The Big Bang is Busted
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

I can't find the post right now, but someone asked which way they needed to look to find the origination point of the supposed "big bang".

The answer is, any direction is as good as any other one. Take your pick.

You'll never find evidence for something that never happened. If one really was after physical evidence, of such a cosmotastrophy, one would examine the deepest of the Hubble deep-field images for evidence of some sort of "wall" which could indicate the outer margins of such a supposed "explosion". We would, of course, NOT expect to be right at the center of the origination point of such an event. (The odds are VASTLY against it.) Given that we are not exactly at the origination, we would look for evidences of deep galactic trajectories at some angle relative to our position in the volume. Such trajectories are not to be found.

Get the idea of being an observer inside an enormous huge ball, which has boundaries made of the leading elements of an explosion. We have all the time we'd like to explore this situation. Now, our situation is, that we don't know exactly where we are located in this ball, relative to the "center", or relative to the "margins". We also do not know what is the trajectory, the vector direction, of the original "explosion", relative to our present location and trajectory.

First, how do we find the margins? How do we know those are margins? Second, how do we find the origin? How can we prove that is the origin?

If this "ball" is infinite in volume, the entire inquiry is obviously an exercise in futility. Travel in every direction is equally an infinite distance away from the "edge" of the Universe.

Third, it's real easy to get to where we are.

You just take the bypass to the Wilmington cutoff. Now, you don't want to go north, you want to go south. Then just make that first right and keep going 57 miles 'till you get to the Tasty Freeze. Then just make the fourth left after the Tasty Freeze, then go 27 miles to the third right after the second Exxon. Then you'll see a Shell station after a while on the left hand side. Just pull right in there and get out of your car and walk right up to the guy there in the gas station and say, "Where th' hell am I?"

He'll say, "Right here."

So there you are.