Priesthood of the Silent Tao
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

Naming of things is particular to human beings for use in verbal communication. Nothing in Nature (Tao) needs names, because every creature and spirit-Being in Nature communicates directly, in the form of mental pictures and emotions. The Uniqueness of any creature cannot be labeled, simply because there is no possible system of labels which can ever duplicate the actual Uniqueness of that particular Being. In other words, it is not possible to develop any completely and perfectly accurate verbal description of any Living thing, such that a person would know which, tree, for example, was the tree which exactly matched the verbal description. Therefore, the Tao can never be named, as labels are actually vast limitations, relative to the fact of the Tao, or any of Its facets, which can be directly experienced. Such as the beauty of the clouds at sunset. Attempts to duplicate the complexity of a sunset, so that another person will duplicate your perceptions of it, are hopeless to succeed. labels are a construction of the logical system of the human intellect. And by Godel's Law, there is no logical system which can ever be complete... In other words, "You can't know Everything intellectually". On the other hand, perception is infinite. Thus you can experience Everything. Directly. Without any labels. Can you experience the fact of your computer keyboard without calling it a computer keyboard?

Of course.

Can you taste your orange juice without calling it anything?

Of course.

Can you describe the flavor of the orange juice to a person who has never tasted orange juice, so that they will know the flavor of it before they taste it?


The key to the Tao is the senses.

Absolute Awareness is what we should strive for.

(This condition can only be attained by dispensing with analytical thought.)

Simply put, Nature is incapable of description in terms of labels. But it can be enjoyed forever through the senses. (And why do we suppose we have senses?)