Musings on Subwaves (Part 3)
(c) Robert Neil Boyd
[R. N. Boyd]:

What do you suppose the source of quantum jitter (zitterbewegung) is?

As usual, QM does not address such underlying issues, but simply states that jitter exists, and goes on as if nothing had happened. No explanation of the origination of this jitter is ever forthcoming in QM. QM makes many such statements, to its detriment, IMO, because this has led to its incompleteness. Although many people think that QM is the end-all be-all of physics, this is far from being the case.

It is possible that something like "subwaves" are related to quantum jitter...

Regarding new kinds of waves, there ARE some new kinds of waves, involving for example, 4 physical dimensions. In other words, waves with various topological bases, involved with topological energy, topological forces, and topological events. Alexander Shpilman has described waves in hyper-time, as another example.

In these cases, the degrees of freedom are vastly larger than what we are accustomed to, particularly in the case of an N-dimensional topology. From this, it is very reasonable to contemplate an N-dimensional wave....

By the way, symplectic E/M waves, which have a basis in 4 dimensions + time, already exist in the form of transmission facilities and antennas.

[Bill Hamilton]:

According to those who write about the ZPE, the jitter is the effect of ZPE. Here is a statement on that;

"The gravitational interaction is shown to begin with the fact that a particle situated in the sea of electromagnetic zero-point fluctuations develops a "jitter" motion, or ZITTERBEWEGUNG as it is called. When there are two or more particles they are each influenced not only by the fluctuating background field, but also by the fields generated by the other particles, all similarly undergoing ZITTERBEWEGUNG motion, and the inter-particle coupling due to these fields results in the attractive gravitational force." [R. N. Boyd]:

I know all this. But where does the ZPE come from?

Now, we have Misner, Thorne, and Wheeler stating in "Gravitation", that the scale of the ZPE flux is on the order of 10^-66 cm. What manner of creature can curve space to such an enormous extent? Second, what is the frequency of an E/M wave with this wavelength? That would be what, about 10^65 cycles per second? What manner of E/M lives there? Gamma ray wavelengths are very short at 10^-11 m to 10^-13 m, but this is nothing compared to a wavelength of 10^-66 cm!

Because such phenomena may have tangible effects that could be documented, but such frequencies are not defined in the present understandings of the electromagnetic (E/M) field of matter/energy, these high frequency phenomena may require that we hypothesize a new type of force field.

Some believe that the region of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond gamma rays, may constitute some force that has not yet been discovered, due to the lack of sufficiently refined instrumentation. Harnessing of radio waves and X-rays had to wait for the development of new technologies. So too, perhaps development of more advanced E/M technologies will enable the use of such high frequency E/M fields.

A force/field such as this could possibly exist in parallel to the normal E/M spectrum. As I alluded to earlier, such high frequencies may not have the constraints of the normal E/M spectrum, such as the speed of light. Because such high frequency domains are well beyond the Plank length, perhaps such frequencies are non-local.

According to standard QM, the frequency limit of E/M should be on the order of 10^32 cycles per second. Sure, and I've got a transmitter for this frequency right in my pocket! [Not!] (At this rate, a gamma ray laser would be childs' play!)