Negative Energy => Topological Cause? 
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

[Comment on List]: "I arrived at the concept of negative energy after I analyzed Leon Dragone's paper: My analysis is as follows: Tim had contact with Dragone when he was alive. According to Tim, Dragone actually built these coils, tested them, and developed a theory of operation. I took Dragone's work and gave it a graphical view, and to my surprise, characterized negative energy. Based on Dragone's work, I saw a link between Dragone's coil and Tesla's coils in this patent: Observe in Tesla's patent that coils "M" are wrapped around the stator frame of a DC motor. I surmised the similarity between this method and Dragone's work. Tesla mentions in his patent that the coils "M" are driven to demagnetize the flux in the frame. This suggests to me the possibility that Tesla COULD be working with negative energy"

[R. N. Boyd]: What differentiates these effects from Len's Law? Or the effects predicted by the Maxwell equations, and called "displacement currents"?

In my view, these are both, ultimately, simply restatements of Newton's third law, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction".

I think that these kinds of reactions are resulting from fluxes the subquantum particles which comprise the physical vacuum, and are examples of what I have termed the "vacuum compensation mechanism", which is to say that these subquantum particles tend to restore any manner of energetic imbalance of any form of energy density in the vacuum, after some time delay, which will either be a local Lorentz transform related event, or a non-local Moebius transform based event with a hyperdimensional rotational component involved and an unpredictable time delay due an as yet undetermined hyperdimensional mechanism, which I think is related to the link in the next paragraph.

There are indications in Wheelers "Geometrodynamics" that impulse currents with a high dv/dt will result in a warping of space, and, at the same time, a coherence of the ZPE by means of rotations through 4D in the manner of (link broken).

This topological mechanism also leads to the inside-out electrons which have been mentioned by myself and Prof. Mills. (These may be related to the "Orgone Energy" of Wilhelm Reich.)

Also, reference the Freitas paper,

Also go through the various links at: Topological

In simple terms, ideas such as the complex conjugate, and Len's Law are just action-reaction systems with basis in subquantum aether fluxes, in my present view. The activities of the subquantum entities are, in fact, the "hidden variables" demanded by Bell's Theorem in QM, as shown by D. Bohm in "The Undivided Universe". These subquantum fluxes should obey the simple Newtonian relation: dp/dt = - gradV where p is proportional to e^ -E/kT, except for non-local infinite velocity convective effects. These subquantum particles are then identically, the quantum field, [the information field], and are non-local and non-orientable [hyperdimensional].

This means that the guidances of these particles are essentially non-local and are not Lorentz invariant. In this view, magnetic flux is not conserved, and electric flux is also not conserved. In this view, we start with the Klein-Gordon scalar equation, which is regarded as the quantum wave equation for a single spin zero particle:

&^2 theta/ &t^2 = grad^2 theta + (m^2 + V) theta, where "&" denotes a partial differential.

Then we postulate the guidance of the resulting charged current j,

j^u = - 1/2i m (theta* &^u theta - theta &^u theta*)

by the relation

v = j/j^o

where v is velocity, and allow infinite velocities in the zero-crossing transition points between negative and positive energies, because the value of j^o can be positive or negative. Here we are not concerned at all with the relativistic limit v < or = c. We are eliminating ALL restrictions on the quantum theory due to relativity. Otherwise, the normal QM views this as a very difficult situation with regard to negative energies.

With regard to your referenced material, it seems to me, if one reverses the connections to the meter in the referenced Dragone experiments, that one might obtain the reversal of the effect such that the "negative energy", will be seen first, in terms of negative wattage at the input, then subsequently, the "normal power" measured in positive watts will be observed at the output. Am I missing something here? (Probably.)

Negative energy then, in this case, might simply be an artifact of which way the terminals are connected on the measurement apparatus? I am not certain yet regarding the appearance of negative energy here. It seems to me that if it makes no difference which way the meter is connected, then we are looking at another example of the restorative forces imposed by the vacuum compensation mechanism which will act to bring the energy density of the media back to a net balance of zero force, over some span of time. It is possible that there might be several ways to take advantage of these restorative forces.

This is all to say that the "negative energy" here is the reaction of the subquantum media which comprises the plenum to the imposition of an energetic perturbation. I have obtained supportive empirical results from experiments conducted to explore these propositions. Tesla's experimental results and patents regarding his "impulse currents" provide much firmer support for my notions, so I'll keep them for the time being, thank you.