Recording Non-Physical Beings with Digital Media
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

In the picture, "In the Woods" you can detect two faces in the leaves -- one face is above the other face.

When you look at the close-up of the same shot close up, you will notice there are foggy patches in the same area where the faces are seen. These foggy patches are Spirit Beings, and the faces are their expressions. The faces are just to the right of center in the picture mentioned above.

Also note the photograph to the left. There is a foggy patch near the top of the picture - I'm sure there was nothing in front of the camera when the picture was taken, nor was there any fog in the area. This is a Spirit Being! I really like that kind. They're full of Love!

One photo in particular had disapointed me because whereas the actual scene was a beautiful vibrant green throughout, the photograph came out ... brownish! But when I looked at it closely, I found a little face in a darker portion.

This picture shows a little face toward the right in the dark part

Note: These photographs were taken at "fine" resolution on 6/9/01 with an HP PhotoSmart 215 digital camera. Maybe next time I'll use "very fine" resolution and see what happens

Sometimes, if you ask real nice, and you tell 'em what it's for, they'll pose for you. Don't worry if you can't see them with your eyes. Just snap the shutter when they tell you, and they'll show up in the image you have captured.

I think that digital cameras are capable of capturing more of these Beings than regular film. This has to do with the non-linearities of the CCD elements of the digital camera. This ties in to the Schrodinger equations in a manner similar to the Mindsong.

I hope to catch some more of them. The digital camera has a flash attachment. A great many more Spirit Beings are out after the sun goes down. I plan to go out toward dark sometime, and catch some in the flash. (Might look like the classical "Orbs" photographs.)