Gravity Shielding and the Translation of Charge through the 4th Physical Dimension
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

[R.N. Boyd]:

I have read DeAquino's works before, and have talked them over a bit with Tony Smith. Gravity shielding has already been experimentally proved by NASA, with regard to the moon. My concern with the effect is that it is not very large. Have you done any calculations on the thrust vectors that can be developed from this method? Can the velocity realized by this approach lead to greater than light speeds?

I determined independently that Mach's principle is bogus, for gravity can have many velocities, including infinite velocity, if it is related to Tony Smith's "graviphotons". The arguments of Jefimenko convinced me of the trans-light velocity of gravity. Alexander Shipov has agreed with me on this, also.

I like Tony Smith's physics, as I have participated in some of the developments of it, so I lean toward 4D things like moebius-wound coils, and Moebius E/M.

Although there is an error in it, I think this paper of Frietas is of paramount importance, as a major step in the right direction:

Also see this paper by Rodrigues:

In my opinion (which is always subject to change), the missing factor is the translation of charge through the 4th physical dimension.

Contemplate the important fact that Maxwell's equations were created in the quaternions, which fact alone, implies that we live in a quaternionic (4D) space, as does E/M. And as does gravity. Max was way out in front of his peers!

I think the 4D (and higher topologies) is the origination of these forces, and of the various particulate forms of matter. No question

Y'all might get some effects with what you're doing, but I think you ought to be contemplating 4D. Have a look at: This talks about two time axes, which is also relevant to the study of gravity. Ok, those German guys said airplanes could never fly, now look who's laughing.

In addition, I have found a relation between the spin field and orgone, verifying the Russian reports. Both the spin field and orgone are related to the electric field, and the electric field has a known relation to gravity, known as the Biefield-Brown effect. Somewhere in all this, there is the answer. It does, but don't over look that Sir Newton 2nd...

But I wonder if simple gravity shielding is enough...?

[C. Hardeman]:

The following link is to a pdf file on my website. While its focus is clearly gravitational, as it relates to Fran de Aquino's System-G device, the shield physics part is very possible. It proposes a mechanism for the shield-vacuum interaction. It could be you have already considered it, as it was clearly knowable back in 1927. If not, then it may offer someone additional insight. Your private comments or suggestions would be most welcome. (expired link)