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See Orgone Advances for some interesting developments in Orgone research.

I have been investigating orgone for many years. Orgonic energy is involved with a form of energy referred to as "bions", which are related to the Life force. Oddly enough, these "bions" can be exuded even from materials such as sand. Any interface between a metal, particularly iron, and an organic material, such as cotton or wood, causes these bions to become trapped, or at least slowed down. If these are made in multiple alternating layers, as in the construction of a capacitor, there is a function of surface area relative to the orgonic conductance which can be used to optimize the designs. I have created orgonic equivalents for all of the standard electronic components, such as an orgonic resistor, a variable orgonic resistor, and orgonic variable capacitor, an orgonic diode, an orgonic transistor, and so on. I can thus make orgonic circuits.

Making and using orgonic circuits is quite a difficult affair, as it is little known territory wherein both dangerous and spectacular results can be found. Some rather simple applications such as the "cloud buster" can either cause or eliminate clouds and cause or eliminate rain. (Quite a responsibility for a single individual, isn't it?) Some of the more complex orgonic circuits can involve interdimensional effects coupled with unexpected influences in this reality. If you build an orgonic circuit, be quite careful and delicate with your tuning operations. There are some effects here that have never before been seen by man, and some of them are (quite) dangerous.

As an example of the unexpected dangers accompanying plain, ordinary orgone accumulators, in one experiment, Wilhelm Reich placed a small sample of radium in an accumulator. The entire staff became quite ill, and apparently were in mortal danger from the resulting effect. Due to the immanently hazardous experience, Reich dubbed the newly discovered energy "dangerous orgone" or DOR. (Cloud-busters will break up DOR accumulations in a given volume, over time.) Now, contemplate what manner of unexpected complexities, benefits, or hazards might result from an orgonic circuit, complete with tuned oscillators, amplifiers, and control circuits for modulations of the orgonic output of the system. I suggest turning the power up slowly and changing the tuning circuits slowly. At each step, take some time to examine at length, any possible or unusual effects which might have occurred. If you receive any spiritual guidances, be quite sure to pay heed to any such guidances or warnings which they may proceed to provide you, anent the operations and the modulations of the orgonic energies. I don't mean to sound mystical about all this. It's just that it's unknown territory, so any cautions are well advised. Take it seriously, because it can either heal, or kill people.

Probably the best overall website is PORE.

Have a look at their catalogue of publications.

This one is an organization which is involved with standards for medical orgone therapeutic practices called "orgonomy":

Summary page showing a relationship between aether and orgone: (link expired)

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An orgonic site in the UK. Quite good actually.

James DeMeo's "Orgone Accumulator Handbook" is quite good. DeMeo is probably one of the most well studied on the topic of orgone.

I think I was the first to invent orgonic circuits. I haven't seen them on the web anywhere.

I hope that the above information is a good starting point for you.

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Arkadiusz Jadczyk wrote:

On 7 May 2001, at 7:58, Robert Neil Boyd wrote:
> I have also found a direct relationship exists between
> orgone energy and the spin field.

Hi Neil,

Do you know about orgone generators?
For instance one of those that Reich was
building. How do they work? How are
they constructed? Where to look?
What to read?