Unitel Frequency Targeting System


From http://www.unitelnw.com/medical/waves.htm (link no longer active)

Scalar Waves:

"We begin by imaging the electromagnetic spectrum of the targeted organism and then we attach powerful sound and scalar electromagnetic waves to the pathogen, which will destroy it while not harming normal tissues. Microwaves can be used to kill cancer cells by overheating them. Just as in a conventional microwave oven used to heat food, the microwaves produced by the Unitel device will heat and kill cancer cells. Microwaves stimulate water molecules in foods causing them to move faster, which creates heat due to friction. Cancer cells are vulnerable to heat, as their capillaries do not dilate as in normal tissue. Our invention is a more advanced version of the microwave hyperthermia treatment that is currently being used to treat skin cancer. In our case, we are also able to generate microwaves and curative sound waves directly within the tumor, even deep within the body rather than just on the surface. This is accomplished by using electromagnetic scalar fields combined with resonant sound waves. Our device will use two separate pulsed electromagnetic scalar beams. By pulsing the beams at the same frequency and opposite polarity, we can generate any frequency (electromagnetic vibration) desired in the area where the two beams overlap each other. Since the beams consist only of electromagnetic potential, they will penetrate the body without heating or otherwise damaging the intervening bone and tissue as well as providing the coordinates for resonant disruption by sound fields. This process will be useful in the treatment of all large tumors, including those currently inaccessible or non-responsive to conventional oncology methods."

LF and ELF:

"The Unitel device will be able to generate electromagnetic waves of any frequency. This ability will be useful in testing the effects of low frequency (LF) and extra low frequency (ELF) waves on living systems. Important research in this area is ongoing."

From http://www.unitelnw.com/medical/beam.htm (link no longer active)

Particle Beams:

"The Unitel device will also be used to produce and confine protons in a projected beam. We will be able to precisely control the movement of groups of protons inside a tumor by using magnetic and electric fields. The protons are vibrated within the tumor and safely removed. Unitel's device will produce a proton beam for about a hundred times less than proposed proton accelerators and will occupy a thousand times less space. Our design is considerably more efficient and cost effective since we do not require a conventional proton accelerator, which are expensive, bulky, and dangerous. We can utilize many other charged particles as well, opening new avenues of research into disease treatment.

In addition to the control of charged particles, static and rotating magnetic fields will be used for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). These scans will reveal computer enhanced images of the locations of disease organisms throughout the body and are used to monitor the progress of the treatment. This imaging data is used to target scalar resonant oscillations and ultrasonics of the same resonant frequencies upon the pathogen to be destroyed."

From http://www.unitelnw.com/medical/conclus.htm link no longer active)


"It is easy to understand that a technology of the magnitude that Unitel intends to introduce should be this versatile. In this sense, the advent of quantum electronics can be compared to the discovery and control of electricity. It is our belief, upon the construction and successful testing of the Prototype 1-A, that we will gain the necessary support for the research and development of many other useful products."