The Physics of Miracles, Consciousness, and Nonlocality
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

I like the idea that reality is recreated at intervals of the Plank time. I have a topological physics theory which supports such a view. However, there is a continuity to reality, any reality, which seems to be missing from your expression. Everything doesn't simply vanish at intervals of the Plank time and then reappear as something entirely different, obviously. Were this the case we would have no reality which was at all perceptible. True?

Also, please understand that the many worlds interpretation of QM was dropped by Wheeler as being untenable, while Everett's original intent was to show that each observer has its own unique reality or "world". (See Bohm's comments on Everett in "The Undivided Universe" by Bohm).

[Comment on list]:
[If we could observe the wave collapse function then we should be able to influence the probabilities of the outcome in a direction that we desire; in other words we create the reality of our choosing consciously; we picked the next 'World'.]

There is a mistaken assumption that there is some sort of "collapse" of the "wavefunction". First, understand that while all probabilities exist in the wavefunction, that the probability is selected and forced to manifest as an observable. In other words, what happened is what was selected to happen, out of all the possibilities. This is not a random process, but is completely deterministic. The determining factor is the degree of divergence which is caused in the quantum field by any manner of Consciousness.

So, in fact, your expression that, "we should be able to influence the probabilities of the outcome in a direction that we desire" is true, but for the wrong reasons, in my view.

Consider everything as a continuity, an undivided whole, always superluminally, interactively, connected. Perhaps it would help to contemplate the universe as one huge hologram, where all the universe is contained in any point within the hologram. Within this undivided wholeness, there exist uniquenesses.

These uniquenesses are in fact, Consciousnesses, in my view. Also, the fact is, that the universe is exceedingly ANisotropic. That is to say that there are no two points in space which are entirely the same, in any regard, particularly in the energetic sense. Contemplating the E/M fluxes alone through some given fixed point within an infinite volume shows us that there are vast variations of flux densities and frequencies over time.

This is simply due to the fact that the entire universe is one vast interactive set of processes and changes and motions are continuous and unceasing.

[Assume that I have a "Magic Wand" that lets me modify *MY* reality. We are in a small room together, the walls are yellow. I wave the wand and ask that the walls be blue. You can not hear or see my request. What happens in *YOUR* reality?]

My walls are still yellow. Do not forget that everything, all that is, is involved with this event, which would be apparent only for you, were it at all possible. UNLESS a miracle occurs. And they can.

Then all manner of Consciousness will also observe that the wall which was previously yellow, is observably and measurably now blue. [Do you follow me because of some type of aggregate phase locking via proximity?]

There are two levels involved in your hypothetical sequence. At the first layer, the information proceeds at the velocity of light, and the strength of the activity is reduced at the rate of 1/r^2 (near field), or 1/r^3 (far field), depending on the kind of Lorentzian E/M involved in the propagation. At this layer, relative proximity is crucial.

At the next level, all of these sequences are non-local, that is to say that they proceed at an infinite velocity, and are thus everywhere present throughout the infinite volume universe, instantly.

However, there is indeed phase-locking and resonances are involved at both layers. That is to say, that there will be those unique forms of consciousness which will not be at all "amenable" to the alteration of reality as stated, and there will be some segment of the vast variety of consciousnesses which will be "amenable". Whether or not there is amenability is determined uniquely by each individual Consciousness, AND by the gestalt Consciousness, that is to say, ALL consciousness considered as a single entity at the instant moment.

[How do we modify this phase locking? Should we even if we could?]

If I haven't said it yet, Consciousness creates divergences in the quantum field through the agents of attention, intention, and emotional states. Emotional states are critically important here, because the emotional wave-system shall determine directly whether there shall be any degree whatever of resonant interaction, and the extent and intensity of the resonance(s).

Thus, the (simplified) answer to the question is:

1. Place your emotional system into a condition of resonance with the emotional system of the entire Universe.
2. Change the state of your emotional system, so as to radiate the desired resulting emotional state.
3. Add energy to any resulting resonances through focused attention and powerful intent.

The result will be a change in the observable.

Or not. Depending on the degree of resonance obtained with the Gestalt, and the aware agreements of the various Uniquenesses involved in the particular given individual situation.