(c) Robert Neil Boyd


The Mantra OM (AUM), of which the first two vowels coalesce into O, over the Om is

Kirlian Photograph of an OM Symbol
written the sign Chandrabindu or Nada and Bindu, shown as a crescent with a dot or point over it. Nada is also referred to as wave. In Yoginihridaya Tantra, it is mentioned that nada is the power which gathers itself together in massive strength (Ghanibhuta), as Bindu to create the universe. These are the power of the primordial Being or Mahashakti...In the manifestation of this power, nothing has an absolute commencement or end. All are transformed. Birth and death are modes thereof. An absolute beginning or end is inconceivable. Particular universes come and go. Birth, life and death are modes of universal transformation governing all ,from a blade of grass to Brahma Himself. The divine infinitude is ever such, but appears as limited functions of its effects, and as apparently discontinuous because of the limitation pf the senses.

The whole Fact is never present to consciousness, but only that section to which pragmatic attention is for the moment given, and which therefore appears localized and in succession of time. Nevertheless, there is an infinite Vital Continuity stretching from the Radical Potential to it's actualization as the crust of matter which is but an infinitesimal portion of the effect produced by the function of the Substance relative to the whole universal efficiency. For space (Akasha) is more continuous than the matter, which is but the outer crust of the Central Power. Akasha is continuous and self pervading, and is said to be more than a thousand times denser than gross matter. The visible world is therefore but a microscopic point evolved by the Mahashakti. (see Avalon). Best Meera