Subquantum QM

De Broglie took the view that there is a true deterministic physical process underlying quantum mechanics, that the current indeterminate approach in terms of probability could be replaced by a more fundamental theory. He based his ideas on the concept of particles that are concentrations of energy guided through space by a real wave, and exchanging energy with a "subquantum medium". I suggest again that this subquantum medium is composed of subquantum particles

De Broglie received the 1929 Nobel Prize for physics for his "discovery of the wave nature of the electron."

Here is some relativistic basis for the notion of a subquantum aether:

"... shows the existence of an additional electromagnetic interaction with a substratum composed of entities from the nonstandard physical world; a "world" that is distinct from what one defines as our natural world. This is a portion of a substratum, a subquantum region, "below" the vacuum of particle physics that is required for most modern quantum physical theories."

Other supporting documents:

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