The Blessings of the Nature Powers Installment I

(c) Robert Neil Boyd

It has long been suspected by people that there may exist some manner of invisible Beings which can directly influence the reality we experience in our daily lives. This suspicion is almost an instinct for some people. Where there is an instinct, some fundamental truth is waiting to be found. So we want to discover what is at the basis of such an instinct, such as the instinct which understands that there must exist some invisible Being(s) which can influence events beyond our abilities. The difficulty is that since these Beings are invisible, how can we discover them?

When one practices the "Basic Practices" of Harmony Dynamics, one develops additional awarenesses and abilities, such as additional forms of sight. These capabilities develop in time, over years of diligent practice of the Basics. This statement is not hypothetical or theoretical, but is based on a decade of verified and reproducible results involving thousands of people from many nations. When these practices are performed diligently and with regularity, many new capabilities inevitably arise for the practitioner.

That having been said, I will now relate the following adventure which involved myself and two other practitioners of Harmony Dynamics in the recent past.

In some manner, my attention was brought to an abandoned highway construction project in the state of Tennessee. I was moved to travel there to investigate the area and its denizens. I was guided to the location by two Harmony Dynamics practitioners whom I will refer to as "Dolores" and "Michelle". One afternoon we decided to go to the location to investigate local rumors of unusual events which were reputed to occur in the vicinity. We drove to the location and parked our vehicles off the side of the road, then got out in order to walk around and investigate the area. The first indication of anything unusual was a large metal sign (3 by 5 feet) painted in dayglow orange, stating in all caps, "ROAD CLOSED DUE TO HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS", posted behind a metal barricade.

Now, this brings about an immense curiosity. What might these "hazardous conditions" be? What sort of hazards? We decided to walk along the road until we might find out what these hazards might be. Therefore we walked around the barricades which barred entrance to vehicular traffic and began walking. After about a hundred yards we discovered a dual bridge overpass where a four lane divided highway went overhead. Quite an expense there, building that dual bridge overpass. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary about that however, no hazards, so we continued along the road.

Another hundred yards along we came to another bridge, this one a well-designed and constructed standard highway bridge spanning a river, running at least 30 feet below the bridge deck, along the route we were walking. The thought arose that perhaps the bridge was the hazard and it was flawed in some manner. A thorough investigation of the construction of the bridge and its foundations, disclosed only a well-made and firm bridge. Nothing wrong with it. Quite a marvelously well made bridge actually.

So we elected to go across the bridge to the other side. It was apparent that the road surface was somewhat neglected, which made sense considering it was not in use. As we started walking across the bridge, probably a hundred yard span, for some reason the topic of lizards came up. I wanted to see a lizard because I love lizards and hadn't seen one for a long time. I really enjoy watching them.

Dolores and Michelle walked ahead of me along the bridge as I was examining the river below and the road surface of the bridge in more detail. A more few yards along the bridge and a black shiny ball about 10 feet in diameter appeared in the air to the South of the bridge, above the river. It sent pictures and thought-forms, which came out as, "If I wanted to, I could turn that road where you're standing into air, and you would fall in the water." I said, "Hey, we're not hurting anything. We don't mean any harm. We just want to walk across the bridge and go up the road a ways." The black ball sent me a feeling of acceptance and its guardianship of the area and faded from view. Whew! Thank goodness!

"Well", I thought, "That could be a hazard! But would they really close off the road because of that? They don't want to believe in such things. Hard to believe they'd close the road off for something like that, although it really would make sense to a perfectly empirical and rational mind."

After a short time of walking farther along the bridge, Michelle, who had taken the lead, reported that a lizard was on the concrete railing of the bridge and was heading my way. She reported it seemed to be in quite a hurry. Dolores, who was next in line, reported that it stopped along the railing to peer at her, then proceeded along the bridge past her, towards me. I was so happy to hear all this because I had wanted to see a lizard that day. And here it was! A little green lizard. The cutest little thing! When it got close to me along on the concrete railing, I was glad to see it and I was hoping that it would stop for a minute so I could commune with it.

When it got even with me, it stopped and fixed me with a long stare with yellow eyes which seemed to have oddly triangular shaped black pupils. Those unusual eyes made me want to get a better look at it, as my view of it was partially blocked by the tubular metal railing surmounting the concrete along the highway bridge. It appeared to make a decision, then darted underneath the metal railing, where it stopped momentarily at the edge of the concrete railing. I was happy to see it there. Then it jumped off the concrete railing. I felt it land on my right foot and looked down and saw it on my shoe, and thought, "Now what am I going to do? I've got this lizard on my shoe!" In that instant it darted towards my leg, rather than off to one side. I couldn't see it anymore, so I thought maybe it had whisked behind me or beside me. So I looked all around the road surface, in all directions.

I couldn't see it. No lizard. Oh shoot! It must have gone up my pants leg! (Michelle and Dolores were watching this whole sequence.) I hurriedly started feeling around my pants leg and all around and up and down. It didn't want to hurt the poor lizard. I just wanted to get him out of my pants leg. A rapid and complete search of my pants leg for a lizard, discovered no lizard present. As I had lifted my pants leg up a little, as a result of my search, I could see my right sock at the ankle, the same foot the lizard had landed on, start bulging out as though someone had their finger inside my sock and was pushing out. Except that this bulge looked rather similar to a lizard head. Weird! Was it inside my sock? How did it get inside my sock? Then the bulge vanished! Where did it go? Then I realized that it had vanished in the direction of my leg! Ak! Now what do I do? I seem to have this lizard inside my leg... I put my hand down where the lizard had been bulging my sock out, and felt only sock and leg. No lizard. What does one do in such a circumstance? Nothing came to mind.

Well, it didn't seem to be hurting me or tickling me, so after a while I looked up to see Dolores and Michelle watching me and reported to them, "That lizard jumped into my leg! Weird! And it's still in there!". I probably looked quite mystified. "Well, maybe it just wants a ride to the other side of the bridge or something.", I said. I think I was trying to reassure myself.

Dolores said, "If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I never would have believed it.".

Michelle asked, "Is it hurting you? Does it tickle?"

I said, "No. It's just in there! It landed on my foot, then it jumped into my leg! How did it do that?", I asked, in utter amazement.

Michelle said, "I don't think that's your ordinary lizard. Maybe it's a spirit or something like that." I didn't understand what she meant at the time, because the whole sequence had me a little dazed.

I was like, "Well, it's still in there. Maybe we should just walk to the other side of the bridge. Maybe it just wants a ride or something, and it'll get off once we get to the other side..."

It didn't happen. When we reached the other side of the bridge, Michelle stopped and turned to me. "Is the lizard still there?" I stopped and said, "Yeah. I guess it didn't just want a ride to the other side of the bridge. Well, I guess we might as well keep walking."

So we continued along the road which had now turned up-hill. As we were walking I felt the sensation of lizard claws going up my leg, up the inside of my leg. It didn't hurt or tickle, but the unmistakable impression of lizard claws going up the inside of my leg was present. I reported, "It's climbing up my leg!" The girls didn't stop or comment. Apparently they had accepted the situation. But I hadn't quite gotten used to it yet. Here was this lizard climbing around on the inside of my leg. It takes some getting used to, take my word for it! As we continued up the road, the lizard climbed until it reached my hips and then stayed there for quite some time. It seemed to have found a comfortable perch. Thank goodness. Having a lizard walking around inside you is a little bit disconcerting you know. Especially when you're trying to do other things. Like walk.

After a while Michelle turned to ask, "Is that lizard still with you?" I said, "Yeah. It's right here now. It hasn't moved for quite a while now.", I said, pointing to the spot. "What on earth is it doing in there!?", I complained-wondered out loud. No comments.

We continued walking. I began getting the oddest urges to scamper up trees, and up the vertical rock faces along our path. But I suppressed them, even though I'd never had such urges before. Right in this instant, I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't suppressed those urges? Would I have gone vertical up the tree, lizard-like? Hmmm. Maybe it would have been fun! But I didn't do it.

As we continued along the road, we encountered a man with a backpack, hiking along the road, going opposite the direction we were headed. We greeted him with a hearty, "Nice day!". He stopped and said, "Yes it is a nice day. Except I'm plumb tuckered out! I walked all the way to the end of this road. About 9 miles. But that wasn't so bad... The odd thing is that it's a lot harder going down this hill than it was going up it earlier. I don't understand it. Well, I guess I'd best keep on going. I'll get there eventually." He looked really tired. We said, "Don't worry! You'll make it!", encouraging him.

After he left, we walked onwards a little ways, then it occurred to me to test out his expression that the road was more difficult when walking down the hill, rather than up the hill, contrary to previous experiences. I stopped and said, "I'm going to try something." I walked up the hill about five steps, then I turned around and walked down the hill about five steps. "Well I'll be darned! It is harder walking down the hill than up!" The girls both tried the test and got the same results. "I wonder how that can be?", Michelle asked curiously. I replied, "Well there's no doubt about it. It's easy to test right here. Every step we take down the hill is much harder than walking up the hill." Satisfied with our observations, we continued along up the hill. Then I noticed that it was easier walking along the inside of a bend in the road we encountered than it was walking on the outside of the bend. Now why should that be? I commented on this and the two girls both tried walking along the inside of the bend, then along the outside of the bend, and agreed that was indeed the case. Another unusual something. (But compared to the lizard, not really so out of the ordinary.) We kept on going.

Eventually, we came to a scenic overlook which was partly completed, but still had some small grass-covered hills of dirt, which one would normally expect to be moved so as to level the ground out in the vicinity of a scenic overlook, as is normally the case. Also, there was no parking area, as we would normally expect for a scenic overlook. Apart from that, the asphalt road diverting to the scenic overlook was well made, as one might expect. A lovely view, out across the Smoky Mountains to the South and East.

Nearby, there was an interesting small hill, about 10 feet tall, due South, which had some pine trees on it and an apparent dirt trail leading from the East, up along the top of the hill. It seemed inviting to me. I said to the girls, "Well I'm going to wander around here for a while and explore this place. You all OK with that?" They said, "Sure, exactly what I had in mind.". I said, "OK, well if we get split up, let's meet back here in, say, two hours. How's that?" They were like, 'That should be enough time. OK, we'll see you back here then..." And we all went gallivanting off in our separate directions