The Information Field
and the Universal Harmony

(c) Robert Neil Boyd
[Question]: Who are green spirits, can I trust them and what advice can they give me?

[R. N. Boyd]: Those green spirits are very rare! And sure you can trust them! They are angels. The natural appearance for angels is as a ball of light. They just look like people sometimes, so that people don't panic when they see them in their natural form, which can be quite intimidating.

I think they will help you with understanding how the plants function and what they are good for, in terms of helping other forms of life. Very deep and uncommon understandings can arise from contacts with such a Being.

I've spent a lot of time with such Beings, to my great delight and wonderment.

[Question]: Since getting to know a certain person, my ESP abilities have increased. I think I communicate with this person too every time I do any ESP. Can knowing a person increase my ESP? If yes, then how?

[R. N. Boyd]: A person who has strong ESP generates a field which constantly radiates from them. The field is a combination of information-carrying subquantum particles, and complex and symplectic electromagnetic radiations. The electromagnetic radiations have been shown to influence the emotional states, the attention factors, and the intention factors of individuals exposed to such electromagnetic content. The subquantum particles are infinitely small particles which remember everything they have encountered.

When they travel from place to place, they carry their memories with them, so that when we absorb these particles, we also absorb some of their memories. All this has been proven in various scientific experiments. The informational content of the subquantum particles appears to be the starting point, the origination, of Life itself. This is because experiments have shown that the DNA can be resequenced by the information which is conveyed by the subquantum entities, so that a chicken can be made to turn into a duck, for example. (These kinds of experiments were first done at Lebedev University, by Gariaev, and Poponin, Subsequent work was carried out in China by Kanjen, and by Gariaev in Canada.)

This field is organized into, and by, the stable emotional structures, due to that individual person's special kinds of awarenesses, which are not then subjected to intellectual doubt, but treated as though they are as valid as the senses. (Which they are.)

This field has the effect of altering your emotional structures to become similar to their dispositions. This process resembles occurrences of classical resonance. If you will examine your experiences with this person, you will see the truth of this emotional structural resonance.

Similar things happen all the time when people are exposed to me. The more time they spend with me, the more they are affected and altered.

This informs us that the spiritual person has strong and stable consciousness and awareness, fields and structures, which are capable of modifying the consciousness and awareness structures of those who are not strongly psychic. This happens because the spiritual person has more alignment with the Universal Harmony, and so is naturally stronger. (Because the Universe naturally favors them.)

I hope this all makes sense to you.

The following is a question and answer session concerning the above topics:

Q: If I am close to a person with extrasensory perception, does that person's biofield copy itself into mine?

R. N. Boyd: Yes, to a degree. It is copied, but modified to suit your individuality, automatically.

Q: Is communication with spirits something similar to this "copying"?

R. N. Boyd: Very much so. Similarly, the Spirit Beings can generate special powers for the select individual, through their intentions to do so, along with a boost from the "Creator Energy".

Q: Can I communicate with this person very easily because of this "copying"?

R. N. Boyd: I would expect so. Depends on the individuals, and their innate ability levels. (Just as with any other kind of ability, some are better than others, at various things.)

Q: Some days ago I taught school physics to this person. When I had solved an exercise she understood it with much less than the usual amount of required explaining. During an ordinary lesson she wouldn't have understood it so quickly and well (or wouldn't have understood it at all). BUT when we later tried to solve an exercise together I almost couldn't solve a very simple one. Why does this happen?

R. N. Boyd: The person you are interfacing with has not developed the skill in that area yet. Probably a combination of lack of practice and lack of understanding. Their condition has caught you up in the same conditions this individual is experiencing, through field resonance effects. I have experienced this before myself. It can be disconcerting.

Q: Why can I sometimes feel how she feels?

R. N. Boyd: Emotional resonances and merging of consciousness, through the faculty of the attention. Also, it is clear that emotion should be treated as a sense, just as valid as any of the other senses, as information arising from the external.

Q: Can a human being be an angel after death?

R. N. Boyd: I think so. Also, some angels are born into human form, to perform certain tasks to help the world along. Similar statements can be made about animals.

Q: How does axion field increase the ability to communicate with spirits?

R. N. Boyd: It has been my observation that the spin field only reproduces the positive attributes of an object. This means that only positive influences are imparted to the human being who is exposed to the subquantum particle fluxes which are streaming out from the "spin field" generator.

These questions have helped me to put in words, things I already knew, but had never talked about. Your questions imply that you have a great deal of experience in these kinds of matters, which I also appreciate.