A ToE Based on Consciousness
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

I don't think I have enough information to start my own ToE yet. But, I do have some essential understandings which are in fact missing from the standard views of the physics. Perhaps more researches in these directions can lead to a sufficiently comprehensive ToE...You see, the problem is that most people think that the combination of relativity theory, quantum theory, and Maxwell's equations describes every conceivable possibility. This is not true.

There are a large number of circumstances and events which are not involved directly with the above combination of descriptions. Investigate, for example, "psychotronics", and the so-called "subtle energies". Investigate topics such as "life force", Qi, huna, magic, etc., and most importantly, all of the Fortean anomalies (see: http://www.rialian.com/rnboyd/fortean.htm )

These, and many other "anomalous events" are assumed to be illusions, delusions, fantasies. Indications of mental imbalance. In fact, those that hold such views are the deluded ones! Such events are empirically correct, factual, and reproducibly observable. Yet, there IS no explanation for such events in the standard physics. The normal response to such topics is to sweep such topics under the rug, as though they never existed, or to criticize those who have reported such observations as being mentally unstable in some regard. That is to say that, for example, miracles, are the product of an unsound mind, in the view of the standard physics. This is not true. It is the physics which is unsound!!!!

When such events have been corroborated by thousands of witnesses, they have simply been called a "mass hallucination". What is mentally unstable is a physics that does not address factual observable reality.

To this point, physics generally ignores such events as being "uninstrumentable", or non-repeatable. This is not true. First, is not the sensory apparatus of a Living Being to be considered as an instrument of observation? Of course! Secondly, there are now available many new forms of instrumentations related to consciousness, hyperdimensionality, and resonances of these. Physics is, at this point, dissociated from reality, with the unfortunate result of causing those who take it as the ultimate authority, to be also dissociated from reality. You see?

Regarding the general thrust of your researches, I see that you are interested in finding the underpinnings, the foundations of reality, the beginnings.

What if there never was any beginning? What if the universes already existed? As to Creation, it has never stopped. It has always been, and always will be, in my opinion.

I would say that your researches can provide insight into those creational processes, (which most unfortunately, exclude all creational processes related to, and originating from, Consciousness) which are "purely mechanical". Pale reflections of the basis of this particular universe, which exclude any manner of Consciousness in any form. When, in fact, there is no aspect of space, time, energy, or matter, that is not involved with Consciousness in some regard, in my view.

However, where is the Physics of Life? Where are the Physics of Miracles? Where is the Physics of Universal Harmony? Where is the accurate Physics of Consciousness? What is the origination of a miracle? What is the mechanism of a Fortean event? How does clairvoyance work? (Not, "Does clairvoyance work?".)

Do you see my point?

The basis of existence IS consciousness.

Not matter. Not energy. Not time, nor space. All of these are manifestations involving Consciousness, in my present opinion.