Resonance Therapy Eliminates All Diseases
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

All diseases can be eliminated through resonance techniques. This fact has been known for at least 50 years. Georges Lakhovsky demonstrated the elimination of cancers and other imbalances by application of his "Multiwave Oscillator" in the 1930s. More recently, in the 1950s, Royal Rife developed his "Rife Generator" as an adjunct technology to his "dark field microscope".

Most recently, there has been ongoing research at Princeton Medical Center using nuclear magnetic resonance to destroy cancers with a 100% success rate for those cancers which are within the domain of the resolution of the equipment. In Russia, microwave and optical wavelengths have been proven to correct diseases ranging from simple infections to the correction of diabetes types I and II. The Russian microwave resonance experiments have even claimed repairs of certain types of insanity through resonance!

This is a very simple paradigm, really.

1. Find the [complex] resonant structure of the disease or imbalance.
2. Develop a transmission method for the characteristic dominant frequency structures.
3. NUKE 'em! (This works just like a microwave oven.)
4. Game over.

R.N. Boyd Ph.D.