Advances in Optics
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

Velocity-distribution data confirming the Bose-Einstein condensate

Aether-Generated Transparencies (R. N. Boyd)

Matter Replication and Teleportation (R. N. Boyd)

A New Model for the Photon (R. N. Boyd with article references by Shahriar S. Afshar and commentary by R. M. Keihn)

Refutation of Heisenburg Uncertainty Regarding Photons (R. N. Boyd)

Alchemy with light shocks physicists ( -- "Researchers document the ultimate control over light: a way to shift the frequency of light beams to any desired colour, with near 100 per cent efficiency."

American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Physics News Number 476 (Story #1), March 24, 2000 by Phillip F. Schewe and Ben Stein - New material creates a reverse Doppler effect and negative-mu and epsilon optical characteristics.

Braided Light (Phillip F. Schewe and Ben Stein)

Hall Effect -- Fractional quanta! This goes well with Nobel Prize winner Dehmelt and his refutation of Heisenberg Uncertainty. (On that topic, I've recently discovered that the Schwartz Inequality has problems. [Pretty basic stuff.] We are way out of the college texts here!). Here is an excerpt from the Hall Effect website.

Jack Feinberg -- Professor Feinberg has recently demonstrated:
(1) Seeing through a scattering medium (a chicken) [!] using time-reversed light,
(2) Transforming an ordinary optical fiber into a frequency doubler to produce green light from infrared light, and
(3) Coaxing a diffraction-limited output beam from a powerful semiconductor laser array.

Light Slowed to 17 Meters/Second - AIP Bulletin of Physics News (Schewe & Stein) -- Also appeared in Nature, 18 February 1999. Hau and colleagues "... also observed unprecedentedly large intensity-dependent light transmission. Such an extreme nonlinear effect can perhaps be used in a number of opto-electronic components (switches, memory, delay lines) and in converting light from one wavelength to another."

Magnetic Fields Revealed in Technicolour (Physics, November 16, 2005. Source: University of Manchester)

NIST/JILA (archive) -- Self-Induced Transparency has been used with laser beams passing through a Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) of sodium atoms to increase the Refractive Index and slow the Speed of Light to 17 meters/second in this Harvard experiment reported by Lene Vestergaard Hau, et al.

Quantum Holography (Schewe & Stein)

Quantum Interferometric Lithography (Schewe & Stein)

Unnatural Optics Create Precise Photonic Lens (R. Colin Johnson)