The Blessings of the Nature Powers Installment II

(c) Robert Neil Boyd

I walked to the dirt path, then up the small hill I was attracted to. Not much activity there, energetically, except I still got the impression that there was something special about the little hill, like it was some sort of emergence or meeting point of some kind. I wandered about the local area and visited some of the woodland nearby, just enjoying the views. At some point in my meanderings, I noted that the lizard had taken up residence in the vicinity of my heart chakra, and had curled up in a circle there and gone to sleep. One of the oddest things about this sequence was the realization that I could see the lizard's eyes when they were open, as though we were looking at each other face-to-face, even though it was inside of me. I don't know how this is possible. I just know what I could see.

After a couple of hours, we all met back on the grass at the overlook. We decided to explore a little longer in the immediate vicinity. Dolores went to the southwestern-most corner of the grassy area and stood near the edge of the woods there for quite some time.

By this time, it was late afternoon. I stood near the center of the overlook area, and there came a time when I noticed a presence directly to the West. I looked to where I felt the presence, and I could see, when I shifted visions, a humanesque figure some 10 to 11 feet tall. This Being's skin was a bright yellow, and it had diagonal black stripes everywhere which reminded me of tiger stripes. His arm and legs were quite long and thin, as were his fingers and toes.

His head reminded me of the domes of mosques, a sort of rounded minaret shape with a long pointy at the top. He seemed to me quite pleasant. I liked him. Looking at this Being brought a great smile to my face, as I studied his appearance and his emotional presence. Then I got the feeling of another presence to the South of me, to my left. I looked there, and since my vision was already shifted, I immediately saw a bright crimson-red figure there, which looked rather like an abstract art form.

This Being was all curves, and had no regularity of features. Its general form is beyond words, but the outline of it reminded me of some of the figures depicted by the surrealistic artist, Tanguy, something like one of the figures in his painting, "Ribbon of Extremes", except in bright crimson. Give one of the curved figures in that painting a singular very large and dark eye, and paint its body bright crimson, and you can get a vague notion of its appearance. I really liked this one too. It tickled me for some reason, and at the same time I got an impression that it possessed some immense powers and abilities, as did the tall thin yellow and black striped human form to my right. Both of these Beings exuded pleasing and harmonious energies, and I was enjoying being in their presence.

At just that time, Dolores, who had been at the southwestern corner of the grass at the edge of the woods, turned away from there and began walking hurriedly away from the spot saying, "It's big! It wants us to leave! I'm not staying here. I'm getting out of here!" I never saw her look so worried. I called out to her, "What's up?" She said, "They want us to leave. I don't know what you're going to do, but I'm leaving!" I said, "What is it?" She tried to describe what she saw to me, but could only manage to convey that she had seen the bottom part of the torso of some immensely large animalistic form, which had conveyed to her it was time to go. And the size and power of what she had observed was enough to convince her to do just that. She said, "Well, I'm not staying here. It's big! And it told me it's time to leave!" Without another word, she turned and walked rapidly towards the road with a most concerned look on her face, and on reaching it, started walking rapidly back towards the car without so much as a single glance back to see what I was doing.

I turned to the tall yellow Being and asked what was going on, telepathically. He informed me that they were going to have a big meeting of the Nature Powers, of which he was one, and my bright crimson friend, another. He informed me where all the various Beings were going to be standing that night. He said they were going to have some ceremonies, some dances, and some very important discussions, and they would not tolerate any interruptions from such limited creatures as human beings. He informed me that if I stayed there, which I was allowed to do, if I so elected, that the distortions of reality which would be created this evening and this night would probably reach the limits of my ability to tolerate anomalies. I knew I could stick it out. But it wouldn't be easy. Even for all my past experiences of such events. And he pointed out that it would be an inconvenience for any of them to have to attend to me in the event that the visions which would result from the proceedings exceeded my abilities, which event was highly likely. I didn't want to be any inconvenience for them...

Then he pointed out that, once the ceremonies got under way, that no manner of being would be allowed to either enter, or leave, no matter what. It occurred to me that I was poorly equipped to stay the entire night there, nor had I at all planned for such an event. I decided it would probably be in my best interest, given that argument, to leave that meeting ground and, given that, I probably should head back for the car.

At that point, Michelle showed up behind me, and said, "What's going on? Where did Dolores run off to in such a hurry?" I explained the situation to her, as it had been explained to me, and expressed that, although I was tempted to stay there to watch the proceedings, I really hadn't planned on spending the entire night out there.

Michelle seemed to be willing to stick it out with me there, but I knew, that if the goings-ons were going to tax my abilities, that they would be completely out of hand for her, due to her relative lack of experiencing such twistings of reality. So, out of consideration for her, I decided it would be best if we started back to the car. We started onto the road back. Dolores was way ahead of us. I never saw her in such a hurry. We rapidly lost sight of her, already in the far distance.

After a few hundred yards, a huge Being appeared above the tall hill to our left and informed me that since we had decided to go, we had better hurry up and get out of there. He informed me that they were planning to fold the mountains, on either side of us at that point along the road, down onto the road, so that nothing would be able get in or out. He sent me the vision of that occurrence. I saw the solid rock of the mountains folding down onto the road, passing right through where I was standing. I was unscathed by the event, seeing the rock pass right through my physical form. But again, I knew that Michelle wouldn't be able to handle it. I told her of their plans, and we upped our pace along the road.

After several hundred yards at our increased pace, along what seemed to be perfectly level ground, even though it was a fairly steep down-hill grade, Michelle said to me, "I see something yellow! It's coming toward us. Fast... What is it? What is that?". She pointed. I couldn't see anything where she was pointing, but I could feel something there. So I stopped and started shifting through different kinds of vision, trying to see what was there. Finally I hit the right kind of seeing, and there that something was. By the time I had gone through all the vision shiftings to see it, it had already gone halfway by us. What I did manage to see of it reminded me of a very large segmented caterpillar, rushing past us, along a great number of legs. Each segment of this caterpillar was composed of a yellow cube, the edges of which were colored in a nice electric blue color. Each cube was three, to three and a half feet, on a side. Between each cube-segment there was a black space, not well visible to the kind of vision I was in, which comprised about a foot and a half wide, black gap, between segments. The most surprising aspect of the appearance of this Being, for me, was that each cubic segment was borne along on two very human-looking, thin black legs, each about three feet long, which legs always stayed bent at the knees. It was rushing past us. I watched some 30 feet of cubes stream by. For some reason, there was something magnificent about the procession, which completely absorbed me. A great deal more of the Being had already gone past us by the time I got to where I could see it, so the overall size of this particular Being was probably quite large. It seemed to be in quite a rush to get to the meeting place, up the hill. It gave me that impression. The very last cube in the line of cubes was different from all the other cubes, in that it stood surmounted by a great blue forward-curving horn, as some caterpillars have at their last segment, although all the caterpillars I have ever seen with horns, have their horns curving backwards. For some reason, I really liked that Caterpillar One, and I wanted to visit with it.

After all the segments had gone by, I turned to try to watch it hurrying up the hill, but I couldn't see it at all from that new angle. I only got the impression of something in a great deal of a hurry to get where it was going. The impression was that of a Being in a hurry, hurrying along. But no longer visible. I tried shifting to new forms of vision, but too late. It was gone.

I asked Michelle, "Did you see that?" She said, "I just saw something yellow. I couldn't any see more than that." I described what I had seen to her. She looked a bit dazed by my description. I think she had actually seen quite a bit of it, but it was too strange a vision for her intellect to allow it to register for her at the time. This is further supported by the fact that, today, her memory of the incident is occluded, like it never happened, because her intellect couldn't tolerate what her awareness had registered that afternoon. But happen it did, never the less. (I think if the same event happened today, she would see a lot more of it, because she's made a lot of progress in the Spirit Ways.)

We got to the car with no other out of the ordinary occurrences, and there stood Dolores, waiting for us. At this point, the sun was down, and darkness was rapidly approaching. We shared our experiences about the journey back to the car at that point, and Dolores reported that she had encountered a something that was in a great deal of a hurry which had passed across the road in front of her as she was walking. She said that she could not see the Being that was responsible for what she saw, but she could certainly see the results of its' passing.

She described that the road pavement, and the surrounding land, formed waves, in the manner of the wake of a boat in water, as it passed across the road in front of her. She was concerned about this event, as she wished to remain standing. After the wake had passed by, she said that large rocks started to spring up all along the pavement where she was walking. She said she had to keep diverting her path to avoid stepping on any of them. This rock-dodging went on for quite some time, after the wake of the Being had passed by in front of her, she reported. She associated the springing up of the rocks in the middle of the road, with the Being that had generated waves in the pavement, and the land around the pavement.

As Dolores needed to use the restroom, and since it was dark by this time, we decided to go to the nearest gas station and get that taken care of. We hopped into the car and drove there. Michelle and I shared the front seats, while Dolores was in the back. When we got to the gas station, Michelle and I both decided we wanted nothing from inside, so we waited in the car for Dolores to return. Michelle reached for her purse, and said, "I've got some chocolate in here. Want some?". A second earlier, and I would have said no, but suddenly I had the strongest urge for chocolate I had ever experienced in my life, and I said to her, "I've never wanted chocolate more in my entire life!" She looked a bit surprised at that response and then pulled out the chocolate bar and unwrapped another part of the partly unwrapped and partly eaten bar to get at the remaining portions. She broke off a few squares for me and handed them across. I put one of the squares in my mouth and then started chewing. Just then, that lizard woke up from his nap and started up my back. I didn't think anything of it at the time. I was getting a bit used to him wandering around in there. He started up the back of my neck, and I still didn't think anything of it. I was busy chewing on my chocolate. When I'd gotten that bite nice and well chewed up, just so that it had just the perfect texture, I sent it to the back of my mouth to swallow it. At that instant, that lizard darted out of the back of my throat, and snatched up the chocolate in its opened mouth, just when I was trying to swallow it, and ate that chocolate. I said, "Hey! That was my bite!" Michelle looked at me, and then I said, "That lizard climbed up my back while I was chewing on the chocolate, got into the back of my throat, and then stole it from me. He ate that bite just when I was trying to swallow it. Darn! Well, maybe he just wanted to taste chocolate. I don't know. Ever heard of a lizard that liked chocolate?" Michelle said, "No, I never have.".

I said, "Me neither. Well, a first time for everything, I guess. Maybe he won't go after any more. That was weird. I'm going to try another bite and see if he gets that one too. He can't want very much. He's just a little bitty lizard."

I broke off another square and again chewed it to the point of satisfaction, then went to swallow it. That lizard darted out again, and snatched it with an opened mouth. I said, "Durn! He got that bite too. Just when I was trying to swallow it! Well, I'll try again." I did, and he got that one too. And another and another.

And I ran out of chocolate. I said to Michelle, "That lizard done ate all my chocolate. I didn't even get one bite for myself. Got any more? I don't mind him eating it, but I'd like to get at least one bite in for myself." She said, "I've just got one square left." I said, "Do you mind? Look, I'll go in and get us both some more chocolate in just a minute." She said, "That's OK. I don't want any more. Here.", handing me the last square. I put the chocolate in my mouth, expectantly chewing the morsel with every expectation of having the satisfaction of swallowing it. After I'd gotten it well chewed, I sent it to be swallowed, and that lizard darted out and got that one too. I said, "Darn! He got that one too! I thought maybe he'd let me have at least one bite. Darn! How much chocolate can one little lizard eat!?!?"

I still wanted more chocolate. I said, "Well, he's eaten all that one. I'm going to go inside and get us some more. Do you want me to get you another candy bar? I'm going to at least get one more. The lizard ate all the last one. Maybe a couple of big bars. He can't eat all of two more big bars... Can he? Well, we'll find out." Michelle said, "No I don't think I want anymore chocolate. But thanks anyway." I said, "OK. But I'm determined to get at least one bite in for myself. I mean, how much chocolate can one little bitty lizard eat? He's got to have had enough at some point, and then I'll get to eat some. I'll see you in a minute." Michelle looked amused, and said, "OK.".

I went into the store and found two large candy bars, one of pure chocolate, and another, a Milky Way Dark. I wanted to experiment to see if he'd like the Milky Way, which was not pure chocolate, but a better grade of chocolate than the previously eaten candy bar. I purchased the two bars and then went back to the car. Dolores had returned in my absence, and both she and Michelle were in animated and amused conversation as I approached. I was like, "What's up?"

Michelle was smiling, saying, "I was telling her about the lizard eating your chocolate." I said, "Yeah. he kept snatching the bite out of the back of my throat just when I was trying to swallow it". Then I said, "Well, now I've got a lot more. Let's see how much he can eat." I sat down.

I said, "I'm going to try this Milky Way and see if he likes it." I unwrapped it and started chewing on a nice sized bite. The lizard came out from the back of my throat and sort of nipped at the bite as I was chewing it, then darted back where he came from without consuming any. I guess he didn't like nougat. But I did! At last! I got a bite down! I said, "I guess he doesn't like Milky Ways. But I do! I'll be darned! I got to swallow a bite." I got to finish all the Milky Way bar. The lizard waited for a while longer in his perch, then eventually seemed satisfied and climbed down my back to the heart chakra area, where he curled up and went to sleep again.

For a while...