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Aether-Generated Transparencies (R. N. Boyd)

Autodynamics vs. Relativity (R. N. Boyd)

Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) Fact Sheet

La Sage's Aether and Laplace (Excerpt from "A History of the Theories of Aether and Electricity" by Sir Edmund T. Whittaker)

Local and Nonlocal Information Transfer Mechanisms (R. N. Boyd)

Obvious Flaws in Relativistic Electrodynamics (R. N. Boyd)

Propagation of Superluminal Subquantum Masses, and Causality (R. N. Boyd)

Gravity Shielding and the Translation of Charge Through the 4th Physical Dimension (R. N. Boyd)

LaPlacian Gravitation and Relativity Theory (R. N. Boyd)

Time as Related to Moebius Transform E/M (R. N. Boyd)

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The Black Hole, the Big Bang, and Modern Physics - website by Stephen J. Crothers - the Sorce theo ry of matter: In 1965 there was a theory of matter published which explained the nature of matter and energy using the motions, refractions and reflections of pressure waves in a continuous, compressible, frictionless, fluid, material medium. The theory used well known principles of fluid dynamics and wave mechanics to explain the physical mechanisms of all matter and energy phenomena including: the quantum and the wave-nature of matter; the mechanism of gravity, inertia, electricity, magnetism, and the nuclear forces; the formation and structure of the atom; the physical mechanisms of all Relativistic effects; and the physical explanation of Einstein's E=mc2. It thus simultaneously unified and explained the mechanisms of all of the disparate "fundamental forces" of nature through the actions of a simple, fluid net pressure called "sorce".

Autodynamics -- Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics. See also, and and Autodynamics vs. Relativity (R. N. Boyd)

Gravitational Anisotropy Due to Mass Orientations (Newsflash from United Press International (UPI))

Impulse Gravity Generator Based on Charged YBa_2Cu_3O_{7-y} Superconductor with Composite Crystal Structure (Evgeny Podkletnov, Giovanni Modanese)

Part 1 of Life Without Spacetime - From The Undiscovered Physics by Millennium Twain
Part 2 of Life Without Spacetime - From The Undiscovered Physics by Millennium Twain

"Right Way of Obtaining Electromagnetic Equations: Where is a Mistake Done?" -- Andrija S. Radovic's work on Electromagnetic Equations See also,

The Breakthroughs of Dr. N. A. Kozyrev

Abstracts (Rodrigues et. al.)

Dirac-Hestenes spinor fields in Riemann-Cartan spacetime (Rodrigues, de Souza, Vaz, Lounesto)

Unified Theory for Construction of Arbitrary Speeds (0 < = v < \infty) Solutions of the Relativistic Wave Equations (Rodrigues, Maiorino) -- Representing the relativistic physical fields as sections of the Clifford Bundle (or of the Spin-Clifford Bundle) of Minkowski spacetime we show that all the relativistic wave equations satisfied by these fields possess solutions traveling with arbitrary speeds $0 \leq v < \infty$. By giving rigorous mathematical definitions of reference frames and of the Principle of Relativity (PR) we prove that physical realizations of the $v > 1$ solutions of, e.g., the Maxwell equations imply in a breakdown of the PR, but in no contradiction at all with known physical facts.

An Elementary Derivation of The Black Hole Entropy in Any Dimension (Carlos Castro)

Endless, Boundless, Stable Universe (G. Reber)

Fractal Space-Time and Microphysics. Towards a Theory of Scale Relativity (Laurent Nottale)

From Space-Time to Physical Space (Amrit Sorli, Ilaria Sorli, SpaceLife Institute, Italy)

Helical Structures Forum Home Page

Inertial Mechanics - Derivatives of Separation and Time

On the Possibility of a Propulsion Drive Creation Through a Local Manipulation of Spacetime Geometry (Vesselin Petkov)

Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics (E. T. Whittaker)

Physical Grounds of Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Roots of the Falsification of 20th Century Physics (A. C. V. Ceapa)

Scale Invariant General Relativity (Fernando Franco)

Scaling topological charge in the CP^3 spin model (Ulli Wolff (CERN))

Signature for the Shape of the Universe (G.I. Gomero, M.J. Reboucas, A.F.F. Teixeira) -- If the universe has a nontrivial shape (topology) the sky may show multiple correlated images of cosmic objects. These correlations can be couched in terms of distance correlations. We propose a statistical quantity which can be used to reveal the topological signature of any Robertson-Walker (RW) spacetime with nontrivial topology. We also show through computer-aided simulations how one can extract the topological signatures of flat, elliptic, and hyperbolic RW universes with nontrivial topology.

Special Relativity Invalid? -- Article by world-class Russian relativity expert, V. Petkov.

Special Relativity Invalid? (Response from B. Hamilton)

Special Relativity Invalid? (Response from C. Thompson)

Time and Gravitation (Amrit Sorli, Ilaria Sorli, SpaceLife Institute, Italy)