The Spirit Beings, The Lay of the Land, and True Responsibility

 (c) Robert Neil Boyd

See if you can realize the implications of the following set of experiences:

I used to go quite often to a particular State Park in Maryland. Over years and years of going to the same location and meeting the various inhabitants there, both the physical and non-physical ones, I had several long-established relations develop between me and some of the Devic and Angelic inhabitants of those regions. One spot in particular, I used to go to and spend hours and hours there, exploring, and being instructed by several of the Devas there. The most remarkable one who lives there is a large bright ball of blue light, about, I'd say, 4 feet in diameter. I would spend hours there, just hearing what he had to tell me about Life and how things work. I learned a lot and a lot.

There was a little unused sort of dirt road that went deep into the forest, and I used to walk down that road and learn, and I discovered many things about Life there.

The road was blocked off at both ends of it, eventually. But when I started going there, it was not blocked off at either end, and ended up in a farmers field up at the top of the hill which rose to the left of the dirt road as you entered into the area. At the first event of the blocking of that dirt road, the farmer who owned the land, placed several large boulders and logs across the road, and raised a 3 feet tall hill of earth to prevent people from driving their pickup trucks down into his private land, and dumping vast loads of trash and garbage and washing machines and scraps of building materials, there in the woods, fouling up everything.

Soon after the earthen hill was constructed, I came to the realization that every time I would pass over that hill, and deeper into the forest, and down the road, that, no matter how piercingly cold it may have been at the other side of the hill, it became comfortably warm for me on the deep woods side of the hill. The day I realized this, that Blue Guru Deva came to me in his Ball of Blue Light form and said to me, "That's exactly right! That's because you are committed to these Spirit Ways, and to learning about the Life and Nature, and the Spirit, and how everything works. So we have made it so that whenever you pass over this hill, neither you, nor any of your friends which you bring here, will never experience being cold, on THIS side of this little hill along the road. So that you can have more time to spend here with us, and learn about these things, no matter what time of the day, and no matter how cold is the winter weather." And it was so. In the coldest winter night, I would pass over that little hill, and very shortly after, I would be as warm and comfortable as a perfect summer day. (I would go there at all hours.) The same thing happened for all the other people I took there, much to their amazement. (Lots of other stories about that Very Special Place. It is Sacred Land. It wasn't special, just because I went there all the time. It was Sacred Land, long before I ever showed up there. I have hundreds of stories, about that Sacred Land there.)

One fine summer day, that blue Guru Deva came by and said he wanted to show me something down the road there. So when I got to the other side of that little hill, he came to me again and said, with pictures and feelings, that I should go down the dirt road to THIS bush, which picture I recognized from having been down that far, so often before, exploring everything in sight, and by emotional feel. So I knew exactly which bush he was "talking" about. (Eventually, over the years of doing this pictures-and-feelings kind of communications, an automatic interpreter formed inside my brain, from repetitions of similar experiences. "Practice makes perfect.", as the saying goes. So that it became for me eventually, normal words in my accustomed and natural language. It could have been any language, but for me, it was English, of course.)

So I walked down the hundred meters or so, to that particular bush he had given me pictures of, and waited there. In a few seconds, I saw him (the Blue Deva) rushing through the forest to me until he floated in the air right in front of me, when he said, "I want you to understand something about the Spirit Realms, and Tobacco, and Life, and (Some New concepts I couldn't [properly] relate to yet)". I was like, "OK". He went on, "I want you to look very carefully at this region around the base of this bush, and note carefully the placement of every single stone and pebble and rise and fall of the every level of the earth in this region, especially in this small wash-out gully here next to the dirt road. Memorize every tiny detail about this gully, from this place [mark], to this spot [mark]. I'll go and leave you alone, to let you do that now."

So I stood there for about 10 minutes, memorizing completely, every tiny nuance of the placements and objects and the details of the rises and falls of the land, there in that, about 1 foot deep, 2 meter wide stretch of gully wash-out, off the dirt road. When I felt I'd accomplished my assigned task, I looked up from there, and shortly thereafter, that Blue Deva manifested there in the air again, just before my eyes, at a distance of about 2 meters from me, centered at my eye-level. He said to me then, "OK. Now I want you to do a ceremony with the tobacco, as we have showed you how to do, and I want you to strip the tobacco from 4 cigarettes, and place the tobacco in ceremony, just there [mark], in that gully in front of you."

So I did that.

Then he came in again, and said, "Now. I want you to PROMISE ME (!), that in 2 days time, you will return here to this exact spot, and look at what has happened here, at this exact spot, in this gully, beneath this bush." I said, "OK. I promise.". (I thought I'd meant it, at the time.)

So, I went back down the road, back over the little hump, back to my car, and went home. That very night, it rained, buckets and torrents and drowning rivers of rain and rain and dense thick rain. I really enjoyed it :) The next day went by, and more dense and intense gully-washers of rain arrived. Lots of water, everywhere.

The next day arrived, and found me at my computer playing a stupid dumb ignorant computer game, but completely absorbed in it, which I tend to do with things.

As I was sitting there, completely absorbed in that game, that Blue Spirit showed up there in the air in front of me, above the top of the screen and said, "What are you doing?" I said, "I'm sitting here playing this stupid computer game." He said, "Aren't you forgetting something?". I said, "Like what?". He said, "Like going back to that spot in the road, like you promised you would do the other day." I said, "Oh. I forgot." He said, "I know." Then he said, "Well, what are you going to do? Are going to go back there today, like you promised?"

I was like, "Oh darn, it's such a long drive, and I was just so really involved in this stupid computer game." He said, "But you promised." I said, "Yeah, I guess I did promise, didn't I?". "Well, I guess I better put this down, and get going out there, despite my paltry little inconvenience."

So I put down the game, and left. I drove out to the Spirit Place I had gone to know so well over the years. I arrived there, and parked my car, and got out and walked over the little rise in the road, where instantly that Spirit Being appeared and said, "Go down the road now, to that bush, and look VERY CAREFULLY at the lay of the land there, and where and how everything is situated."

So I walked down that dirt road, down to where that bush was. I looked at the base of that bush, as soon as I could see under it, and I was instantly amazed!!!!!!!!!! There under the place near that bush, which had once exhibited a gully about a foot deep, there was now a HILL made of dirt, about 3 feet HIGH! "How could that be?!??", I thought to myself, and no one in particular. "It's rained GULLY-WASHERS for the past two days here!" "If anything, the darn gully should have gotten A LOT deeper!" "How could this happen?" There at the base of that bush, the exact place where I had put the tobacco in the gully, only two days before, after two days of torrential flooding rains, the was now a 3 feet tall hill! And the water from two days of torrential rains had made a curving path around the bush, way out into the woods, away from the road, then curved back to the accustomed gully beside the road, having completely changed its route during the past two days, and making a hill in the process... "Amazing.", I said to myself, and no one in particular...

Then that Spirit appeared there, and he said. "I wanted you to see that the Tobacco energy made this change. There are Spirit Beings, all over the planet, who are the Terraformers, the raisers and lowerers of the land, according to Our Wishes, and According to the Plans of the Great Mystery. When these Spirit Beings which make these changes appear in the land, these ups and downs, if they have access to tobacco nearby, they can use that Spirit Energy in that Tobacco, to help them raise and lower the land, with much less effort on their part, and in much less time. As you can see before you, based on where you put that tobacco in Ceremony."

I was like, "Wow." (What else can you say, when you run across something like that? :)

Then he said, "Follow me. I want to show you something." I was like, "OK". So I went with him. He took me back the other way down the road, almost to that little rise which had been placed there by the farmer so long ago, to block the road off from garbage-dumpers. We stopped, and then he said, "Would you like to meet some of these Terraformer Spirits, and see them with your normal vision?" I said, "Sure! That'd be cool! :)". So he said like, "OK, then grab some cigarettes from out of your pack there and start stripping the paper off, like you're used to doing. Get out about 4 or 5 of them, and put the tobacco from them out about there somewhere. And then sit back and watch." So I did that.

As I was stripping down the cigarettes, one at a time, and placing the tobacco out there in the road, I saw this little furry brown ball, about a foot across, came out of the woods towards me. He seemed all excited. I didn't know why. Then, he went for the tobacco there on the road there, and got all happy. As I watched him, I could sense, with my inner vision, that he was kind of sucking-soaking energy out of the tobacco, and that he was all hungry for it. Then, others of them started coming out of the woods, from all directions, all excited and happy and eager and anxious for some food, some tobacco-food. They were all clamoring and jumping up and down all around me like a pack of little puppies. And I was so delighted by their attitudes, that I couldn't help but feed them all the tobacco I had left :)

All my cigarettes went that way. They tickled me to watch them. And some of them would come out of the woods and be all morose and sad and lacking and say to me, "Please. I really need some tobacco energy to help me here, because I've been given this very strong task to do, and it is so hard, without tobacco. So please, put some over here, and designate it's just for me, so all the other greedy of us can't get to it, and take it from me." And so I would put it right where he wanted it and tell everybody, "Now this is for him. You leave it alone for him, for this one." And they would, and the ones I gave it for, would get so happy and grateful and relieved, and I couldn't help myself from helping as many as I could, until I ran out of cigarettes. So it's been that way for me, ever since. Everywhere I go, I give little tobacco gifts to the little brown furry Spirit Beings, the ones who raise and lower the level of this land. And they come pouring up to me from all directions, particularly if they have a poor hard task to perform. But it's still so nice to see them dancing around in anticipation of getting what they need. :)

So what is the point of all this? Where is the responsibility?

Well, in the first place, there aren't too many folks like me around who know what the problem is and know about these Beings, and what they need, and volunteer to help them in their Nature Tasks, without asking for anything in return. Later, that Guru Deva told me I could ask them to help out me with things I saw needed to be corrected, or repaired, if I would give them sufficient tobacco to accomplish their needs, then ask them how much tobacco would be needed to accomplish my particular ends.

So I need to be responsible that way, and know what is Harmonious for the good of All, then what is Harmonious for the good of me, then implement it that way. So we are a Community, the Nature Spirits and I. And we live that way and that is our purpose, to provide a supportive and harmonious environment, for the good of All Life and All Spirit.

So that is one example of True Responsibility.

Best Wishes, Always :)