The TRUE Rife Technology
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

So-called Rife units that employ the "Crane" frequencies (which are in the audio range) will be only marginally effective, if useful at all. Dr. Rife's original "Rife Ray Tube" apparatus was designed to resonate at the specific resonant frequency of each different micro-organism. Bacteria, phages, macrophages, viruses, etc., each have their own unique resonant frequency. Additionally and importantly, Rife used pairs of frequencies, where the one was selected to resonate with the specific micro-organism, and the other was selected so as to allow the most efficient transfer of this specific high frequency into the human body. For example, the specific resonant frequency of the BX virus (the only and singular cause of cancer, except for the BY virus which causes certain kinds of skin cancer) is on the order of 15,000,000 repetitions per second while the coupling frequency will be in the audio range. These audio frequencies are the so-called "Crane frequencies", and are only marginally useful, at best, in destroying micro-organisms. This is because the actual resonant frequencies of micro-organisms are inevitably in much higher frequency domains, ranging from hundreds of thousands of cycles per second, upward. The smaller the creature, the higher the resonant frequency.

Now, to the second part of this exposition. The original Rife Ray Tube was constructed with old "Crookes-style" X-ray tubes, which had been filled with a mixture of hydrogen and helium gases. Due to the presence of these gases, these X-ray tubes were absolutely useless for generating X-rays. But, such tubes are perfect for releasing expanding spherical shells of charged subquantum particles when these tubes are energized with very high voltage, exceedingly fast, pulses of direct current electricity. When the number of pulses per second is the same as the resonant frequency of the given micro-organism, the creature is shattered into pieces. The distinction between frequency and pulses per second, is an important understanding. Alternating current will never liberate the charged subquantum particles which live, embedded, in "normal" electricity. Only very fast pulses of high voltage DC will liberate these embedded subquantum particles from the electrical flow.

The advantage of using these pulses of high DC voltage to liberate the radiative form of charge (the radiative form of charge is rather like electrically-charged light), is the fact that the expanding shell of subquantum charged particles released by the high speed DC impulses penetrates all known materials with ease. Dr. Rife found that his rays would shatter viruses enclosed in hermetically sealed chambers of metal, at distances up to 7 miles away from the transmitter. Whereas applications of alternating currents at the same frequency will be nearly useless because in many cases they will never penetrate the human body to any useful depth, in many cases being active only at the skin level of the person.

In summary, the original Rife Ray Tube was a specially made Crookes-type X-ray tube which was impulsed on the order of 15 million times per second, in order to destroy the BX virus, while this penetrating shell of "charged light" was coupled to the human body more efficiently by application of alternating currents in the audio range, so as to penetrate deep into the body. Every species of micro-organism requires a completely different repetition rate of impulses per second, coupled with the specific audio frequency which will make these penetrating rays even more effective. These audio frequencies are known as the "Crane frequencies" after a person who worked in Dr. Rife's laboratory. These frequencies are almost perfectly useless by themselves. Only some tiny minute fraction of the energy applied at these audio frequencies will leak into some of the micro-organisms, and then only by dint of the harmonics and overtones of the audio frequency radiation. An almost insignificant, practically useless, amount of energy is transferred to the micro-organisms by application of harmonics and overtones of audio frequency transmissions.

The fact that the useless "Crane frequencies" have survived, while the actual resonant frequencies painstakingly discovered by Dr. Rife, specific to each species, appear to have been lost, is due to the strident efforts of the AMA, on the behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, to eliminate all traces of the most valuable medical tool in history, so that the pharmaceutical industry could continue to cruelly sell many useless, health threatening, and lethal drugs to an unsuspecting public.

These tactics kill people in two ways. First, by depriving them of a perfectly 100% effective treatment apparatus, and secondly by administering useless and lethal drugs to the ignorant and thoroughly indoctrinated populace. To me, the situation is beyond abhorrent.

(While there are some perfectly marvelous and at the same time, harmless, drugs on the market, these are quite few in number and limited in application.)

Be advised.

Robert Neil Boyd, Ph. D.