Neurological Magnetic Fields and Altered States
Leading Edge Research Group

"Magnetic Components of Brain Activity"

Let me continue. I already discussed the importance of the magnetic component of brain activity in studying and monitoring brain processes and functions accurately and precisely. Further research by our Russian colleagues has also shown that with proper parallel computing algorithms, one can plot three-dimensionally the magnetic field configuration and spatio-temporal time-varying fields of the midbrain’s thalamus, hypothalamus, hippocampus, amygdala, pituitary and pineal functions in real time!

This is unprecedented, because it shows that, as we all here have learned in our Hermetic Gnostic Order’s teachings, the so-called "Cave of Brahma", Dr. N’s favourite "hang-out" (laughter), is indeed the magnetic and acoustic resonance chamber, its shape being a topological complex analogue of an ellipsoidal, prolate spheroid and a torus. In American lingo, I think that is called, a doughnut inside an egg? (Laughter) May I have the cine film strip please? Thank you. (Short film showing computer graphics is shown).

This shows a real-time plot of the nested magnetic fields around my own head. This piece of research was a little favour from a British colleague that likes to work nights. They call it the "Dracula Shift" (laughter). The white lines of the overall contour, the green the Hypothalamus plus Thalamus field, the red the Hippocampus plus Amygdala cycloid-shaped field (semi-circular), and the dumb-bell shaped blue is the Epyphisis (Pineal) and Hypophysis (Pituitary) combined fields. I wrote this algorithm myself with the help of Professor Penrose -- another unofficial favour -- to map the magnetic fields using both the SQUID sensor helmets and a special helmet designed by Dr. Z having Delta-T and Delta-Wye transforms, having specially designed magnetic coils and sensors. This way we could pick up Pico and Nanogauss fields (billionth of a Gauss). The combined information is displayed here in three-dimensional coloured graphics. Notice the external white-lined shape is like an egg. Inside, almost at the centre, is the toroidal shape of the Hippocampus-Amygdala combined fields, the red contours. The central tube-like "sausage with trumpet-like open ends" looks like what? Anyone? (Chorus: "An Einstein-Rosen Bridge!") Right!

The blue-green combined field of the Thalamus-Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Pineal glands forms a sausage, like a mini hyperspace tunnel, about 7cm long. The screen image is magnified, but the actual side is about 7cm, (reflecting) the normal brain size.

Let me pause a minute. Can we replay that part? Thanks. Notice how the overall geometry is an ellipsoidal prolate spheroidal cavity containing a sub-space of a toroid traversed by a hyperbolic, non-linear Einstein-Rosen bridge. Again, in American lingo, "an egg-shaped cavity containing a doughnut crossed by a sausage". What do these nested fields look like to you, dear friends? (Cross talk and comments). A topological analogue of a relativistic, locally curved space-time locus around a solar system. Of course! What else? A space-time torus with an Einstein-Rosen bridge connecting its median points!

There, ladies and gentlemen...there is the scientific proof that the motto of our Order, the dictum of the ancient sages, "As Above, So Below ... As Within, So Without" is scientifically and neurophysiologically correct and precisely so! These shapes, which you all recognise as hyperspatial four-dimensional plots, are indeed magnetic-acoustical resonance chambers. Notice that these amazing geometries are the synergistic effect of the magnetic fields of these six organs surrounded by the ventricles, under the roof of the choroid plexus and corpus callosum. Notice what happens if I subtract the field of even a single organ, let’s say the pineal gland. See how it changes the entire structure?13 And, if I add the contribution of the mamillary body, it only widens the tube, right? And if we add the field from the reticular formation, the master circuit network, relay and switchboard of the brain where all waves are originated, what do we get?

Next frame, please? We get a tunnel merging with the main ellipsoid al field. In the screen, it is the orange coloured grid.

To summarize, what is our Mid-Brain or Inner Cavity? It is a relativistic spatio-temporal cavity with local enfolded hyperspatial bridges that undergoes harmonic resonances to magnetic and acoustical stimuli. The implications are almost astronomical, if I may use the term, because a model and mechanism based on this novel scientific information implies that our human brain is in reality none other than a biological space-time energy transducer. As such, it creates not only space, but also time. Our ancient Chinese ancestors maintained that "the Tao was in our head", in other words, all the Universe was in our head! My own inference from this study is that space and time are essentially biologically modulated, perhaps even formulated, for my equations show that possibility. Should this intuitive scientific insight be correct, then it would demolish physics, biology, philosophy and theology in a single, clean blow.

Incidentally, I showed this filmstrip and discussed my theory and equations with Professor Penrose, who seemed interested at first, but very politely declined any further comment or association with me thereafter.14 I think he realised the impact of this novel theory. He is still convinced that quantum mechanics is the answer to explain brain functions and consciousness. I disagree. I think it is General Relativity and Unified Field a la Einstein, pure and simple. Quantum phenomena are not the cause, but merely the effect, and creation is not statistical. It is wholeheartedly deterministic, not left to chance, but to precisely formulated potentials, not fields. The potentials are the cause, the fields are the effects. In simple terms, pure magnetism and sound are the potentials. Electricity is the field. Magnetism and sound do not "travel" as such, for they are inherently enfolded in space and are everywhere. It is the disturbance that travels. On the other hand, electrical charge, hence electricity, does travel, because it needs a physical medium. It is obvious that we still don’t understand either magnetism or the true nature of sound.

"Sono-Chemistry and Advances in Neurophysics" To close, I would like to just mention experiments being done combining the novel science of sonochemistry and neurophysics. Amazing altered states of consciousness have been attained by some privately funded researchers using sound and light, a combination of physics and Yoga. From stereochemistry, the precise molecular structure of certain alkaloids have been obtained, and their vibrational isomorphic fundamental vibrational frequencies determined.

Example: Ammonia, NH3, molecules vibrate at 40,000 cps . LSD vibrates at about 11,000 cps. A tone was obtained from this vibrating molecule, and a large poster of its molecular structure was made. By focusing on the chemical formula on the poster and playing the sound harmonic/tone of the LSD molecule, a fabulous psychedelic trance was experienced by eight volunteers, men and women. No side effects, unpleasant emotions or after effects were experienced. The subjects remained in the Theta brainwave through the entire three hour experience. Many OOBE, time travel, and "clairsenses" experiences were reported and monitored. The experiment was repeated at other times with close controls, and similar experiences were reported. The information from these experiments was truly, truly amazing, fabulous, fantastic -- to put it mildly. The psychokinetic and telekinetic feats were, I think, unparalleled in the history of parapsychological research. A new biochemistry and pharmacology can emerge from this study. I have passed this information to our Russian colleagues for future study, for it is their specialty -- paraphysics and biological radio. Ironically, the CIA and KGB are familiar with two alkaloid substances known as telepathine and astraline. The former is in the chemistry handbook, the latter is new. Interesting names! Thank you my friends. (Standing applause).

Dr D: Thank you Mrs. Dr. L for a superbly informative presentation. It is almost mind-boggling for us non-medical type to understand the intricacies of the brain. Obviously, your research is light years ahead of the orthodoxy. Any questions before we move on to the next speaker? Yes, Dr. A?

"Neurological Magnetic Fields and Altered States"

Dr. A: Please explain how the cerebral magnetic fields of the mid-brain change as a function of ASC’s, altered states?

Mrs.Dr.L: Ah, so. Very good. What my associates and I did is to go into various trance states induced by the techniques that we all know here (A) Deep Zen/Taoist meditation, absolute stillness, (B) Tai-Chi moving meditation, and (C) Tantra Toga Cobra Breathing - pulsed powerful breath, Yoga Asana (lotus posture). I was the subject tested.

In (A), all metabolic processes cum homeostasis are slowed down pronouncedly. The brain emitted EEG peaks in the Alpha-Theta range (11,9,7, and 5 cps, at the lowest). Great Masters can descend all the way into Delta, 0.1- 4cps. The amplitudes varied between 60 and 275 microvolts, root mean square averages. The magnetic fields were actually at a maximum, especially when eyes were closed, ranging from about 9.5 to 48.5 Picogauss (10-8 gauss). The diagrams you saw in the cine film were made with measurements of this part (A).

In (B), the metabolic processes are increased, but homeostasis is optimised. Brainwaves are almost totally Alpha, but some Beta spikes were observed. Again, a Great Tai-Chi Master would be totally in Alpha, maybe even some Theta. The magnetic fields were somewhat elongated in the Y-axis, meaning the length of the space-time tube. This meant that space-time functions are altered when doing Tai-Chi correctly. It is said in Chinese lore that Tai-Chi Masters can arrest, even reverse their aging process, and cause local distortions of space-time, hence their ability to literally propel opponents flying through the air, 12 feet into the air, like the legendary master in the remote Changu province. Somehow, magnetism and Chi are related, and are controlled by the brain via intent and breath.

In (C), the brainwaves are almost totally composed of very unusual spikes that could be Alpha or Beta. The magnetic fields were pulsating, or oscillating, which means some non-linear DC pulses created expansion and contraction of the magnetic field. Curiously, it appeared as if it became alive and began to breathe, and the pulse was about 6 to 8 cycles per second. My interpretation is that here space-time is being pulsed, and time is being accelerated, but externally, not internally. In other words, the outside time-flow seems to be going faster. Any other questions? Yes, Ms Dr. J?

Ms.Dr.J: What is the best way to optimise one’s own brain functions, especially in adults like us? Also, I understand you’re a grandmother and won’t reveal your age. To me, you look like you are about 22 years old! What’s your secret?

Mrs.Dr.L: Thank you for the complement. My answer to that is to be like a child, laugh a lot - and this group are all clowns, especially those loud Russians, back there (great laughter and cheers), and eat Chinese food, especially vegetables, eggs, and a lot of sea weed. Also, I practice Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung every day. In China, we walk many kilometers every day. Now, as for brain functions, as Dr. N said, do not watch TV or movies, don’t use computers or telephones, and practice your Yoga and visualization/imagination exercises daily. Study of Sacred Geometry15 is the best stimulation for the brain, for the Sacred Forms, angles and diagrams have their space-time analogues in the Mind, Soul and Spirit. You saw how the brain forms Sacred Geometry magnetic field patterns in our film. That is very significant. Some Hermetic Gnostics of early Christianity thought that Angels derived from Angles. You see? Finally, never, never, never smoke cigarettes or take drugs. That damages the Thymus and Pituitary, and causes premature aging. Also, don’t drink coffee - it interferes via purines in brain neurotransmitters. Drink tea.

"Effects of TV and VDT's on Human Genetic Structure"

Dr R: Will you explain how movies, TV, TV screens, computer VDTs and , I suppose, all VDTs in scientific equipment affect the brain, and I understand, the chromosomes, DNA and genes as well?

Mrs. Dr. L: That is a tremendous question! The effect on DNA, chromosomes and genes has been discussed in the open scientific literature, but it is quite controversial. I believe Dr. D has most of the papers and references in our technical files, so you can secure copies of those. I will summarise this way. It seems that the EMF from the VDT does interact and interfere with brain functions by entrainment of the 60 Hz AC of commercial electricity. In other words, the synergy between the Reticular Formation and the Thalamus is responsible for the Alpha spikes that indicate that during a normal day, the brain takes a "dip" into Alpha 30 times per minute while you are awake. Nobody knows why this is so, but I think it has to do with replenishment of Vital Force - Chi - and a balance between the rational and intuitive functions. Entrain-ment prevents that, for it keeps you all the time at 60 or 50 Hz. Movies and videos contain not only decadent material, but also subliminals and encoded secret information. There is another more noxious scenario that I am not at liberty to discuss. I have to clear that with Dr. N. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. That concludes my presentation for today. See you at dinnertime. (Applause)


Dr. A: Good morrow, ladies and gentlemen! I trust you are all rested after last nights workshops and fulfilled by today’s Chinese-style breakfast, per Mrs.Dr.L.’s suggestions for brain food! I have an announcement! There will be no evening workshops Thurs day night. Those going to the Art Institute in downtown Chicago will come with me in the gray van. Those going to the organ recital at Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago, will go with Dr. D in the blue van. For those staying, we have a quintet playing Telemann, Vivaldi, Bach and Mozart’s clarinet quintet in A, K581. We all need great music for the soul. Those wanting to make phone calls must do in our Chicago quarters. There are no phones in the main house or any other building. We only use the DC intercoms. Also, we have no commercial 110v 60Hz electricity in any of our buildings. Let me remind you, once again, to use the electric shavers we have provided, or razors. Ladies, your attendant, Mrs. H. And Staff, will attend to any of your needs. The library is open all the time.

Thank you. Dr. D, please?

Dr. D: Thank you, Dr. A. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Since we are running early (laughter), we will run the cine film, shown yesterday, by popular request. It seems that many of use here had dreams about these diagrams shown by Mrs. Dr. L yesterday. Lights, please? (the 6 minute cine film is shown) Thank you, Dr. B. We have had a change in speakers,

Ms.Dr.C will speak next. You all know her, she needs no introduction. However, let me remind you that she is a master of clairvoyance, clairsentience and bio-radio (remote viewing). Permit me to welcome Ms.Dr.C. (applause).

Ms.Dr.C: Thank you, Dr. D. Gutten morgen, dear colleagues. I wish to begin by asking how many had dreams about brainwave diagrams last night. Hands up, ya? Let me see. I count 27? What? Oh yes. 29. About half the group. Gut! I wish to inform you that you were all a part of an experiment yesterday. (Laughter)

Dr.Z: You call this Amerikanish hospitalishe? In CCCP only experiment is to see how much vodka you drink. That also gives great dreams! (wild laughter and raucous comments)

Ms.Dr.C: I am glad we have such a live group of scientists here. Laughter is our greatest cathartic, as you all know. I just hope that was not a nervous laugh! ( more laughter) The reason what this is so important is that unbeknownst to you, we run a "double blind" experiment yesterday to do in vivo research. This is perfect time and group for that. I am one of the three researchers involved in this brain wave research. The other researcher is back in England, and is not part of this group. Only Mrs.Dr.L and I knew about this experiment. We will discuss that later. Now, I wish to have the lights and projector ready. Thank you, Dr. B.

New Theories of Biological Cell Morphology

I wish to start with a discussion of the revolutionary research of Herr Professor Doktor Tomas Landh, a biophysicist and bio-materials scientist. He has advanced a new theory based on solid evidence that conflicts greatly with current views on cell morphology, especially neuronal brain cells. Current theory is based on two-dimensional models of thin microtome sections of cells viewed under optical or transmission microscopy, which states that the cell’s membrane is a spherical double layer of fatty lipids having their liophobic ends pointing inward, and liophyllic16 ends pointing outwards with protein structures at either surface or squeezing through the membrane. Show the first slide. Next slide. You see here, this shows the protoplasm in center and looks like round circles, ya? Doktor Landh is not arguing cell function, but more the structural topology of its true geometry. After reviewing thousands of published photos in histology literature for the past 35 years, he is convinced the current view is incorrect.

"Cell Morphology Has a Six-Fold Symmetry"

What he did, is not use transmission electron microscopy (TEM), but scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with very special dry-freeze techniques to preserve actual cell morphology without preparation artifacts. He then performed a mathematical topological analysis (MTA) to correlate hypothesis with observations, and found that cells, far from being spherical 3-D little balls, ya?, were in reality very complex 3-D aggregates following a precise topological law known as Periodic Minimal Surface (PMS), not t o be confused with female PMS, ya? ( roaring laughter ) I will skip the details, but Doktor Landh has postulated that the actual cell morphology and cell continuum is not a random spherical configuration, but a precise crystalline aggregate of cubic-shaped cells whose membranes show a six-fold symmetry! Traces of the Egyptian Flower of Life symmetry, maybe, ya?17 Furthermore, the cytoskeleton or protein skeleton of the cell grows in a spiral pattern, very similar to DNA/RNA geometry. I wish to have the next five slides, Dr. B. You see how the cell grows from a two-dimensional circle to a cubic aggregate if you apply the rules of topology, ya? You see also the repeating pattern, like a crystal, ya? This cubic shape is probably dictated by functional cellular requirements, and determines the actual cell behavior.

Finally, his last phenomenal discovery was that, as a materials scientist - like the Amerikan Dr. William Tiller - he was very familiar with metallic and metalloid microstructure. When he saw the high-angle SEM’s at low resolution and high angle, he noticed the pattern resembled what material scientists call a photonic crystal, a lattice structure of atoms or molecules that is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, or light, ya? So he realised, of course! That explains the work of Herr Doktor Popp from Switzerland18 and his photon cell experiments. In other words, the cells are morphologically arranged like a PMS structure that maximises its surface per unit volume for absorption of energy. It follows, therefore, that cells, especially neuronal cerebral cells, are crystalline electromagnetic transducers - in other words, they respond to light, ya?19 That explains why not only exodermal (skin) cells, but deep endodermal cells, including (those in) the pineal gland, are sensitive to light. The current view maintains that light photons do not affect metabolism. Doktor Landh’s research contradicts that, and categorically shows how cells are structurally and morphologically equipped to act as light transducers, ya? That is the conclusion of our own research. ( standing ovation and applause )

"The Phenomenon of Synesthesia" Ms Dr. C: Dankershen. Thank you, respected colleagues. You know, we may just be a biological black hole! ( more laughter) Now, let me go into the second topic of my talk. I wish for the lights, please. Thank you., Dr. B. This topic of brain research verges almost on paraphysics, the favourite topic of our CCCP colleagues. ( cheers) A Polish researcher, Dr. Richard Cytowic, has been researching an unusual phenomenon known as synesthesia, a condition where one sense overlaps with another, such as "tasting colours", "smelling colours", "tasting words", "feeling sensations and emotions in vivid colours", such as sexual orgasms (loud laughter). Background question - how can we do that? ( more laughter)

The phenomenology of synesthesia cannot be explained by the present neurological model of the brain that maintains that the cortical regions are responsible for most physical senses. The rational cortex is responsible for sensory perception. This view can’t explain synesthesia. Instead, Doktor

Cytowic argues that it is the limbic system or "emotional brain" with its neural networks beneath the endocortex that has channels of communication with other parts of the brain via the endocrine and hormonal systems. It follows from his research that the dominance and pre-eminence of the cortex over the limbic system is not perfunctory, and the limbic system is not subordinate to it. It appears that it is actually the "central control", the CPU, to use computer language, of the overall brain function. This would intimate that functionally, the cortical functions and limbic functions are nested, or "multiplexed", and that information and data acquired by the brain can be, or is, processed by parallel computation, ya?

The important implication is that this phenomenon of synesthesia suggests that the learning process could be directly linked to emotions, rather that to sensory stimuli alone. The common feature of so-called "synesthetics"20 is that they have phenomenal memories, amazing visualisation abilities, like seeing vivid shapes and colours, and also remarkable psychic abilities, such as precognitions, deja-vu, clairvoyance, telepathy and remote viewing and sensing. But, unfortunately, these abilities are regard ed as "abnormal" or "strange". So, they play these down and hide them. Ah, I forgot. These people don’t do very well in math, and they often get lost on the streets -- poor orientation. The experimental conclusions, conducted on subjects under controlled laboratory conditions, forced Dr. Cytowic to make a courageous statement: "synesthesia takes place in the left side of the limbic system, deep in the temporal lobe." This confused everyone in the neurological community. But, we know that what he is talking about is the so-called "hyperfunctions of the limbic system", as yet unrecognised, unaccepted and non-existent to orthodox medical and psychological sciences.

Traditional neurology proposes a hard-wired circuitry of neuronal networks mediating neurological functions. The new view requires and proposes new electrical channels of communication. This has been dubbed "volume transmission" in contradistinction to the traditional "wiring transmission" mediated by the normal axons, synapses, dendrites and spikes. Some Eastern researchers, by contrast, regard that "synesthesia" is a normal condition we are born with, but culturally is blotted out of our neural functions. Only a few individuals manage to maintain this function as adults, who have retained this phenomenon as a conscious awareness - even if it appears strange!

Ironically, the purpose of training in transcendental meditation (TM) in the Siddhis program, the Magickal training in Hermetic Orders, like our own, and various types of Yogas, is to arouse these synesthetic functions, for they verge very closely with the phenomenology of psychic powers. These parapsychic functions, hitherto unexplained by physics, medicine, psychology or even parapsychology, fall, of course, in the realm of brain hyperfunction, or should we say pre-cultural normal functions, ya ?

With the research we conducted with Mrs. Dr.L discussed yesterday, and with this overview of today’s information, I think it is obvious that the present neurological brain models are in dire need of fundamental revision. Comparatively, we know more about the ocean that we know about the brain. We understand water, but what about thought?21

Dr Z: Comrade Frau Doktor C! (laughter) What mechanism in brain do you suppose will explicate the phenomenon of seeing with the eyes closed, or blindfolded, like Yogins, also KGB and CIA special members trained to see in total black at night?

Ms.Dr.C: Is that a trick question? (laughter) You are the expert in that field, Comrade Ruski! ( more laughter) No? Innsbruck, Ich muss dich lassen (she begins to sing, and everyone laughs)

Dr Z: No! I am serious. I wish to compare theory, because one of my friends here has a different explanation!

Ms.Dr.C: Different from what? ( laughter and general pandemonium )

Dr D: Ladies and gentlemen, permit me to interrupt. I think we need a fifteen minute coffee - I mean TEA - break!

(Tea Break)

Ms.Dr.C: Now, we are all fresh. I wish to continue my lecture. I answer question later, Dr. Z. Did Dr. B pass the questionnaires? Gut. We fill them later. Now, I wish to explain the experiment. I wish for Dr. B to have the cine filmstrip ready for show. Thank you.

"Psycho-Acoustical and Luminal Brain Entrainment"

About five years ago, the topic of the effect of electromagnetic fields on humans became very notorious due to the books and articles by Mr.Paul Brodeur (22), who wrote the most controversial articles to this day in the very popular New Yorker magazine. Since then, he wrote other books and made video films. Simultaneously, but with less notice, researchers in CCCP and Germany were investigating effects of lights, colour and pulsing light, and colour flashes on the brain of animals and humans, as well as on the mind/psyche. I will not go into detail, because new technologies emerged from said endeavours, including the brainwave altering machines in France, Germany, and their American counterpart, like today you see advertised (Zygon,Voyager,etc). New technologies emerged, based on light and sound, based on the research of Drs. Thomas Budzynski and Igor Lozanov. I believe Dr.Z and friends know them personally. Anyway, the main theoretical construct behind the so-called "psycho-acoustical stimulation" and "luminal brain entrainment", the technologies behind those devices, was the new and revolutionary theory of the "holographic quantum mechanical brain", or the "Bohm-Pribram Model", for short. We have copies of those research papers if anyone wants them.23 See Dr. D, ya?

The area explored by Dr. Budzynski was the Theta, or "twilight state". To quote him directly, "the areas ranging between 4 to 7 cps and the hypnagogic state", or spontaneous imagery that supposedly emanates from Jung’s "personal and collective unconscious" when the mind is suitably stimulated. Jung used active imagination and mandalas to reach the "unconscious". Modern technology uses electromagnetic and acoustical stimulation. The fields of "subliminal psychology" and "psychology of the unconscious" postulated by Carl Gustav Jung are the keys to understanding this synergy of brain and psyche. To summarise the brain phenomenology behind these novel technologies of light and sound, brain entrainment occurred by (because of) the auricular and ocular pieces of the machine, and the effect was the alteration of the (levels of the ) neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine and beta endorphins by Alpha and Theta induced states. They published data, which we critically analysed, and found to be incorrect and misleading. But, then, these are marketing endeavours, not scientific.

However, we did experiment using the very machines on the market and found most interesting information. We were our own volunteers, or "guinea pigs" - something all scientists should do instead of using animals. (applause)

After we recorded and obtain ed all the info we needed and plotted cerebral magnetic fields using the protocol developed by Mrs. Dr.L., we noticed that all three of us, plus four other volunteers, had the same dream for two or three nights in a row. So, we decided to investigate further. We had the available data, so we gave the three devices to Herr Doktor G., the mad scientist with his electronic sniffers (laughter), and he analysed each device down to the silicon microchips! We will not discuss the electronic details. That stuff is beyond our scope of expertise, but what we did find is that there are multiple electronic functions being formulated by the machines that apparently were not in the original set of programs or functions advertised. Very curious indeed. Further research by Dr. G revealed that these devices were powerful receivers for some form of signals that were not straight electromagnetic waves - perhaps higher order electromagnetics24, such as scalar waves. They seem to become more pronounced when these machine s were close to an operating TV set or computer VDT screen. Keep that info in mind for later.

Two or three days later, I had a dream about the DNA and RNA molecules dancing to beautiful music, but when a strange sound was heard, the music stopped, and the DNA and RNA molecules started to go crazy and fight amongst themselves. I awoke frightened, but I recorded the dream in detail. Later in the day, I read a paper describing a new technology of DNA and RNA alteration based on radio frequencies called "in vivo microsurgery" created by MRX, Inc.25 I did not pay much attention to that, but it was synchronistic about my previous dream, ya? But that night, when my husband and I were reading and listening to music of Mozart, his flute and harp concerto, I fell asleep on the armchair and had the dream about the DNA and RNA molecules dancing again, but t his time so beautifully, it was almost like a real-life ballet I was watching. Then, I woke up and realised the dream. Sound affects the resonance frequency of the DNA and RNA molecules. Certain specific frequencies, timbres, pitch, and characteristic musical themes create either harmonic resonance or dis-harmonic resonance. Naturally, Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Telemann and the old masters’ music is very beautiful and harmonious, where "modern music" is highly questionable.

"Light, Colour and Geometric Harmonics of Brainwaves"

In collaboration with Mrs. Dr. L, we found light and colour frequencies that were geometrical harmonics of the Theta brainwaves emitted during lucid dreaming. We used Fourier and Wiener transforms to create optical patterns and enfolded them in the colour graphics showing the cerebral magnetic fields you saw in the cine filmstrip. We also determined some resonant vibrations of the sound corresponding to melatonin, the neurotransmitter secreted by the pineal, and responsible for sleep-dream cycles. We found it, and chose a harmonic in the near ultrasonic spectrum, and recorded it onto the soundtrack of the cine filmstrip. We projected it, and 50% of this group had the dream about the audio-visual stimulus that entrained your brain in about 6 minutes. Wonderful, ya? Of course, the implications are truly amazing, as this can be used for wonderful, non-intrusive, non-invasive healing applications, for it affects the DNA and RNA immediately and expediently, per our own research. The simplest and most immediate application would be for a person to construct a symbol or mandala following Jung’s or Yoga instructions, select a musical piece that one truly loves, preferably harp or flute, like the ancient Egyptians or Greeks, contemplate it while listening to the music, and then go to sleep. Repeating this for a week or so will immediately affect the DNA, RNA and immune system, and healing will occur almost "miraculously".

Dr. M: Have you tried this technique on sick people already?

Ms.Dr.C: Ya vol, we have indeed tried it on many people. Mrs. Dr. L, in her own medical practice, quite confidentially of course, has tried it with 100% success, both in China and the West. Of course, she used Chinese music in China and Mozart in the Wes t. We are using two pieces by Mozart as our control music. The harp and flute double concerto and the Clarinet Quintet in A, K581, which will be played here Thursday night. We are doing further research in this topic, but very confidentially, because of you all know who, ya? Ya! This may prove to be a blessing to mankind, because this simple process addresses the DNA, RNA and immune system directly, and according to Mrs.Dr.L, also the thymus and pineal glands. Interestingly, it is the locus of the Up per Tan-Tiens and Triple Warmer in Chinese ancient medicine, the Cauldrons and transducers of Chi, or Life Force. Fortunately, both Mrs. Dr. L and I have orthodox medical degrees, and wear the "white coats of medical approval" (laughter).

What we do is to make sure our research patients "entertain" themselves drawing symbols of their dreams in full colour, admiring them before they go to sleep, and listening to the music tapes of Mozart or Master Ludwig von Fu-Man-Chu (roaring laughter). There are some patients in the research hospital to whom we can talk frankly about this technique. Most people respond quite enthusiastically about it, and of course, when they are healed, they tell others about their "secret"! We are collecting fantastic information and feedback. We are also experimenting with monotonic harmonics, or single frequencies, that may be disguised as "background noise". Very clever, ya? Any questions?

Dr. R: Are you exploring the application of magnetic fields directly to the brain for inducing cerebral hyperfunctions, like induced psychic powers, astral phenomena and time travel, besides healing?

Mrs.Dr.C: Absolutely! We know government agencies have been doing that for years, but we do have totally different goals. Of course, we are all bound by the strict rules of the Order of absolute non-interference. We can’t even help our own families unless they want to be helped. Remember, out Oath of Secrecy is absolute! Alateia Gnosis!26

One "pet project" we have is to help our young children to be "deprogrammed" from the influences of schools, TV and radio media, videogames, etc. We do this by inducing creativity in them to create their own symbols and mandalas by playing the music while they are going to sleep. We have four children - three of primary school age. I am sure most of you have children as well, so this may be of great benefit to our own siblings. However, the magnetic field research requires very special helmets, which Her r Dr.G is building for us. We only have one now, and we need at least two more. Our results cannot be discussed at this point. Last question?

Dr.E: What do you think of virtual reality helmets? What do you think of virtual reality as an emerging technology?

Mrs.Dr.C: Ya! Excellent question. Yes, we have researched it. That imaginary space is still very, very far from looking "real". It also affects the brain and psyche very adversely. Stay away from it. Thank you. I see it is lunchtime! Gut!


1 In deference to government mandated electronic altering of brainwaves, since they want the only game in town. Too bad the NWO does not realize it will be the source of its own undoing. When the equipment is shut down and people awake ... wait and see.

2 Perhaps another reason why these agencies did not like "Pandora’s Box", because it gave away details about the remote transceivers in televisions and other data.

3 Note: The recent linkup of McCaw Cellular, ATT, Disney (who is delving into virtual reality educational modes), Microsoft, the information highway, and classified developments in artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, bioelectronics, hyperfield electronics and implant technology all point to a concerted effort in this direction. Historically, this kind of process is an off-world one that has existed for millions of years. Those of you having access to Sector 9 Hubbardian material know.

4 Many of these protocols are detailed in Matrix III Volume One.

5 This very fact can also be examined in light of the book Celestine Prophecies, in that those involved in the NWO Mind Control and Domination program must exist as "energy vampires", since they are unable to draw energy from the Universal Source and are firmly grounded in ego aggrandizement, power and control in an effort to maintain a parasitic "symbiosis" with the mass population, whom they view as having Dasein ohne Leben, existence without life. Extension of WWII Nazi Germany, etc.

6 Instead of "internal technology", which is infinitely more powerful.

7 If this is done, it will probably be done very selectively, since some devices that are marketed are themselves designed to "sensitize" the unknowing to existing or planned electromagnetic and scalar protocols. Best to stick with internal modes entirely , folks.

8 Thus, the rationale for agency trafficking in specific drugs that ground a person to lower brain states (opiates and derivatives, street drugs, etc) and form a neuro-chemical basis for sensitization for nested overlapping chemical and electronic paradigms. See Matrix III, Volume One.

9 Including over-the-counter drugs available on a common basis in society.

10 Supplemented with public attention to Neurolinguistic programming, et al.

11 Standard reference electronics for television signals nationwide comes from Boulder Colorado, at the former National Bureau of Standards, which interfaces with the rest.

12 We have been advising people about this for a least two years. You know where to get these devices if you have been paying attention to your surroundings.

13 Of course, by injecting enough disabling co-factors into the environment, the power structure is making sure that the public does not have access to burgeoning psychic abilities and telepathic interchange. They’d rather you use your cellular phone.

14 Which lends itself to the notion that any scientist who is employed, on tenure or steeped in academia, cannot truly function as a scientist, since truth and revelation does destroy structure and provide novelty - the average scientist, afraid of losing funding and afraid of professional censure, cannot publicly acknowledge any degree of developmental truth which would collapse a set of major paradigms upon which employment depends. After all, Penrose doesn’t want to be a Sheldrake, does he?

15 See Matrix IV: The Equivideum-Paradigms and Dimensions of Human Evolution and Consciousness.

16 Commonly, "hydrophobic" and "hydrophyllic", water-hating and water loving, respectively.

17 See Matrix IV for further information and explanation.

18 Editor Note: Dr. Fritz Popp (see Matrix III V1) did research detailing the photonic emissions and electromagnetic interaction relative to DNA/RNA.

19 Which also lends a new view to the existence of pyramidal-shaped cellular structures within the brain - specifically, cells shaped like two pyramids base to base - exactly the same configuration as the Delta-T antenna. Get it?

20 People who experience synesthesia phenomena.

21 The paradigm in Matrix III V1 proposes a model for thought, brain attenuation thereof, and processes where thought descends into particulate mass.

22 See New Yorker magazine for 1989, June 12, June 19 and June 26. Paul Brodeurs’ three-part article entitled "Annals of Radiation", about EMF hazards.

23 This has been discussed during the past year in the Unified Field and Consciousness series in The Leading Edge.

24 See Matrix III for a review of higher order EM functions and discussion thereof. My own personal opinion is that you should put your light-sound machine on the floor and jump on it, or hit it with a hammer and get rid of it.

25 As synchronicity would have it, we received data on MRX technology just before receiving the data for this presentation. Some of the MRX data is in this LE issue.

26 Truth and knowledge is foremost! Acknowledgement to the Leading Edge Research Foundation