Soul Awareness and the Heart Thought
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

There's a very simple answer here. Please Understand it...

Intellectual thought is the only source for all destructive and "negative" intentions and behaviors.

When we learn not to think so much, but learn to rely more on our senses, particularly that neglected sense called "emotion", we discover that Oneness with All Life has occurred, and our comfort is continuous.

Now for some detail on the above statements:

There are fundamentally two internally originated sources of emotions:

  1. All of the uncomfortable emotions, without exception, arise from thinking.
  2. All of the good feelings arise from the Soul, from Heart, from Being.

When you exclusively focus your attention on your various perceptions and senses, not allowing any attention for the intellectual thinking, the intellectual thought eventually turns off, and a new kind of thought eventually arises, with continued and devoted practice, which we may call "the heart thought", or "Soul Awareness", or "Transcendent Thought".

This is a form of cognition which is based entirely on the perceptics, in the moment. Some have also called this kind of thinking "direct perception". It is vastly superior to the standard intellect, as it is not built out of the past, the "known". The normal intellect cannot function if there is no past. The Soul Awareness functions perfectly without any past.

"Transcendent Thought" relies directly on the experiences which are available in the moment, especially the finer emotions, which are the manifestations of the Soul Awareness. The heart and soul are both founded in the Cosmic Harmony and there is no form of "negativity" which ever dwells therein, not that we can no longer experience any negativity or destructive intent when it is externally imposed on us, due to the amazing sensitivity of our Sense of Emotion. We ignore the Sense of Emotion at our own peril, the same kind of peril as would occur were we to ignore our sense of sight and the vision of the oncoming traffic and proceed to attempt to cross the street "blindfolded".

However, if we rely on our innate Emotional Sensitivity, and dwell in the Cosmic Harmony, we find that the vast majority of these uncomfortable influences wash around us and never contact our core Being. (In other words, we are able to avoid being hit by a car because we are taking advantage of our senses.)

The majority of difficulties that might then arise, occur when we allow our place of Dwelling in the Cosmic Harmony to become disaccomodated, by allowing our attention to be occupied by the intellectual form of thought and/or the discomforting emotions that arise from intellectual thought, whether these uncomfortable emotions arise from our own intellect or from the intellect of some other person.

In other words, what you experience as "reality" depends perfectly and without exception on what it is that is occupying your attention. If the attention is on the "negative", well guess what, your experience will also be "negative". If the attention is on the Harmony, most likely you will experience much more harmony in your world. Not that we ignore the observable facts...To the contrary, we rely on the observable facts almost exclusively. This is the basis of "transcendent thought".

The indigenous peoples of the North American continent have said many times in many ways, that there was no "evil" before the "invaders" came to this land. There was only Nature. The invaders brought what they called "evil", with them when they came and imposed their "philosophy" on the Native Peoples.

Violence and evil are learned and taught behaviors, as classical, well-known, and widely accepted psychological studies have shown us. What is not well known is that the intellect is the exclusive origination of these disruptive and destructive influences.

There is an old Native American saying regarding learning how to Live in the way Nature Lives, always in Harmony. It goes, "Learn to think with your heart, and feel with your head."

One may think, "Oh this is all well and good until some mean person comes along and tries to hurt me in some way. Then I could get hurt."

Well, for one thing, if You are Living rather than thinking all the time, you will be dwelling in the Cosmic Harmony, as does all the rest of Nature. Because of this, you will be guided, always, by the Harmony in the ways of comfort and blessing, and you will not suffer such discomforts very often, as you will find you are steered away from them the majority of the time.

In those cases where you may find yourself in direct confrontation with "negative" intellectually-based intentions and actions, you may find that if you remain in the Harmony, that your strength and ability will be "as the strength of ten", because the Harmony will support you and your Being. Stay in the Harmony, and always let It guide your actions, rather than "thinking about it".

The "imbalance" you refer to, is only due to the intellectual form of thinking. There is only Wholeness and Completion and Oneness in Nature's Ways.

Remember? :)

This essay was written in response to the following question:

I am sending this question to the people whom I think may have some insight into it. It’s a question that’s been on my mind, but I can’t quite resolve it. It seems extremely important to me, but is currently un-resolvable in my life. This is information that I am getting very strongly, but don't know how to fully understand or apply.

Here's what it is: I feel the increasing importance of Unifying The Polarities. That sounds like a pretty basic idea, possibly, but I mean at a deeper level. Whatever we perceive as opposite must be unified with our own being, if we hope to transcend. I see this as the time for transcendence, or for directly paving the way for transcendence. How can we as a planet transcend if we still live in a world and society of dualities? We speak of all humanity being One, but actually becoming that One is another thing altogether.

All of this sounds reasonable, until I get to the point of thinking about my grandfather. He was a Satanist and child molester and he tortured children. I have been working for ages to clear his energy off of me and complete the disconnection. I've been learning for years about clearing dark energies, and practicing it and seeing the benefit for myself and others. But the message becomes more and more urgent within me: we must unify the polarities! It can't mean that we open our energy fields in welcome to all the Satanists. So what is the deal???? I stop in my tracks whenever I get to this point. I've just recently made decent progress in protecting my own energy field and keeping it clear and Light, learning to discern the various intentions of people around me..... so how do I unify with the opposite polarity??????

It’s very odd to be thinking that there is something imbalanced about being only Light.

I am still working on releasing the hidden imbalances and repressed lies and darkness within my own being, so being entirely light is still a theory for me anyway. Is it possible that by embracing the opposite polarity, it too can be released, thus allowing for the existence of only Light? Thus Soul Retrievals take on greater importance.

I bring it up to various people, and they just kinda say "that's an interesting concept" but don't seem to feel the deep and profound necessity to come to terms with this and then act on it as soon as possible. Hmmm.

Any and all feedback on this issue will be greatly appreciated. I can’t tell if it’s maybe a message just for me, and that’s why nobody else cares about it, or if it’s a concept that hasn’t caught on yet in the collective mind.