Charge Density Influences Time
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

[R. N. Boyd]: Regarding charge compression, from "The Theory of Groups and Quantum Mechanics" by H. Weyl, charge density changes the rate of time so that:

delta Egrad is proportional to delta Tr

where Egrad is charge density and Tr is time rate. More precisely,

tau = (sin theta)^-m e^im theta
(This is the expression of the conservation of time.)

Egrad = -e Sgrad

Egrad = & wave quantity/& tau + wave quantity
(& denotes partial derivative)

(This has been verified experimentally for rotating masses.) !!

Since the foundational equation for gravity contains a charge term, "Q", then mass, inertia, and charge density are all related to time. We then have entities such as mass-time and charge-time. In addition, as I have pointed out before, magnetic moment/angular momentum = charge/mass !!!

Then magnetic moment = angular momentum (charge/mass)

Then magnetic moment (charge/mass) => angular momentum (we will use omega here)

Now we have several varieties of transformations in addition to the Lorentz transform and the Moebius transform:

omega x
omega y
omega z

represent the rotations of charge and rotations of inertia.

omega xy
omega xz

represent screw displacements

omega yz

represents simultaneous rotations of charge + inertia

omega xyz

represents charge reflection

The Poynting vector can be described by the rotation group (4,2), in addition to the normal description in a six dimensional velocity phase space.

In a 4D manifold, there are 6 rotation groups.

So, the quaternionic transformation groups of the 4D polytopes may represent the origination of the various forces and fields.

Further, it appears that we live in a space that contains topological torsion. Due to this torsion, the topology of our universe changes smoothly, and continuously. This continuous change of the topology due to torsion is not reversible (Keihn 1977c). This continuous change of the topology due to topological torsion, may be the source of time, the origination of quantization, and the origination of particle spin. It is possible that time is quantized, and thus the universe would appear as a series of discrete jumps, or "time quanta".

If this is true, time rate can be used to measure the torsion factor of the topology. Since, time rate is proportional to charge density, it may be possible to manipulate the topology by the appropriate application of rotations of charge+inertia.

Of further interest is the quantum property of the scattering of light and particles by the intersection of #virtual quantum waves# in a conducting lattice. (We may consider the physical vacuum as a conducting lattice media, but this especially applies in the case of resident particles in the given volume, for example, in a [rotating] plasma.) This is given by:

[2 pi k^-1 N delta x Re f(0)]^2

The angle of the wave relative to the scattering centers causes various scattering resonances and phase shifts, and the DeBroglie wavelength and kinetic energy density will be altered by the scattering media. Quantum scattering density increases as we approach the center of any conductive lattice.

Phase shifts are produced by any repulsive (negative) or attractive (positive) potentials. Repulsive regions will cause retardation of the of the phase, while attractive regions cause acceleration of the phase.

To simplify this discussion, we can say that where we have a charged region, the electric field potential causes a phase shift proportional to the magnitude and sign of the charge.

If light has no charge, why then should its phase be observably affected by any potential? (I have brought this concept of optical charge up before.)

On another topic, I think that the quantum "event potential" is identically Sheldrake's morphogenic field".


3D Wave Collapse in Nonlinear Medium with a Normal Dispersion

Please note that we have a 3D electrostatic wave in the electric rocket. The dielectric material and the ionized air plasma are both nonlinear media. Look what the guys say. I think it would also apply to our gravity warp (oh sorry, electrostatic wave collapse:-) application:

3D Wave Collapse in Nonlinear Medium with a Normal Dispersion Alexander Litvak, Vyacheslav Mironov, Nina Zharova (Institute of Applied Physics, Russian Academy of Science, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)

New features of 3D wave packets nonlinear dynamics are studied for a medium with normal group velocity dispersion that is described by nonlinear evolution type equation with a hyperbolic spatial operator. It is shown analytically and by computer simulations that wave packets with initial hyperbolic symmetry (of the type of hollow axially symmetric distributions) are collapsing in the processes of self-contraction and fall to the axis of the packet with a singularity formation (infinite intensity growth) at the wave packet centre. Collapse stabilization due to nonlinear (multiphoton) absorption or refractive index nonlinearity saturation are studied.

Faraday's observed that: 'Electrical capacity is to gravity as inductance is to magnetism'. .....If faraday is correct then the energy stored in the capacitor is in the form of a GRAVITATIONAL field. Townsend Brown also found in charged capacitors that weight reduction only occurs when the positive plate is upside to the negative plate. .... If the negative plate is above then the device increases in weight . Dan Davidson et. al. then observed that the AMOUNT of weight change is greatest if a SMALLER CAPACITOR is nested under the larger!? The obvious next experiment is to nest capacitors in the (Golden) ratio of recursion/embedding, to PRODUCE OPTIMUM CHARGE COMPRESSION & THEREFORE THE GREATEST GRAVITY!(Capacitors in Phi array - produce 'ion effect')

In other words, no 'rocket scientist' is required to solve the unified field, merely understanding the geometry of compression. It stands to reason if you compress charge you store the inertia of that charge, which physics then calls 'mass'. What they missed was the way waves used PHI recursion to send a portion of that inertia through light speed at the implosion center, to produce the magnetic monopole which was Einstein's name for gravity.

[Berkant Goeksel]:

Magnetic monopoles (excited states of neutrinos/antineutrinos??) was Einstein's name for gravity??? COOL!! An electrostatic wave collapse do produce a (tachionic?) neutrino beam. So it is really a GRAVITY WARP DEVICE!! WOOW!!!

Later I will quote a paper published in the Electric Spacecraft Journal where a PhD candidate from the university of Karlsruhe in Germany produced a TACHIONATOR based on the Morton effect which considers spark discharges as Dr. Thomas Townsend Brown considered too.