Shunya (Part 3)
(c) Robert Neil Boyd


Above the intellectual-mind there is spiritual-mind. Spiritual-mind does not seek truth, because it possesses truth. It possesses truth but does not describe truth. It has no language. It is silent. Between the spiritual-mind and the intellectual-mind, there lies the *abyss*. Schools, colleges, universities, degrees, businesses, wars, games, etc. The intellectual mind is involved in all; the spiritual-mind is involved in none. The former is attached, and the latter is detached.

Science may be seen as an intellectual ladder (remember ladder operators in QFT) in whose last step, man now finds himself to be. One thing he can do, kick the intellectual ladder and jump into what is above it - namely the spiritual-mind, a luminosity.

He(she) may or may not cross the abyss. But the jump has to taken in - in individual capacity. Then what? Ask the person, who has taken the jump!

[R. N. Boyd]:

Rather, language is inadequate. [Although it is silent] it can Act. You are talking about the Essence here. To quote a Zen saying,

"Whether sitting or walking,
Silent or talking,
The Essence Itself,
is always at ease."

I am referring to a different kind of thought, which lives in the zone you have called the abyss. For me, there is no abyss. This kind of thinking can best be described by the term "direct perception", as there is no analytical filter imposed on the understandings which arise from this. This form of thought naturally arises from the practice of Harmony Dynamics titled "The Penetrating Insight.

This kind of intellect is what I would call the spiritual-mind, because it allows direct apperception of the Spiritual Realms and activities.
Can we call this the "Essence-Mind"? There must be some distinction made here from my point of view, regarding the kind of thought which has been referred to as "direct perception", which fills in the "abyss".
The analytical thought is observably, absolutely *detached* from reality! It has nothing to do with the NOW. It is based on the past, on the "known".

The kind of thinking which has been called "direct perception" is absolutely attached to Reality, immersed in it as a participant. "Direct perception" does not get lost is intellectual abstractions. It is easier to go into the Direct Perception first, then into the Luminosity, the Essence Mind.

For me, there is no abyss. There is continuity. OM MANI PADME HUM The Sound of All Life As One Life.