Solutions to James Clerk Maxwell's Equations
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

Superluminal Conformal Forces -- "There should be found a category of forces related to the superluminal solutions of the Maxwell equations related to the moebius transformations. These will be conformal forces and will not be instrumentable by our existing technology. We might eventually discover a moebius transform variety of magnetism, conformal electric fields, conformal gravity, and so on. (Conformal E/M already exists in the form of the 15 varieties of the moebius transforms.) All of these forces are allowed to be superluminal, per the moebius transform solutions to the Maxwell equations. Is it possible that the 15 varieties of the moebius transforms are also involved with each of the fundamental forces? Were this the case, then we would have a vast array of new kinds of phenomena to investigate. (In case you were bored.) Perhaps these "new" forces are also involved with the quantum physics and various non-local kinds of events?" -- R. N. Boyd

"Impossible Ring" (c) 1998 Sandlot Science

Aether-Generated Transparencies (R. N. Boyd)

Autodynamics vs. Relativity (R. N. Boyd)

Gravity Shielding and the Translation of Charge Through the 4th Physical Dimension (R. N. Boyd)

Maxwell's Equations and the ZPE (R. N. Boyd)

The Propulsive Potentials of Ampere's Laws (R. N. Boyd). Also see for related material. ((Abstract: The measurement process analysis of energy indices of the water electric generator of heat shows that there are such design of this generator and its such operation modes when quantity of heat energy generated by water exceeds the expenses of electrical energy for this process significantly).).


Maxwell's Fluidic Vacuum Model in Muon-Tauon Decay (Russ Jones and Arkadiusz Jadczyk)

Electromagnetic Waves in the Vacuum with Torsion and Spin (R. M. Kiehn) -- New time dependent solutions to Maxwell's Equations that exhibit torsion and spin, and are not time reversible.

Electromagnetic Strings and Minimal Surfaces (R. M. Kiehn) -- Kiehn talks about H. Bateman's examination of a number of different solution equivalence classes to the Electromagnetic Wave equations of Maxwell.

Spin and Helicity Related to EM and Gravitation (R. M. Kiehn and R. Stirniman)

R. Superluminal and Subluminal Signals (R. M. Kiehn) -- The non-linear moebius projective transformation fractional solutions to the Maxwell equations allow that the the propagation speed of the E/M singularity can be anything - including infinity!

Segal's Conformal Theory (Tony Smith) -- The 4 GraviPhoton Special Conformal transformations are like the Moebius linear fractional transformations, and are the symmetries of superluminal solutions of the Maxwell equations.


Aetherometry (P. and A. Correa) -- Introduction to Experimental Aetherometry - the Sorce theory of matter: In 1965 there was a theory of matter published which explained the nature of matter and energy using the motions, refractions and reflections of pressure waves in a continuous, compressible, frictionless, fluid, material medium. The theory used well known principles of fluid dynamics and wave mechanics to explain the physical mechanisms of all matter and energy phenomena including: the quantum and the wave-nature of matter; the mechanism of gravity, inertia, electricity, magnetism, and the nuclear forces; the formation and structure of the atom; the physical mechanisms of all Relativistic effects; and the physical explanation of Einstein's E=mc2. It thus simultaneously unified and explained the mechanisms of all of the disparate "fundamental forces" of nature through the actions of a simple, fluid net pressure called "sorce".

Autodynamics -- Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics. See also, and and Autodynamics vs. Relativity (R. N. Boyd)

Caduceus Wound Coil Experiments -- "The caduceus coil illustrated in Fig.1, basically consists of ordinary insulated copper wire wound in a double-helix around a ferrite core. THIS COIL HAS REPEATEDLY BEEN FOUND TO VIOLATE ESTABLISHED LAWS OF ELECTROMAGNETICS AND HERTZIAN WAVE THEORY WHEN A HIGH FREQUENCY CURRENT IS INJECTED INTO IT." (Dave Brenneman)

Crossed-Field Antenna (Maurice C. Hately & Ted Hart) -- The little known, "reversed form" (negative solution) of Maxwell's Fourth Equation, states that a magnetic field can be produced without current flowing in a wire!

Crossed Field Antenna - Could This Technology Revolutionize the Science of AM Radio Transmission?

Electrogravidynamic Concept of Tornadoes (A.N.Dmitriev, V.L.Dyatlov, V.I.Merculov)

Magnetic Fields Revealed in Technicolour (Physics, November 16, 2005. Source: University of Manchester)

Maxwell and Dirac theories as an already unified theory (J. Vaz, Jr., W. A. Rodrigues, Jr.) -- In this paper we formulate Maxwell and Dirac theories as an already unified theory (in the sense of Misner and Wheeler). We introduce Dirac spinors as "Dirac square root" of the Faraday bivector, and use this in order to find a spinorial representation of Maxwell equations. Then we show that under certain circumstances this spinor equation reduces to an equation formally identical to Dirac equation. Finally we discuss certain conditions under which this equation can be really interpreted as Dirac equation, and some other possible interpretations of this result.

Planetophysical Function of Vacuum Domains (A.N. Dmitriev, V.L. Dyatlov, A.V. Tetenov) -- (Geology institute UIGGM, Mathematics institute SB RAS, Gorno-Altaisk state University)

"Right Way of Obtaining Electromagnetic Equations: Where is a Mistake Done?" -- Andrija S. Radovic's work on Electromagnetic Equations. See also,

Superlight -- "Maxwell's second solution describes a particle wave of just the opposite structure of the first solution. It explains that, from infinity, traveling toward the point source, from all directions, is a radiation composed of a large magnetic component and a small electrical component, thus the name, magneto-electric radiation. When these equations are looked at more closely, one finds that this "SuperLight" travels at the speed of light squared! [This is] 10^20 meters per second, or 10 billion times faster than light." Dr J. Milewski

This description is directly related to the "vacuum compensation mechanism" which maintains the vacuum in a condition of force balance, which is a net zero force, over time. -Dr. RN Boyd

Tesla Coil Builder - This is a link to a very competent study of Tesla's technologies, especially in the direction of the radiative form of charge, and the aether, which I find very important and useful.

The revealed secrets of classical electrodynamics (Koen van Vlaenderen). An important article containing many deep insights into the works of Tesla, and some of the most advanced understandings I have encountered.