How Phi Recursion Induced Charge Acceleration / Implosion IS the SOLUTION to:

Infinite Non-Destructive Collapse
Infinite Compression / Perfect Acceleration / FUSION
Perfect Damping / Phase Conjugation (optics etc)
Hydrodynamic Implosion (Ultimate Sorting)
Non Linear Energy (Voltage from Gravity)
Charge Acceleration thru C Light Speed (Gravity)
Measuring ATTENTION/ Bliss / Euphoria in EEG
Audio Tone Induction of EEG Transcendance
Measuring EKG Heart Openness / Compassion
Self Organization from Chaos/Artificial Intelligence
Electrically Defining and Measuring LIFE FORCE
Pure Geometric Origin of Alphabets
The Grail
How PhiRICAIS (Implosion is revealed by Spectrum Analysis

 Question which must be answered to produce human survival:

 Scientists best current answer:

(arrogant, shallow, self destructive - and fully intending to deprive our genepool of sustainability - soul)


Phi Recursion Induced Charge Acceleration / Implosion Solution.

(The below article pictorial from Dan Winter)

 Why does an object fall to the ground?

(How is the symmetry to allow self - re-entry key to that possibility of sustaining acceleration.)

 Uhh.. we still don't have the slightest idea - but we're perfectly happy to write 20,000 profoundly confused books on how to measure the force of gravity (even tho we can't even predict that unless the universe has only 2 items in it). By writing all those books we hoped to intimidate you into not asking this simple most important question - because that would clearly reveal our science to be stupid and arrogant.

 Gravity happens because of the suction to center when recursive acceleration pulls the plug for charge to go out thru the speed of light.

When electrical waves of charge nest in self-similar or recursive fractal like embedding, then wave heterodynes recursively allow the wave velocities adding and multiplying to do so CONSTRUCTIVELY. This self-similarity (recursive heterodyning) allows charge to be accelerated coherently thru the speed of light. Einstein was right that gravity IS acceleration, he was wrong to say that acceleration is due to gravity, it is more correct to say that gravity is due to acceleration.

This can be easily proven by seeing that the amount of gravity created by capacitors in a fractal - is greatest when they are spaced by Golden Mean ratio (recursion perfected).

 Why do humans lose measureable weight at the instant of death?  Uhh.. since we don't have the slightest idea why, and we are perfectly happy to hide the data, so people don't ask embarassing questions.  Self reference due to internal 'self-similarity' is the electrical wave geometry which produces self-awareness (the Vedas) AND the charge compression called Mass. Teaching our kids where the weight goes could instruct them in how to navigate death. The Geometry of Eternality, Geometry and the Bardo.
 How do you define, measure, produce, and support - LIFE FORCE in clear electrical terms?

 Uhh.. we don't have the foggiest idea - but since we don't know we assume it must not be important.

(even tho the first day we design a biologically recursive capacitor to store food - we could save all life on Earth - would the first refrigerator manufacturer who wants to make a billion dollars please email Dan Winter. Successful architecture can have absolutely no other biological definition than to create measureable capacitive charge density- the guy who designed the beehive gets to survive - the guy who sold the idea of using metal in buildings /bleeeding charge/ deserves death - that is called biofeedback.)

 Life force is the ability to (fractally) attract and self organize charge. That capacitive charge measured in Farad's can predict viability by the way harmonic inclusiveness (evident in spectrum analysis) in that capacitive field creates embedding and sustainability .

This is precisely in the same way harmonic INCLUSIVENESS in Heart Rate Variability - and in ANYTHING ALIVE - predicts viability!

( Harmonic inclusiveness in it's limit condition is the ultimate coherence made possible by fractal compression).

 How does DNA become sustainable?

(what is it's biological purpose)

(how does DNA 'get a soul')

 DNA probably does not have a field effect that matters - DNA is only good for lining up simple tinker toy blocks to make proteins.

(Typical response from the 'terrorist'/ genetic engineer who is currently robbing the soul from your children by feeding them dizzy DNA).

(even tho in truth DNA's field COHERENCE specifically limits biological sustainability and surviving death and lucid dreaming ).

 DNA becomes sustainable precisely as it's field effect becomes measureably coherent. That coherence occurs when the braiding or plaiting or nesting of the loop structure becomes recursive. The charge environment (feng shui) and the emotion phonons (bliss) enact that re-cording / braiding algorhythmn piezoelectrically on the DNA slinky helix. - which in it's limit ensouling condition becomes ring like..

That implosive condition enacted when DNA is ignited by charge density allows it to fabricate the gravity fields which trigger environments to become also embedded / self organizing and sustainable. Environments without the gravity making of DNA quickly die - from lack of electrical self-direction. Only the biological charge density ultimate in DNA's fractality - set free- can sustain ecosystem's self repair ('Gaia').

 What is the pure geometric origin of alphabets?

What is the physics which predict how well a symbol produces psychokinesis? (Mind ability to move waves)

 Uhh, we think alphabet's came from Earth, and since we don't understand the wave mechanics of self-embedding which produce psychokinesis - it would be safer not to ask us about the physics of the origin of symbol.

 Alphabets are the self-organizing Golden Spiral wave path allowing non-destructive entry into (vortex) compression / acceleration. That is the key to psychokinesis because the quantum mechanics of what it is to make a symbol has never been anything except the wave mechanic symmetry cookbook necessary to embed

(and therefore become the electrical center of gravity of tornados - of which the universe is exclusive made). (While you are there feel free to ask the judge who made it a US Federal crime to publish anything ever written by Dan Winter - if the US First Amendment is really dead? Governments based ONLY on fear produce their own death quickly.)

 What is the electrical function of emotion?

(on DNA - and on ecosystem- for example)

 Uhh.. (Candace Pert)... we think emotions are molecules and tinker toys, and since we refuse to understand waves, it would be safer not to ask us about the SOUND wave of glands during bliss making the PUMP for those molecules delivery.

 Emotions are glands abilty to grasp / cohere and bend magnetic lines. (This means that if you don't choose to cohere magnetism - then ultimately you stop FEELING anything!).

When the cascade of magentic fields can be sent bouncing down the caddeuceus BETWEEN frequencies - delivering the electrical energy of a long wave (glandular sonic emotion) to the short wave (cellular and genetic metabolism) - that is called E-MOTION. (E-nergy in Motion BETWEEN frequencies).

When that cascade becomes implosive (article below) that fractally attracts the charge and information density which is called a) peak ATTENTION, b) Euphoria/Bliss, and c) Enlightenment.

 What is the pure principle of Implosion / Fusion / and the best way to SORT ANYTHING? ( all pollution of any type - for example)  Uhh... we will choose idiotically to believe fusion / implosion probably doesn't exist - since we can't explain the principle - even after cold fusion with palladium beads happened repeatedly (Patterson). It never occurred to us to ask why Palladium's fundamental electron symmetry was dodeca.

 Implosion is the charge compression and acceleration thru light speed which results when waves in any spectra acheive the critical mass of self-similarity requires to 'ignite' phase velocity heterodynes. Once the phase velocity heterodynes get simultaneously constructively compressed and accelerated thru C - the operation can become self sustaining if the magnetic environment locally is fractal enough to absorb the inertia input thru light speed. (How planets experience gravity relations erotically / also key to seed germination electrically ).

The water vortex nozzle implosion device can be implemented hydrodynamically, magnetically, capacitively , optically ...etc... It is the absolute key in principle to the self- sorting of ANYTHING. No ultimate sollution to pollution is possible without grasping this principle. After implosion's compression - everything is sorted (by phase) into what is shareable / phase discipline. (Thus answering the question- WHY was the SHAPE of the Unicorn's horn key to purifying water?)

 What is the geometry of infinite non-destructive compression?

(which stumped Einstein - and limits our ability to produce ANYTHING shareable OR sustainable - including computer data, human cities, and genetic memory)

 Uhh.. well this might be important .. but since Einstein didn't figure it out .. we'll assume it's a hard question and ignore it for a while.

(Even tho the answer - phylotaxis - perfect self similar fractal nesting - can be taught to a 5 year old)

Fractal compression is the only potentially infinite compression. 3D fractality for waves (& therefore everything)  is perfected in Golden Ratio.

 Why do capacitors properly on a curve approximating self-similarity make a gravitational field?

(key to eliminating all the polluting technologies on Earth which create transport..)

 Uhh.. well since no one could explain the principle after many scientists like Townsend Brown, Searl, and now Naudin proved this does occur, we had better ignore it .. since if we let people ask the question - it would reveal how truly stupid current science is. The American military is of course delighted with this state of affairs - because it prevents people from knowing how Stealth flies.

 Charge in a fractal creates gravity because wave velocities beating or heterodyning recursively can constuctively add. The acceleration produced is the only source of gravity. (Also the solution to phase conjugation in optics).

The amount of self similarity at the fundamental wave symmetry level between the inner and outer structure of anything (electron to nucleus of an atom for example) - will predict the amount of gravity it generates. Gravitational attraction in general is in proportion to mass, because fractality permits the charge compression which allows inertia to be stored - and that is the only definition for mass.

 What is the origin of DNA - electically and historically?

 Oh .. a bit of lightning in primal soup .. then the human race invented itself on this planet.

(Even tho over-whelming evidence of genetic tampering exists in pre Sumeria: the Sumerian alphabet is optical waveguides for fabricating cellular structures, the Hebrew alphabet is the symmetry software to braid DNA codons into un-ensouled /Golem tetra-helix.)

Those who ignore history (un-successful genetic intervention) are condemned to repeat it.

 DNA was developed over millions of years as a gravity making - fractal charge compression and acceleration device by galactic core cultures. (A toothpaste tube for squeezing out the charge acceleration of biological self-awareness - thru light speed into star inhabiting and stablizing force). It establishes an electrical information communion at it's core which ultimately always tests for what is shareable - that is - able to be propagated. - (something which requires dying only when information which is not shareable / charge dense has been un-sustainably stored.)

When DNA as an intelligent shape-shifting worm is deprived of freedom / genetic diversity, it becomes dizzy, unable to steer (implode)- and loses it's ability to fabricate gravity (centering force) by teaching waves to agree - and becomes ultimately un-sustainable (loses the super-luminal tornado religists childishly call 'soul' which merely means access to 'sol' / fusion)

This is why genetic engineering ultimately costs genepools their survival - because if the electrical ability of DNA to choose it's own self-awareness -direction - is not respected - then no single thing about a planet's biology can maintain self-organization (self-awareness) electrically.

 What is the origin of the term HUMAN - and how is it a clue to our purpose.  Uh.. we really don't have a clue, but we assure you people are a lot more important than monkeys- because animals have only instinct. Instinct is the word scientists use when they mean - we don't have a clue - so we pick a word to substitute for 'we don't know' - to avoid embarassment.

 Human as a word has clear Sumerian roots: the Lulu of the ANunaki. Lulu meant donkey, or borg, or artificial slave of... AN.

and the ANunaki were medium grade interventionist Draco reptilians - who as genetic engineers were almost worse klutzes than Dolly the sheep. They (Enki / Ea / Adonai, and Enlil / Yalweh / Michael) liked it when we called them God because they were too stupid to know that if you don't set your kids free - then they and you the parents both cannot learn.

The word Human is a description of a tragedy which befell the Nephilim (fallen - no soul-no DNA implosion) part of the Saraphim blood line - and can only be understood historically properly as Earth's current genetic history is a recent skirmish in the Orion wars. The most valuable prize of which is administration of a genetic library here on Earth, for which current Earth humans are generally hopelessly too backward to qualify for that privelege.

If we could learn the physics of BLISS producing DNA ignition to star inhabiting power - we COULD be the SOLUTION instead of the problem of the Orion (oxygen) wars.

 Why is the leukemia rate in the corner row house 10 times higher?  Uh.. let's hide the data because we don't want humans to learn how to avoid becoming borgs.  When (electrical) waves (the house wiring etc.) cross in cubic (octave ) patterns - the destructive interference prevents biological charge from embedding. Evil and death for example are merely names for failure to embed. Cancer is easily healed in a high O^2, and charge dense (sacred) environment.

The FIRE of Passion- comes from the Heart,
It is measureable in the EKG as COHERENCE,
And the music of Golden Mean.

It is the key to all energy crises, yet simply depends on
Understanding the PRINCIPLE of IMPLOSION.

This fire is what makes your energy field self steering.

"If you eat dead food instead of live, be grateful for the parasites
this attracts to your stomach. They eat the death out of you.

If you eat a dead idea like "God is outside YOU" then be grateful
for the Priests - the parasites to show you how it
looks to die unhappy.

To be really alive and free- "Follow Your Bliss and Know What It Is".