On the Possibility of Graviphotonic Perceptions
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

The following is relevant to the study of physics of Consciousness:

Due to the facts of non-locality and the interconnected holographic nature of the universe in the quantum sense, all information about every point in the universe is available at any point where you wish to fix your attention. Technically, this information can be conveyed by the 4 graviphoton varieties which can pass through the imaginary part of space such that we can then use the mathematics of analytic continuation to "see" things in distant times and places mathematically. And in terms of senses, if we had the ability to see by way of these graviphotons, all space and all time would be at our disposal. I have reason to think that perceptions via the graviphotons may be available in an intuitional sense and perhaps even in some physical sense.

This thought arises as a possible relationship to http://www.valdostamuseum.org/hamsmith/QuanCon3.html#biomagnetite . The question arises here, why should there be millions of microscopic magnets in the human brain? If the function of such magnets were simply to provide information on which way was North, then it stands to reason that we would only need one such magnetic construction surrounded by neurons. Perhaps these millions of magnetic structures in the brain serve some other purpose, such as acting as some kind of transducers, changing energy from one form to another, thereby making information available to the Consciousness that would, perhaps, not otherwise be available?

On this topic, Tony Smith says:

By the Harmonic structure of the D4-D5-E6-E7 physics model:

any Continuous Function on the Shilov Boundary S1 x S3 Real Part can be extended to a Harmonic Function throughout the entire 8-real-dimensional Complex Spacetime; the Harmonic Functions form a basis in terms of which you can express any Analytic Function in the entire 8-real-dimensional Complex Spacetime; and if you know an Analytic Function in any neighborhood, no matter how small, you can use Analytic Continuation to know that Analytic Function everywhere in the entire 8-real-dimensional Complex Spacetime.

(See: http://www.valdostamuseum.org/hamsmith/SegalConf.html#complexspacetime )