Antigravity and Force Field Propulsion Techniques
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

Black Holes and Negative Energy (R. N. Boyd)

Burkhard Heim on Antigravity (B. Goeksel, R. N. Boyd)

Charge as a Barotropic Polar Fluid Flow With Internal Angular Momentum (R. N. Boyd)

Charge Density Influences Time (R. N. Boyd, Hizlimurat, Goeksel)

Massfree and Massbound Radiations of Tesla Coils (R. N. Boyd) -- "Something that looks a lot like an anticurvature can be created by a 4D rotation of the space. How can we mechanically create a 4D rotation of space? Perhaps by a proper application Rodin coils, which are physically, 3D reflections of a 4D hypersphere."

Antigravity -- Experimental results on Podkletnov's Impulse Gravity Generator (Podkletnov and Modanese) -- Includes Abstract, discussion and commentary.

The Gravity Society (Podkletnov's website)

Antigravity News and Space Drive Technology (Published by James Cox)

Biological Antigravitation, Invisibility in Insects, and Cavity Structure Effect (V.Grebennikov) -- Pioneer discovery!

Dipole Antigravity

Electrogravitational Mechanics (Jerry E. Bayles)

Gravity Shield (Lucentini) -- This work of Torr and Li may be useful in explaining the relationship between angular momentum and magnetic dipole moments. It has also resulted in the demonstration of a "gravity-like force" which can act to propel a mass.

Levitron Antigrav top -- This magnetic toy top actually floats in air without strings, wires, or electricity.

Page dedicated to the memory of Stefan Marinov and his Magnetic Vortex Hyper-Ionization Device (MAGVID) (Vencislav Bujic)

Results of experimental researches of magneto-gravitic effects. (S.M. Godin, V.V. Roschin) -- Abnormal magnetic field structures and unusual thermal changes extending outward over a 15 meter radius from the apparatus were measured.

Marko Rodin's website on Clifford-Hopf coils also known as "Rodin Coils". Also, check this link for Tony Smith's references to Rodin Coils.

Speculations Regarding Transport Systems of Exogenous Craft (Paul Potter)

They All Told the Truth: The Antigravity Papers (Richard P. Crandall) -- this book is a masterpiece on how to build your own flying saucer, guaranteed to work. His theoretical work is involved with subquantum particles and the results were experimentally confirmed before the book was published. (Looks like I was right about a great number of things, based on these commentaries.)

Thomas Townsend Brown on Electrogravitational Propulsion

Zero Point Technologies