The Properties of Quantum Matter Lie "Mid-Way" Between Classical Matter and Mind
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

Stapp has developed a breakthrough understanding regarding "Quantum matter."

Henry Stapp's Paris Talk, May 21, 2001, in its entirety is at:

Remember my "quantum event potential"? Stapp is talking about the same thing.

The next realization involves what I call the "Future Worlds". An aspect that is left out of the discussion between Peter Mutnick and Henry Stapp, is the fact that the event potential eventually causes crystallization (solidification) of the potential.

In other words, this is a fixation of the quantum potential, so that the "cloud of possibilities" is no longer an indeterminate "cloud", but a singular event sequence, that must, and will, precipitate out of the crystallized condition of the potential in one, and only one, way. (Rather like the mathematical "iff".) The best term for this in the English language is the term "destiny". The solid state of quantum mass contains Destiny.

The best way to understand this is to realize that the quantum potential world has states which resemble the states of matter in our everyday existence. The "event potential" has the conditions of quantum gas ("cloud-like unformed potential), quantum liquid, quantum glass (plastic), and quantum crystal (solid). So, there is not simply "Quantum Matter", but there exist quantum analogues of all of the states of normal matter with which we are familiar. Each of these analogous states are stages which represent an increased probability of the occurrence of an actual material and physical event, or condition, over time.

I understand these mechanisms in some detail, having studied them over several years of investigations and observations. I know what are the conditions which now pre-exist in the "quantum solid", which *will* be manifested as actual physical and material events, when the time comes. Humanity does not now have the ability to directly alter the events that are about to precipitate globally as a result of the informational structures which have been "recorded" in the present "quantum solid". In other words, there are some aspects of the physical future which are unalterable. And this is a *good* thing!

Humanity, as a whole, has become rather irresponsible regarding the other Life on this planet. Cooperation with Nature is responsible behavior, rather than oblivious, insensitive and selfish domination behaviors. (All Life is Sacred. There is *nothing* in Nature which is "inert". Everything has some form of Consciousness.)

Nature has continued to be responsible for all Life, and has continued to create a Future World of Harmony and Beauty, in spite of the destructive behavioral trends of humanity. At this point, even were humanity to develop the technology which could act to influence the "presets" which now exist in the "quantum solid", which will manifest as inevitable physical events, this process of building structures in the "quantum solid" takes rather large amounts of time, and large amounts of certain special forms of energy which can only be developed by forms of Consciousness, and certain specialized understandings of Consciousness, which do not presently exist in the scientific literature.

(I wasn't going to reveal these above understandings, due to the potential which existed for their misuse by the "dominators" and other irresponsible elements of the present global culture, but there's nothing they can do now to prevent what's going to happen, even if they had the technology today.)

As Stapp has pointed out, this quantum event potential or "quantum matter" is directly involved with Consciousness.