Astronomy and Cosmology
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

Autodynamics vs. Relativity (R. N. Boyd)

Black Hole Controversy (R. N. Boyd)

Big Bang is Busted (R. N. Boyd)

Big Bang is Busted (Continued) (R. N. Boyd and Dave Squires)

Ekpyrotic Universe (R. N. Boyd & Tony Smith)

Finite vs. Infinite Universe Volume: Mechanisms of Redshifting (R. N. Boyd)

Infinite Volume Universe is of Infinite Duration
(R. N. Boyd)

Inherent Symmetry of the Vacuum (R. N. Boyd)

LaPlacian Gravitation and Relativity Theory (R. N. Boyd)


Anisotropy in Electromagnetic Interactions (George Nodland) -- A type of symmetry breaking appears to be present in the propagation of electromagnetic waves over vast astronomical distances. These observations lead to the possible conclusion that the universe has an axis. If this is so, perhaps this axis may be an axis of rotation of the universe?

Hubble Deep Field

Astronomy and Climatology Superwave Theory Predictions and Their Subsequent Verification

Astronomy resources - directory of Astronomy related websites.

Autodynamics -- Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics. See also, Muon Decay and Autodynamics vs. Relativity (R. N. Boyd)

Disproving the Big Bang theory (Archive) -- According to the Big Bang theory, chemical elements heavier than lithium that are present outside stars (in planets, comets, meteorites, dust, or gas) and/at the surface of stars—should have been set free by supernova explosions...

Black Holes - Recent Theories Dispute the Existence of Black Holes (Source: New Scientist, Cosmiverse Staff Writer)

Electric -- "There is a revolution just beginning in astronomy/cosmology that will rival the one set off by Copernicus and Galileo."

Fluids of Vortices and Dark Matter (Filipe Bonjour, P.S. Letelier)

Global Electrostatic Charge of Stars (Neslusan)

Hubble Deep Field (HDF) photographs

Infinite Universe (© Eit Gaastra)

Meta Research -- Astronomy Research

Parallel Universes (Max Tegmark, featured in Scientific American)

Physical Applications of a Generalized Clifford Calculus (Papapetrou equations and Metamorphic Curvature) (Pezzaglia)

"Right Way of Obtaining Electromagnetic Equations: Where is a Mistake Done?" -- Andrija S. Radovic's work on Electromagnetic Equations See also,

Signature for the Shape of the Universe (G.I. Gomero, M.J. Reboucas, A.F.F. Teixeira) -- If the universe has a nontrivial shape (topology) the sky may show multiple correlated images of cosmic objects. These correlations can be couched in terms of distance correlations. We propose a statistical quantity which can be used to reveal the topological signature of any Robertson-Walker (RW) spacetime with nontrivial topology. We also show through computer-aided simulations how one can extract the topological signatures of flat, elliptic, and hyperbolic RW universes with nontrivial topology.

Spherical episodic ejection of material from a young star (Clarke) (Archive)

Spira Solaris -- Archytas Mirabilis -- You might want to explore each link some, since some of the best stuff shows up where you would not expect it.