The Stone Circle

A friend of mine, Dr. Robert Neil Boyd, once told me about a stone configuration that could serve as a gateway to bring high-frequency otherworldly energies into this realm. When I saw the design, it seemed to resonate with the surrounding energies in a way that got enough of my attention to experiment with it. The configuration looks something like the figure below, with a large ring of stones in the center, and four smaller rings at each quarter of the larger circle:

Eventually, I decided to build one of these stone designs with the intent of allowing these energies to be brought into a particular park that I frequented and loved. At first I built a very small one out of small rocks I found in the vicinity, but that one was soon scattered by horses passing along the trail. It looked like a bigger one would have to be built if it was to stay put for any length of time. First I had to determine a location. As I walked up the usual pathway in the park, I noticed something I'd not seen before ... a perfect circle about 15 feet across had been formed somehow in the grass. It looked exactly like the descriptions given for the crop circles ... the grass had somehow been flattened and the flattened grass formed a perfect circle.

"Well, that must be the location," I thought to myself. Until then I'd had misgivings about moving so many rocks to construct something, but this seemed to be confirmation that the land and the spirits wanted this, so I proceeded. I walked around the park and certain rocks seemed to call out to me saying that they wanted to be part of the circle, so I picked them up and carried them back to the circle. Most of the rocks were pretty large, so it was hard work and because I didn't have any means of transport except to carry them by hand, it took all day to finally finish constructing the circle and place the last stone.

Later that week, two friends of mine went to the park to consecrate the circle with blue corn meal and smudge. The same friend who had told me how to build the circle also did the consecration. Right after the consecration, his companion told him to look up toward the sky ... a perfect circle of clouds had formed directly over the circle. Here is what he said about it:

"The clouds above the stone circle went outward from the circle in a series of concentric rings! Three or four concentric rings had formed by the time I looked. The outermost one was quite large, probably a half a mile across, and pretty high up. The sky was otherwise quite cloudless. I forget how many rings there were ultimately, but the rings stopped forming shortly after I looked."

Since that time, this circle has been a temple where I can go and commune with spirits, ask questions, receive answers, and just generally feel the flow of high-frequency energy that comes into the planet through this gateway.

It is a precious thing to me and I've been guarding it over the years, as it seems to guard the area.