Karma and the Circle of Life
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

[Comment on list]: Recently someone told me that I have very wide aura on my shoulders. She said that there is karma I have collected from others by helping them. I have a very important question - if a person asks for my help (or I see he needs it) how I can determine whether I should help him? And why karma is collected from others (what emotions causes this)? And how can I get rid of karma already collected?

[R. N. Boyd]: If it is given to you to help someone, then help them. Improve the condition of the world by improving the condition of one person, or by improving your condition in the world. There is nothing wrong with this.

It is not exactly that way. The good you do in the world generates an energy, a potential, which accumulates. As the energy builds up, eventually it reaches a threshold. Then the Balance is activated, releasing the accumulated energy and then good things happen for you. That evens the energy out.

When people do harmful things, the same process of accumulation occurs, until bad things happen to the harmful person. People don't want to believe either of these things are possible, especially the mean people. But it is still true. And it still happens.

Do no harm. Be as kind and gentle and helpful as possible, given the circumstances, to all life, in all forms, at all times. It is really very simple. If you help Nature, It helps you. Then we all help each other. Everything helps everything. That is the way it was designed. People lost touch with this innate fact when they started trying to hurt others to gain what they thought was an advantage, usually in some kind of material way, such as land or money or resources. Then along came Darwin with his "Theory of Evolution". His "survival of the fittest" was perfect for the rulers who wanted to create armies to conquer others and gain advantages in money and power.

So, to educate and indoctrinate the masses of people that they needed to compete and struggle all the time was a perfect way to raise armies and make wars and get people to kill everything and each other, for no reason related to Living (being alive). Instead, people are trained and indoctrinated to perform actions which support the ambitions of the "rulers", those who are so afraid of everything all the time, that they want to dominate everything and everybody else, just so that everything is controlled by them, and there are no unpleasant surprises for them. And who pays the price for their fearful need to dominate and control and to selfishly take advantage? Everyone else.

That is not Nature's Way. In Nature, everything contributes to everything else, as a matter of course. To express this more accurately than Darwin, we should call this observable behavior, "survival of the most helpful". In the Circle of Life, everything helps everything. Creatures even give their lives to other creatures, so that they may live. This kind of behavior happens every day, all the time, in Nature.

That is the way things are.