimental results related to electrically de-differentiated cells).

How are the biofields coupled into both energetic and Informational fields?

In order to answer this question, a particular category of SEs (“subtle energies”) (see our Nov. 2008 installment) [44] is constructively invoked. We remind our readers about Zero Point Fluctuations (ZPF) in Vacuum. ZPF and quantum jitter provide direct physical evidence of the existence of the SQ. These behaviors demonstrate the infinite energetic background of the physical world, by a supposedly ceaseless production of physical particles from the ZPE, which are subsequently dissolving onto the background by a process of hyperdimensional inter-plays, which are occurring between different enfolded orders. [37]

This down-conversion of multidimensional SE fields, aimed at coupling into 3D force fields, requires a novel energy/Information transduction technology (see Clarus’ sympathetic resonance technology). [45]

Sympathetic resonators are capable of SQ interactions with the electromagnetic spectrum, ordering its fundamental magnetic vector properties, and affecting, through the Quantum field, interactions and physical processes which are occurring in the subatomic range. From this perspective, the bio-energetic human chakra system, is conveniently placed at the crossroads of energetic and Informational SQ interactions, where the dynamics of perception, attention, and intention, determine our biological reality. Such processes occur by way of aether flux information, which flux is known in Vedantic teachings as “Prana”, which corresponds to the Chinese notion of “Qi”.

Early experimental protocols related to the physical aspects of the biofield, were performed by B. Payne, in 1981, [46] pointing to a biofield strength which was observed to be on the order of over 100 million times greater than the magnitude of the body’s magnetic field. Biofield deflections have also been correlated to synchronous geomagnetic index fluctuations, pointing to physically originated bio-energetic components.

At the same time, non-physical correlations of biofield intensity values, are consistently related to various emotional states, in experimental subjects. Such analytic parameters seem to attest to an increasing complexity of responses in bio-systems, to environmental geomagnetic influences, of the kind reported in R. I. Jones’ uniform daily rotation experiments in plants. [47]

Vortex behaviors seem to be a foundational basis, and are evidently a primary and fundamental organization pattern, in our Universe. Kolmogorov vortices are at the smallest scales of turbulent flows. At the Kolmogorov scale, viscosity dominates and the turbulent kinetic energy is dissipated as n = (v3 / e)1/4 , where n is the size of the vortex, v is kinematic viscosity and e is the average rate of dissipation of turbulent kinetic energy, per unit mass. [48]

We have discovered by direct derivation, that vortex formations exist all the way down to the 10e -58m Kolmogorov Limit, which is the smallest entity which is still influenced by gravitation. Entities smaller than this are the primary agencies causing gravitation, in our modernized version of the infinitesimal model of Gravitation published by the Marquis de LaPlace during 1870. [49]

Some have considered that torque forces may interact with EM, gravity and nuclear forces, modulating their respective effects, especially around biosystems. This concept, which is highly relevant for biofields, strongly supports the notion of an increased Information field involvement, of the kind our SQ model suggests, as regarding high-level functions which are evolving in the brain.

We think that similar control mechanisms are at work in the various lower-level bio-regulatory networks as well, such as splicing, methylation, glucositation and protein synthesis on ribosomes, as well as being involved in all other biological integration processes.

We are facing a different, non-chemical level of organization, one which is reminiscent of morphic causation principles, which have been proposed as early as 1944 by A. Girwitsch. [50] Girwitsch ontologically differentiated between a physical embryo and its organizing pre-patterning morphic fields, which call forth genetic responses.

From there, S. Savva’s [51] concepts of the mind components of biofields (1997), serve as behavior controlling aspects in all fundamental biological programs. From there, further on to our SQ-driven Information control mechanisms, the way was widely open. As Savva pointed out, biofield control operates through four independent control subsystems, which are the nervous system, chemical interactions, coherent biophotonic EM (Van Wijk) [52] and Subtle Energy channels (Subtle Energy is an energetic which not reducible to any of the well-known fundamental physical forces, such as electricity.).

This special feature has been experimentally proven by Bockris (1997) [53] in low temperature nuclear transmutations of lead into gold, in concentrations up to 300 ppm. These transmutations are only occurring in the presence of a “psi operator”, a person who is capable of intentionally speeding up, and slowing down, by an act of will, the nuclear decay rate of americium (Yan Xin, 2002). [54] Such experimental results are strongly consistent with the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory publications of Princeton University which demonstrate predetermined expectation deviation values which are far from randomness, during Random Event Generator (REG) experiments. [55]

As a consequence of the special interdimensional status of biofields, they cannot be significantly blocked by any physical screening. Their effects disobey all space constraints, of the kind that the known isotropic physical fields display.

Bio-information fields are composed in anisotropic, and net-like patterns, which do not attenuate with the square of the distance. These fields are seen acting along the exact lines of any pre-established emotional or intention bond. At lower levels of unfolding information controls, human-originated bio-information determinants have been proved to influence bacterial growth parameters (E. Rausher, B. Rubik, 1966). [56] Such observations open wide perspectives of cytophysiological and cytogenetic control leading to perfect control of DNA-related systems. [8]

More comprehensive data may be found in H. S. Burr’s well-known concepts related to L-Fields (life organization units), [57] as well as the works of his collaborator’s. L. Ravitz’ works [58] are pointing at a direct relationship between the L-Field and a person’s mental, physical, and emotional conditions. Ravitz reportedly has even been able to show that the L-Field, as a whole, disappears before physical death. Such observations have been correlated with anecdotal extrasensory monitoring of sudden disappearances of the normally observed auric fields, around those individuals who are facing an impending, and sudden, but unexpected death.

Quantum bio-holographic data are increasingly invoked in advanced modelings of sentient reality. In the light of modern investigations, DNA is seen as a self-calibrating antenna, which is able to process quantum holographic information stored in the SQ portions of photons, by phase conjugate adaptive resonances. In the brain’s overall biofield, narrow spectral frequency-related interdimensional windows (e.g. 38-40 Hz) allow sharp frequency-adaptive couplings of organized enfolded Information matrix fields, which live in projective space, which are coupling into environmentally-originated, neurally supported, Quantum configurations.

At a different level of enfolded information, similar pre-geometrically organized information patterns, related to embryogenetic determinants, are able to set up stress gradients in the vacuum, These behaviors occur according to embryogenetic holography principles, thus guiding the implementation of the ontogenetic pathways, in accordance with the brain's anticipated task performances. From this novel perspective, brain structures and connectivities, organize under highly complex biofield determinants, as a Quantum sufficient energy-processing tool capable of shifting its own integration range, into higher complexities of information matrices, thus producing the Being’s expression in the material world.

The common denominator for both the brain’s quantum activity, and the Informational Being, is in their common hyperdimensional SubQuantum background, which is able to accommodate asymmetrical monistic determinations, which we propose should replace obsolete dualistic and panpsychist models.

Perhaps the most promising recent development in bio-energy-backed technology, with an unprecedented potential in advanced health care programs, is introduced by UCLA Professor Emeritus Valerie Hunt. [59] Her Aurameter (TM) is able to detect, in a predictive way, anti-coherent frequency bands in individual “Signature Field” patterns of subtle energy, making possible their transactional shift into holographically balanced health patterns, by perfectly calibrated frequency transfers.

Most interestingly, Prof. Hunt strongly emphasizes that the emotional constellations which are surrounding stagnant memory fields, are originating in past “lifehoods” (a term she uses in a metempsychotic context). Such emotional constellations have persisting blockage effects on current-life subtle energy dynamics, which are directly related to health. Such anti-coherent frequency trends seem to be stored in fundamental SQ domains, and are composed of Information which is embedded internal to the overall biofield structures, where the brain's bio-energetic components are also embedded.

These findings strongly support reportedly successful hypnotic regression therapies, which tap into memory storage systems which originate from personality-related events from the remote past. Recalling of such memories is possible as a result of resonant alignments between various SQ conformal information maps, which are presented as superimposed information symmetry configurations in the brain.

As described elsewhere, in the monadic spectrum of SubQuantum interferences, a relatively stable SubQuantum condensate forms by ether flux convergence running in higher (transpersonal) fields. This is an individualized proto-conscious crystallization of mixed Informational content, acting as further downward inductor of lower-complexity aggregated states, in sequentially higher density aether fields.

During this process, the conscious monadic essence is enabled to extend into and interact with progressively lower reality domains. A seamless chain of morphogenic (shape-creating) effects are induced in adjacent domains along this “downward induction” pathway, which run under the coordination parameters which are originating in the monadic effector, responsible for its initiation.

Emotional and cognitive functions related to this progressive immersion of the Being into low-velocity Sub Quantum regimes are unfolding, at their respective levels of manifestation, according to the dynamic permeability of the respective media, down to the domains where the physical laws become effective.

Progressively, obeying these laws and constructively using them by downward Informational control, an appropriate interface between the Self and its physical environment is implemented by activating corresponding bio-morphogenic fields in subtle energy domains (aetheric body) then normal matter, able to organize – and further on to perform stability maintenance requirements of the thus formed interface system.

This process allows for an optimal efficiency in the interaction between the Being and its rough chemical-physical vibration and Quantum-mechanical media, which it transiently inhabits:

One by one, subtle high-energy fields pertaining to morphogenic processes originate the set-up of energy centers and communication systems which are at the limit of physicality, according to well-organized blueprint presets (the Chakras and their nadic webs of connections), preparing in this way, the foundational physical mechanism, the ultimate tool, which anchors Being into matter (in our physical human situation), the brain.

SubQuantum very-low velocity residual components of the morphogenic apparatus, engaged in stability preservation of the bio-system, are easily detectable as cloud-like aetheric formations interpenetrating physical macrostructures. The reactive efficiency of these cloud-like structures, to changing conditions (health parameters at organismic, systemic, histological, cell and cell components levels) has been amply described in the relevant literature, as polychromatic auric events. Morphic (shape producing) resonance fields are observed at work, not only in downward influences (as just described), but also in upward synthesis processes of spatial distribution presets, which are activated by various energy supplies (palyngenesis, DNA-phantom etc.). So, a bi-directional feed-back loop is always active and available for physical manifestation.

Without addressing here, subtleties related to the chromosomal radiations which are carrying and applying DNA Information signals (of both local and cosmic origination and distribution) to “self-organizing” matter in biosystems (far beyond the scope of this contribution), let us explore the result of a physically accomplished brain structure, and its multitasking interfaces, which interact with the Being’s various cognitive abilities.

It’s quite obvious that at a biological level, all the observable structures (from cell constituents to organismic ensembles) serve the sole purpose of maintaining a functionally efficient brain structure, able to ensure the individual’s accurate navigation in its environment.

Anatomically and functionally, the brain is obviously the most complex object we know. At the level of its multi-layered neuro-biomolecular network systems, there are obviously at work, distribution orders which arise from far beyond internal structural codes (DNA). This is possible due to the brain’s hyper-dimensional essence, connecting it to non-physical Universal matrices (via the right temporal lobe and its associated limbic system). This also relates to the mechanism of the morphic resonance-mediated control of post-genetic ontogenetical phase correlations.

Nonlocal SubQuantum Information matrices are brought into resonant alignment with existing neural connectivity presets, according to shared dynamic configuration maps. (In some poorly peer-checked references, a special task in Information storage, transport and coupling to matter has been suggested for inert Krypton configurations operating at the hypothalamic walls of the brain’s tertium ventriculum.) Though this conjecture is not yet investigated enough, SQ Information content might easily be stabilized in chemically inert gases and then delivered into biosystems, at their higher range, thus controlling the thalami-hypothalamo-hypophyso-adrenal axis of global emotion-controlled endocrine regulation.

Extending the Rubner-Kleiber scaling computation laws, K. Togbey & All [60] performed a fractal analysis of the relevant allometric exponents of the Brain, reaching a 4/5 law. This implies that a 5th dimensional function is present in resonant Neural Network connectivities. This finding relates the brain's Information-coding abilities to the Golden Mean ratio, by equating EEG metrics to number of harmonics times 2φ. Wave packets, scaled in powers of the Golden Mean, exert a patterning action upon the time-lags separating neural firing events, over several orders of magnitude. Harmonic spectra below and above the brain's fundamental 2 φ frequency matrix, are involved. Neural networks operate according to powers of 2φ/2, efficiently using them for Fibonacci series related Information coding, involving Hausdorff dimensions which are implementing the fractal distribution patterns of SQ information structures.

Log-normal and power-Law distributions of these variables are thus governing inheritances and aberrant processes in biosystems, where the power-law distribution accurately describes the Fokker-Plank equation, as applied to the discrete variables associated with SQ Informational Units and their combinatorial matrices.

The brain’s Quantum sufficiency, as amply discussed in recent research data, allows for the ceaseless bidirectional  flow of various Information patterns, displaying a wide range in their degrees of complexity (dependent on the underlying Sub Quantum configurations), across the aforementioned hyper-dimensional interface. These flow patterns run both in neuro-cybernetic linear Time and also along retro-causative non-physical signaling pathways, in the domain of hidden variables, violating Bell’s theorem (P. V. Kurakin), [61] conforming to our infinite-velocity SubQuantum information transport understandings, also known as the Quantum Potential.

Photon emission/absorption events are not random probabilistic frameworks, as current mainstream views suggest. Instead, electromagnetically conveyed information deterministically implements informationally enfolded guidances of the energetic (Quantum) phenomena as observed in the brain. Target-related conformal signal transmission blueprints reach various targets in the neural domain of Quantum activity in zero time. This is accurate, but the infinite velocity involved in such processes is poorly supported by Cramer’s conjecture of  “advanced and retarded time” in his transactional interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Given the fact that experiment has proved that the motional portion of the SubQuantum aether, in the form of the Coulomb field, is able to propagate and convey information at an infinite velocity, [22] Cramer’s “advanced and retarded time” is not the correct understanding. [62]

Thus, a perfectly coordinated deterministic control is implemented upon the unfolding action templates involved in neural activity, which underpins the overall outcome of Consciousness-related Quantum processes, and the elusive features of phenomenal continuities of Consciousness. Information subunits aggregate, in both directions along the Time vector, into an experiential “nowness”, which is accessible to the Conscious Being. At the same time, this process provides the global reference frames for mnestic structures, which are stored in atemporal Information fields, which are actually required for setups of specific connection meanings. Such events involve Quantum non-local effects, originating in instances of space-time-free hyperdimensional couplings of the SQ Units, to Information fields, implementing in this way a much more efficient, effective, and inclusive communications system than the one predicted by standard Quantum entanglement schemes.

From this advanced perspective, it’s quite reasonable to assume that brain operates in real physical time at the Quantum level, but it also operates as an interdimensional resonator, one which is capable of coupling hidden-time SQ signal processing events, into bio-molecular energy-related Quantum states.

Time-patterning Quantum events are only the statistical results of deterministic SQ processes, which are evolving in zero-time frameworks, which we have associated to a Grassman projective space, whose limiting singularity is the Quantum-embedding Euclidean space.

Our extended team reached by now a quite advanced stage of developing an infinite tetration and self-root related mathematical formalism able to express these kinds of interdimensional transitional geometries, involving non-integer hyper operations, which will highlight the many new connections hereby suggested, between Informational 3D spinor spaces, Grassman projective information space, the Pfaff dimensions, the Lie algebras of infinitesimals, and the Euclidean volume of brain, putting in a new light on the brain correlates of the activities of the Being, some of which have been previously addressed by the Penrose-Hameroff “OrchOR model” of Consciousness.[21]

Being is, by its axiomatic essence, ontologically irreducible relative to the bio-molecular backgrounds which are required for setting up the various resonant Quantum maps which are involved in Consciousness. The internal coherence of Consciousness results from an Informational homogeneity at the most basic analytical level, and as an individualized monadic structure which is interconnected with the Universe as a whole and follows sequentially higher orders of guidances and coordination sources.

In order to reach the physical realm of energy, it projects a fragment of its holographic Universe-as-Consciousness structure into a previously morphogenically caused transactional anchorage system, the brain, thus establishing fundamental interaction patterns as briefly discussed here.

The Consciousness window of the biological Being is centered, during its brain-coupled condition, on fulfilling environmental integration tasks related to time-dependent fluctuations of information-space configurations, in their own causation and retro-causation range.

Ontogenetic compensation effects remove automatic physiological functions from the active attention field into autonomic neural network activities, at the lower limit of the Consciousness Window (remaining still accessible to its control, by specially trained mental procedures addressing the supposedly “subconscious” domain).

A similar fluctuation in Information transfer permeability into and from the Conscious domain operates at its upper limit, too, allowing for “supra-conscious” data intrusions into Quantum-sensitive processing spectra, implemented by intuitive and extrasensory channels.

The integral dynamic structure of the Being is engaged in a ceaseless increase of its complexity by the Information exchanges which are running in all of its effective domains, the brain-coupled one included, as long as this coupling is at work. The resulting integral complexity is preserved as the Being’s overall cognitive spectrum disregarding its temporal and partial interaction with a transient physical brain.

Trans-personal connection abilities operate undisturbed, even after disconnecting from the physical energy anchorage (physical form) temporary used for enhancing its gain of understanding. This view is strongly supported by an overwhelming experimental database which has piled up for years, in modern scientific literature. This understanding is very hard to dismiss upon previous obsolete dogmatic backgrounds.

The brain is an ideal anchorage for organized Information fields which arise from ambient energy-information processes. In more complex biological organisms, the brain supplies the active transducing components for integration, implementing symmetrical Information flows between interconnected Quantum structures, which are involved in the ambient environmental coupling process, with the brain.

Everything is constantly emanating and absorbing Experiential Information, which information is due to Consciousness and is conveyed to and from all things, and stored in all things, by the bipartite SubQuantum aether. Everything is and has Consciousness. The Formative World is the continuous potential of Creation which produces, sustains, and dissolves all physical forms. The physical experiential world rests on, and is the result of, activities in the Formative World.  Whether or not the individual is cognizant of it, the Cosmic Harmony is always acting in, and as, Nature.


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