Love is at the Center of All Things
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

Love is in all things. Love is a central part of the Essence of any manner of Being. From the trees to the rocks to the clouds to the animals to the plants to the insects, etc., ad infinitum. All things contain this CONDITION innately. If you haven't seen this yet, directly, you haven't got to where you're supposed to go. Everything has and is and contains, Love. The spider, the kitten, the fish, the wind. All contains Love.

"What, empirically, is "astral"?

What is karma, actually? One's direct experience is increased by empirical, actual, factual investigation. Many believe that karma is an attachment, an affinity. This shows a limited understanding of what is karma, much less why is, or is not, karma. Many do not base their statements on direct experience, but rather base them upon something they have read somewhere."

Love is not a concept. It is a condition. Love is not intellectualizable. Nothing of the senses, which are direct experiences, are intellectualizable. For example, describe for me the taste of an orange, so accurately that I will know, precisely, the taste of an orange before I experience the taste of the orange myself, directly, through my senses? Do you thus understand the limitations of thought, when intellect is applied to anything which can be directly experienced?

Love is an experience. A condition. Like tasting an orange, it can only be experienced. It is a state of Being. All of your intellectual machinations can never replace the actual tasting of an orange. Even less, the experience of the condition that is Love.

Love is in All Beings. At the core. At the center, in the Essence of anything, There It resides.

It is right where you look.

It is right where you are.

Next time you eat something, dissolve yourself entirely and completely and absolutely in the flavors of that first bite of food. Place all of your attention entirely and only on the flavor. Go deeply, and deeply, into the flavor with your attention. Go into the core of the flavor. Go to the center of it...

There, you will discover...

Why is it that the simplest things are sometimes the hardest?

The intellect is the culprit. Learn when to use it, and when to turn it off. It's easy to turn it off!

You just did!

Humanity on this particular planet has come to these straits because of distortions of Reality caused directly, and only, by the intellectual processes and the domination and aggrandization of the intellect. It is a disaster. When you use the term "unattached love", you are referring to the BELIEF called "agape" by some people. This is illusional.

When one has thoroughly and completely detached ones Self (note capitalization) from all things, One suddenly realizes that One has arrived in the condition where One is completely attached to EVERYTHING!!!

ONENESS is the result. All is One. One is All. When the wind blows the leaves of the trees and they move with the wind, they move in me, and I in them. I am That. Thou art that. "Tat svam asi". All which you look at is you. I am in Nature. And all of Nature is in me. In a manner of speaking, thus, when you are talking to me, you are talking to Nature. When you are talking with Nature, you are, in a manner, talking with me. Because I can apprehend it directly, that you are communing so, if I so wish it.

The ONENESS is the important part. NOT the detachment! The reason is, that One can accomplish the desirable condition of complete, and absolute, Attachment, without going through the process of detachment, with all its unnecessary travails.

But there is another form of detachment, which is desirable. That is best exemplified by taking a perspective about humanity such as an alien life-form might have, when first encountering the newly discovered life-forms which call themselves "human beings". It would go something like, "People! What interesting creatures! I wonder why they do that??? ...Interesting...", while you are not one of those creatures.

Try it.

You'll like it.

You use the words, "unconditional love", but do you really know what this means? Experientially?

It means Love is the condition in which you constantly reside. NO MATTER WHAT! Love is what you touch in all things. NO MATTER WHAT. That Love is your purpose in all things. NO MATTER WHAT! You never leave the Oneness.

Everything is surrendered to this. And IT'S purpose comes before all other purposes.

Have you been there?

Have you done that?

Can you live there?

Will you live that?

I have. And I can. And I will.

For all Time.

There is no other way.

All the rest is meaningless, purposeless, floundering in the vast waters of Life in all forms. Needlessly suffering at the cruel hands of the intellect, while the Beauty swims all around, free, and unseen by the blinders of the intellect.

For me it's like watching other people set themselves on fire.

I want to help them, but they want me to set myself on fire too. To be like them.

I can't.

I can only attempt to direct their attention to the possibility that there might be some condition whereby, theoretically, they would not be on fire, and experiencing all the pain of it and of all of the fires all about (the other people in the same condition).

Even when I have put the fires out for them, they light themselves back on fire, so used are they, to such a condition of constant suffering. This fire IS, identically, the intellect, the ego.

Do us a favor...

Put it out.

Nature has none of this.

So should be We.