Spin Field Effects
(c) Robert Neil Boyd
[Robert N. Boyd]:

I suggested 3 years ago that the spin field caused increases in the organization of whatever the field passed through.

And that there would be found such a thing as a "Poynting Vector Field", which would have the opposite effect, and increase the "randomity" or disorder of whatever it passed through. This seems to make sense in a plasma situation.

I also suggested that the spin field was actually a flux of subquantum particles, rather than a field.

I also suggested that the subquantum particles might be ultimately responsible for the properties of the atomic elements, due to the observations of transferences of the vacuum memory in the form of the electromagnetic 4-vector, from one substance to another.

Together, we worked out the physics for the spin field telescope, and the spin field microscope. These have not been publicised.

Alexander has developed several spin field detection methods, on which we have corresponded recently. One of the methods involved an Application Specific Integrated Circuit constructed out of unusual metals. Other methods we have discussed are the various optical methods for detecting spin fields.

Also, the spin field is visible to the normal vision under conditions of dim backlight or side light. It appears as a cone of alternating, black and white, periodic horizontal striations, with a degree of curvature in the striations.

Some people have extraordinary clairvoyant abilities. For these people, the effects of the spin field are remarkably apparent and an unusual experience.

The spin field has a direct influence on the conditions of the consciousness, even in people without any particular gift of clairvoyance.

The spin field can be detected with orgone accumulators. I daresay that the orgone detection instrument which is shown on http://www.orgonelab.org/lemeter.htm will be able to act as a spin field detector. This is due to my observations of interactions between the spin field and orgone accumulators. One night, quite by accident, I left an orgone "shooter" exposed to a spin field for some 3 hours. (I was experimenting to see if there was any interaction between the spin field and orgone.) I had noted, before I became distracted, that when the orgone "shooter" was exposed perpendicular to the spin field, that the orgone output, as registered by my perceptions of orgone, had increased multifold. (The orgone "shooter" is a tube through an orgone accumulator which causes the orgone energy collected by the accumulator, to be funneled out of one end of the tube.) When I returned, I turned the spin field generator off. To my surprise, the orgone shooter continued to produce its extraordinarily prodigious output for some 15 hours after the spin field was turned off! After that 15 hours, I observed another extraordinary phenomena: A black funnel appeared in space centered on the opposite end of the tube from which orgone had been prodigiously pouring. This funnel became larger and more dense with time. And a strange sensation arrived with the funnel. The black funnel persisted for about 15 minutes, then faded rapidly. I got the sense that the energy which had radiated out the one end of the tube, was being "neutralized" by this dark funnel effect. This seems to me to be an effect of the vacuum compensation mechanism.

The point of all this, is that the orgone detector might be used to detect the spin field, due to the interactions between orgone and the spin field.

Alexander has reported related events in his experiments with human health. Once I suggested to Alexander that we could use the spin field to copy the patterns of a healthy person, into a not healthy person. Alexander responded, "Alas, it fails. The back-reaction causes the healthy person to take on the disease patterns!"

[Alexandr A. Shpilman]:

I shall not defend a design of generators Akimov and Co. But the problem of measuring devices is not solved. Therefore unsuccessful the Sergei M. Godin experiments are not the proof. But if the effect would be found out, it already would be by the halfway proof of work of generators.

In experiments on an irradiation of pearlitic pig-iron the effect of change of hardness for 4 various types of generators of the "axion field" was found out. See http://www.pmicro.kz/~ufl/ALMANACH/Exp/hardnessA2.htm

But the reason of effect is unknown. And probably radiation of other types of the generator will not have effect of change of hardness.

[Sergei M. Godin]:

Unfortunately, I should agree with some statements of Alexander Konkretny. Some years back I have undertaken preliminary check of some models of the torsion generators developed by group of Akimov. My first test consist in detecting of possible changes in dynamics of dispersion of indicatrix of laser light in clean water (SuperQ) at remote (some centimeters) influence of these generators on the total volume (70 ml) of water which is taking place in a vertical steel cylinder of installation.

The second test consist in possible influence of torsion generators on a self-made 2D magnetometer, which have a sensitive element - ferrite ring (mu=400) 4 cm in dia.

Duration of influencing - 10 minutes. 10 minutes up to exposition and 10 min. after was added for registration of a laboratory background for comparison. Any statistically appreciable excess of a background was not noticed. After several weeks of such tests, experiments were stopped.

On an alive biological objects the tests were not carried out. I would like to pay attention to a huge difference between G. Shipov's theoretical substantiation of an opportunity of torsion interactions on a micro scale and their practical realization on a macro level. These are completely different things. Please do not mix together experiments and generators of Akimov & Co and an advanced theoretical work of Gennadiy Shipov.