Massfree and Massbound Radiations of Tesla Coils
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

The following reference material may be related (among other things) to a mechanism to produce hypercharge amplification and transport. This could tie into Heim's x5 and x6, which look the same to me as Tony Smith's D4, D5, E6, E7 theory in many regards.

By the way, Heim's view that more than one time axis is unphysical may not be accurate, from the point of view of Tony Smith's D4, D5, E6, E7 physics. I think if Heim had been familiar with Tony Smith's work, when he was involved with his work, he might have reached many of the same conclusions that Tony has. (But I am certain that he would have produced some different results, as well.)

I asked Tony tonight on the telephone about applying his approach to the 256 Riemannian components and the various Riemannian symmetry groups, differential symmetries, and various curvature tensors, all on the basis of a Spin (4,2) topology, rather than a (3,1) basis, applying his methods to creating something rather like a Teichmuller space, composed of all conformally equivalent closed Riemannian 3 geometries of the same topology. (Of course, this approach can be generalized to N-dimensions.)

All this, with the aim in mind of bringing gravity and relativity into the fold of his physics. He said that would be an awful lot of work, and he hadn't been attracted to approach that particular task, since his model has a wealth of other interesting attractions which have gained his attentions.

Part of the reason this came up was because I was interested in the Riemannian system of multiply-connected topologies, which open the door to the view of "...electric charge as lines of force trapped in the topology of space" (- Riemann), in relation to gravity, and in relation to Tony's physics.

"...A detailed scrutiny of such a topological space, reveal that what has formerly been considered an elementary piece of reality, will be found to have tiny handles attached to it which change the connectivity character of that piece. Zooming in smaller and smaller, in ever greater magnification, we might see ever new varieties of topological combinations and connectivities." - H. Weyl (1949).

I was hoping Tony had done something along these lines, since I'm a bit lazy, and tend ask him about such things first, rather than bothering to work them out first for myself. (I figure he understands his physics better than I do, so this tends to save me time. )Turns out he is aware of the situation, but hasn't applied himself in this particular direction of unifying relativity with his conformal physics. It may be a good thing, actually, since he just realized tonight due to my suggestion that the graviphoton transforms may have many different characteristic "c" velocities and many different values for the Planck's constant, depending on which velocity and which particular transform we are involved with, keeping in mind that the Moebius and graviphoton transform E/M propagations are allowed to have any velocity from zero to infinite velocity. So the normal Lorentz transform limit of velocity characteristic as "c" does not apply here, directly. So, that would change everything, with regard to relativity, in relation to the Moebius and graviphoton transform varieties of E/M.

I'll need to ask Kiehn about this again, and see if he can shed more light on these matters. (I brought such matters up with him about 4 years ago, but he seemed to get a disconnect on the topic, like it didn't register for some reason. Maybe my description was lacking something.)

At this point, it seems clear to me that the various graviphoton transforms and rotation groups can account for all of the variety of things we have been discussing. And much more.

I am more convinced than ever, that, for me, the correct approach to this whole matter is to build some arrays of Rodin coils, and go for a ride.

Perhaps I'm prejudiced toward Tony's theories, but I know that the graviphoton physics work, and the vector forces resulting from Rodin coil arrays would be a material demonstration of the fact of those physics. Since I know Marko Rodin personally, we could make this happen inexpensively, relative to other approaches.

How does this relate to DeBroglie waves? It seems to me that it is possible that DeBroglie waves, the Phi ratio, the Golden Mean, biophotons, and graviphotons are all tied into this fabric together. I can't see the exact details right now, but we are working on a TOE with all the investigations we've been doing here, whether we know it or not... Eventually, that is what will fall out of all these investigations. (It will be quite remarkable when that happens, because we will have much more than "anti"gravity, or some manner of propulsion, resulting.)

I think we will eventually come to the point that we will have to remove ourselves from examining the fabric up close, and try to get a good overview of how it all looks together, from above. Sometimes I have to get out of the details, and go out to have a look at the big picture, to see how it all fits together when viewed as a unitary whole.

I think Ark's non-compactified Kaluza-Klein N-dimensional space work will eventually be quite relevant here. I hope he is making progress that satisfies him.

And by the way, that Chinese fellow was right when he said that there is no antigravity possible. According to pure relativity theory, what he said is true. Relativistically, how can one produce an "anti-curvature" of space? And if that could be done, what, physically, would result from it? So we are looking for other methods.

Simply, something that looks a lot like an anticurvature can be created by a 4D rotation of the space. How can we mechanically create a 4D rotation of space? Perhaps by a proper application Rodin coils, which are physically, 3D reflections of a 4D hypersphere. Rodin coils happen to look like the Hopf fibration of the Twistor on S3. The fibration just happens to take the form of Clifford parallels. There are many more such corroborations along these lines.

Which brings to mind the question, have you ever looked into what is called "skew parallel time"?

I hope the following will be of some use to you.

Akronos Publishing recently released on its website,

the extraordinary and seminal physical demonstration, by the Correas, that Tesla radiation is not assimilable to either electromagnetic field energy or to (ion) fluxes of massbound charges (Experimental Aetherometry, Vol. 2A, monographs AS2-13 & AS2-14). As a result of the intense interest generated by these reports among Tesla aficionados worldwide, Akronos Publishing is pleased to announce that it has decided to accelerate the release of the two-part continuation of this work on ambipolar massfree radiation emitted by Tesla and induction coils. These two essays, AS2-15 and AS2-16 in Volume 2B of Experimental Aetherometry, have just been made available.

Monograph AS2-15:
Correa, P & Correa, A (1999, 2001)
The aetherometric approach to solving the problem of magnetism

Monograph AS2-16:
Correa, P & Correa, A (1999, 2001)
Aetherometric treatment of the energy radiation output by Tesla coils, Part 3:
Primary massfree electric-and-magnetic waves, secondary massbound capacito-inductive waves, and tertiary electromagnetic waves

In the first essay, the Correas tackle one of the most fundamental cornerstones of Maxwellian electrodynamics - the problem of magnetism and the magnetic field functions H and B, which they proceed to resolve from first principles - after having first untangled the glaring inconsistencies of classical theory - in order to address the problem with a totally novel and exacting methodology. Magnetic wave functions for both massbound and massfree charges are provided, and the precise values of the tesla and the gauss are, for the first time, consistently defined, in both classical and aetherometric systems.

In the second essay, the Correas return to experimentation with resonantly loaded Tesla coils, to provide a complete analysis of their massfree and massbound electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic functions (wave, field, current, energy and power), and demonstrate how these devices can be employed to magnify massfree radiation in excess of the massbound electric power they consume. The complete analytical process is presented as forming one of the operational modules of the Aetheroscope.


Laura McFinlay
Akronos Publishing