Institute of HeartMath Subtle Energy Research

Institute of HeartMath Subtle Energy Research

Subtle energy is used in this context as Einstein used it, that is, to describe a type of energy that is at present not fully understood or measurable with today's equipment. This is similar to how electromagnetism was viewed only 250 years ago. The effects could be seen but not directly measured. The vision of the research team and the results of the studies we have conducted so far have attracted eminent scientists involved in cutting-edge human energy research. For example, Dr. William A. Tiller, Professor Emeritus of Stanford University and a pioneering researcher of subtle energy, will be on the IHM research team as they conduct their ground-breaking studies. Dr. Vladimir Poponin, formerly of the Institute of Biochemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a co-discoverer of the DNA phantom effect, has also joined the IHM research team. For related research that researchers at IHM want to continue, Dr. William A. Tiller and his colleagues at Stanford University developed a subtle energy detector -- an ultra-sensitive Geiger counter-type device -- with which they demonstrated the existence of an energy field that is not in the electromagnetic spectrum. With this special detector, Dr. Tiller demonstrated that this subtle energy field responds to intentional human focus. The combination of the instrument that detects the DNA phantom effect and the ultra-sensitive gas discharge detector represent two of the most advanced technologies known for the scientific study of subtle energy. Much of the basic research and the proofs that these are workable technologies have already been completed. These instruments will provide the tools for careful study of subtle energy that will greatly advance our understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. IHM is also designing and planning to conduct experiments with a number of other types of detectors as well. A number of studies conducted at IHM have demonstrated the effects of subtle energies on changes in the conformational states of DNA and the structure of water. (References for the published aspects of this work are provided at the end of this section).

Measuring the Human Subtle Energy Fields

To date, we have monitored electrophysiological changes in the body, associated with the progress of an individual's inner self-management, via skin-contact devices like ECG, EEG, etc. This provides some essential information but much is lost, especially for the electrical and magnetic processes going on in the body. The important information of a more subtle field nature is completely lost. The next step is to monitor these important fields in the space adjacent to the body via non-contact devices at distances from inches to many feet. Here, one wishes to detect the field shape, amplitude and the polarization present at a grid of points surrounding the body. To do this properly, for a single field, one needs an array of detectors of the same basic type (ten or more). The ability to discriminate details increases with the number of detectors in the array. Individual Detector Types:

(ΓΈ) A conventional Langmuir type device can be used to measure the electrostatic fields and provides the voltage distribution in space and time.

(E) A new type of dielectric polarization detector that we are developing is capable of giving us both the magnitude and orientation of the electric field in space and time.

(H) Squid detector elements are now available to provide measurements of the magnetic fields as a function of space and time.

(A) The magnetic vector potential fields include both an electrodynamic part and subtle parts which we have reason to believe are associated with the more subtle fields. The Josephson Junctions used in the squid detector have the ability to measure A directly in space and time. Thus, the independent and simultaneous measurement of the magnetic, electric, electrostatic and magnetic vector potentials will allow one to gain a measure of the subtle fields.

Research has shown that humans emit photons in at least the range from the infrared to the ultraviolet. We anticipate that both the flux and frequency spectra of these photons will shift dependent upon the actual internal emotional and mental states of the subject. Solid state photo cells are now available over this entire spectral range.


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New Technology Provides Scientific Evidence of Water's Capacity to Store and Amplify Weak Electromagnetic and Subtle Energy Fields: A growing body of recent scientific evidence is now confirming traditional intuitive understandings of water's role as mediator between the energetic and material worlds and its function as an accumulator, transmitter and transducer of energy patterns and information.