Rodin Coils
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

[R. N. Boyd]:

Do you think that the design [of the Rodin coil] was made incorrectly? Have a look at Tony Smith's website. .

The design of the coil made by Rodin was predicted by Tony Smith's graviphoton physics. It was startling to me to find that someone had actually made a coil of this design.

[A. Shpilman]:
If we of Rodin the coil in regular intervals winded by a thin wire (plenty of turns), shall have a habitual, usual magnetic field. The mistake is caused by a non-uniform magnetic field non-uniformly reeled - up coil.

[R. N. Boyd]:

As Tony Smith has pointed out, a true Rodin-type coil is made of layers of toroids formed at bias angles to the norm of the toroidal form. It is a three dimensional representation of a 4D sphere.

You believe that the magnetic field we observe emanating from the coil made by Naudin is abnormal because of the non-orthogonal manner of the windings? This may not be the case. Ideally, the coil should be wound in the manner of the Penrose diagram of the Hopf fibration of the twistor on S3, e.g.:

Sequentially, the layered windings would look like the following sequence of drawings: