Subquantum Aether Flux 
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

I've taken the liberty of compiling a more comprehensive listing of all the influences, activities, and effects that can be directly attributed and/or correlated to the common ground of SubQuantum (SQ) aether activities, SQ information storage and SQ information transports, as follows:


SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:

Gravitational variations 
Gravitational "anomalies" 
Gravitational periodicities 
Information-correlated variations in measured rest mass 
Time variations

Quantum Mechanics:

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:

Quantum Non-locality 
Quantum potential 
Quantum field 
Planck's "constant" 
Fine structure constant 
Quantum "entanglement" 
Quantum fluctuations 
"Zero Point Energy"
And so on


SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:

Electrical fields 
Magnetic fields 
Electromagnetic fields
"Spin fields" and their informational transport effects
Torsion fields (primarily theoretical, at this point) 
Variations in the radiation patterns of electromagnetic transmission antennas, resulting from:
operator's attention 
operators' intention 
operators' emotional states
resulting in:
divergences in the quantum potential 
variations in human consciousness factors
Variations in the measured speed of light


SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:

Avogadro's number
Coupled variations of pH in information-correlated solutions and materials 
Variations in the interaction rates between chemicals 
Variations in mixing rates, especially in nonlinear, chaotic, or bifurcating systems "Self-Organization" per Prigogine 
Physical Properties of the atomic elements and the periodic chart of the atomic elements 
And so on

Time Force:

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of the Time Force, as in Kozyrev's instrumented observations of "time waves", considered in a matter = "aether sponge" analogy, where variations in the flow of the "Time Substance" are resulting from:

* the deformation of any physical object (This also results in information storage in the object) 
* the encounter of an air, or water jet, with an obstacle 
* the operation of an hourglass filled with sand 
* the absorption or emission of light 
* friction 
* burning 
* the actions of an observer, such as a movement of the head 
* the heating or cooling of an object 
* phase transitions in substances (solid to liquid, liquid to vapor, etc.) 
* dissolving and mixing rates of chemical substances 
* the "fading" death of plants 
* "non-light radiation" from astronomical objects 
* (sudden?) changes in states of human consciousness and the emotionals 
* coupled variations in temperature

"Esoteric", "Paranormal", and the Subtle Fields:

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:

Telluric Currents
Orgone and its effects 
Od and Odic emanations, and their effects 
Healing touch 
Remote healing 
"Remote Viewing" 
Sheldrake's "Morphogenic Field" 
Radionics and its effects 
Psychotronics and its effects 
Psionics and its effects

Life Sciences:

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:

DNA sequence information 
DNA resequencing information 
"Life Force" 
Natural Harmony 
Remote Healing 
Flower Remedies 
And so on

Religious and Spiritual:

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:

Continuous Creation
Divine Intervention


SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:

All the attributes and effects of Consciousness: Memory, etc. [Pribram]

AND SO ON... And On, And On